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Kaş is a pleasant town. It was founded in the fourth century BC as Antiphellos, when it was the harbour to Phellos, higher up the mountains. In Roman times it became important in its own right, for the export of wood and sponges. It possesses a very fine theatre, a bit further on is a monolithic grave house from the 4th century BC.

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Theatre Fan :

Hi. What's the bus schedule like between Kas (on the Turquoise Coast) and Istanbul? Is there an overnight bus? Do I have to go to Fethiye or even Izmir first? How long does the bus journey take? I have a flight from the Istanbul airport to catch at 7pm. Can I count on getting from Kas to Istanbul on the day and still make my flight? Or do I have to get back to Istanbul the night before? Thank you.

uthmanadeola :
"yes check busturkey.com"
Roland G :
"You can catch a bus from Istanbul to Antalya practically every hour and you can catch yet another bus or some shuttle to Kas from Antalya. Some 12 hours of travel we talk about here."


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Date: 2008-02-05 02:19:47

ACD Kassen is de leverancier van uw kas, tuinkas, kweekkas of broeikas. Dankzij het gebruik van een kas kunnen we het klimaat beheersen om zo de optimale plantengroei te bereiken.

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