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Johannesburg is the largest and most populous city in South Africa. Johannesburg is the provincial capital of Gauteng, the wealthiest province in South Africa, having the largest economy of any metropolitan region in Sub-Saharan Africa. The city is one of the 40 largest metropolitan areas in the world (), and Africa's only global city according to the Globalization and World Cities group's 1999 inventory, which classified it as a gamma world city). While Johannesburg does not form one of South Africa's three capital cities, it does house the South African Constitutional Court - South Africa's

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Aussie Joe :

I'm aware there aren't many places in South Africa that are particularly safe, but I gather Cape Town, Durban and other similar towns and cities popular with tourists are relatively safe providing you exercise a lot of caution and altertness. On the other hand, I'm told Johannesburg is quitea different story. No matter how cautious and alert you are, you can't really visit Johannesburg alone without taking big risks. I'm not sure if this really is the truth, but I've wanted to visit Johannesburg for quite a while now. Would it be possible for a 19 year old male to visit Johannesburg alone? What would your advice be? What is the best way I can stay safe? Thanks

M.C. :
Coral S :
"I visit Johannesburg almost every three months because that is my home town, and because most of my family still live there. Fortunately, every visit has been a safe and pleasant one for me. However, if you're a tourist and do not know Jhb, you will be a great risk being on your own. Take someone with you and have a safe trip."
אהבה * אחת (aka One Love) :
"I wouldn't advise that you go by yourself. Ya, you can walk around on your own during the day when there are others around, but rather have someone with you. Just be vigilant and don't show off the fact that you're a tourist."
Lunarfish :
"Ditto the others. The best way to stay safe is to stick with a tour group. They know which areas to avoid. Also, keep your belongings nearby, dont flash cameras or cash, just be discreet and under the radar. Jo'burg is a nice city. My grandmother lives there and we visit whenever we can."
Alf Garnett 13 :
"Nowhere is safe and if you check the ANC Regime crime statistics you will find that Cape Town has a higher per capita Murder and violence rate than Johannesburg. That "Cape Town is safe" is just another myth put out by the Tourist Industry to protect their income. They are completely amoral and more than willing to trade $ for human life. Nobody can advise you "on the best way to be safe" as crime happens all the time and any where and everywhere. The best they can tell you is what precautions they take and so far it has worked for them but everyone is at risk and it is only a matter of time before your number is up."
Joppie :
"Safe as any place in the world , if its time that you will be robed its time ,if its your time to die then its time if you looking for it then you will find it Ditto to most of the other answerer's"
Commodore :
"Johannesburg is my home town and since I know it very well, it's safe for me. As for a unfamiliar tourist making a visit on their own, I think not! One has to be extremely street-wise in Jhb, so you should not attempt to visit alone."
Odie :
"Unfortunately I live in JHB. You are more or less safe in the shopping malls and hotel in the northern suburbs. You will be mugged or worse in JHB city center. I wont even drive through there. I used to study there in the late nineties (when I was your age) it was safer then and was mugged several times almost always within 2 blocks of the ANC HQ! It is unusual to visit the city and not see someone getting robbed after sunset. Or a smash and grab at a traffic light. The crime statistics for JHB are artificially low because people have stopped reporting crime because most police officers can barely write a report and they are going to do nothing about it anyways. The only thing police do is sit behind traffic enforcement cameras raking in the money. They couldn't care less if you are being robbed raped or killed within ears shot of them. Don't come here! Oh and C.T. city IS safer than JHB by far. Its the Cape Flats are about as dangerous as JHB city center"
"Some answers are politically motivated. I was in jhb last year in December. I am staying in Germany but South African born, female and 25 yrs. I am not tall like anyone so I am just a small parcel. JHB, like many cities in the world is not safe. However, it worth a visit. I was there alone and I was safe. Check this out, avoid the city in the early and late hours of the day, Carry the map with you and study it in a restaurant or in a safe place. Avoid asking pedestrians but you can ask someone in a shop or police. Avoid displaying your camera or jewellery or any expensive things and Carlton center gives you the chance to take pictures from the top of the city. However, it is wise to contact the JHB tourism for more info. Avoid over drinking and be villilant that no one is following you. If they do enter a shop and pretend to be shopping until they leave. Be careful on street lights to be searched. Follow rules and you will enjoy JHB, good luck."
SAgirl :
"Please do not come alone, you will become just another statistic. They will notice that you are a tourist and they will rob you or even kill you just because you can."
Charlotte B :
"good luck, bring swat with u as well"
Commander MJ :

1. Johannesburg means Johan's town but who was Johan? 2. What was the name of the first man to find gold on the highveld? 3. What is the name of fhe deepest mine on the reef? 4. What is the oldest football team in Johannesburg? 5. How many states has Johannesburg been part of? 6. What is the oldest building in Johannesburg? 7. (For Joburgers...LOL) what is the definition of a creche? Okay. No 7= A creche /kresh/ is an accident in Mayfair....! LOL

caligrl :
"He was probably one of the Dutch who colonized the country back in the day and named it after himself. It is one of 40 of the largest metropolitan cities in the world. Edit: "Paul Kruger, who has one of the middle names Johannes, apparently in an attempt to build a strong relation with Portugal, who controlled modernday Mozambique and Delagoa Bay, a neighbouring state of the boer republic, named the city after him as a show of goodwill and halt Portuguese plans to link the two Territories of Angola and Portuguese East Africa by running through the ZAR." Click here to see image of Paul Kruger (Stephanus Johannes Paulus Kruger) 1825 – 1904, president of the Transvaal Republic in South Africa. Cartoon appeared in London's "Vanity Fair" in 1899."
MB1810 :
"1.There's uncertainty as to which "Johannes" Johannesburg was named after and it might refer to any of the following people Johannes Rissik, Christiaan Johannes Joubert, member of the Volksraad and the Republic's chief of mining, Paul Kruger, President of the Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek (Transvaal) and even The King of Portugal at the time. 2. George Harrison an Australian Gold Miner discovered gold on the farm Langlaagte, he later sold his stake in the biggest gold mine for less than 10 pounds. ( I scored 100% in my grade 9 history exam, this was one of the questions) 3. The East Rand Mine, in Boksburg, extends to a depth of 3,585 meters. A 4 meter shallower mine is located at TauTona in Carletonville, though plans are in place to begin work on an extension to the TauTona mine, bringing the total depth to over 3,900 meters and breaking the current record by 127 feet. 4. pass 5. pass 6. pass 7. pass"
Tebidy :
"1. Johann Friedrich Rissik and Christiaan Johannes Joubert. 2. This was in 1874 and the discoverer was Henry Lewis. 3. That would be the ERPM in Boksburg(i can see it from here) 4. Orlando Pirates 5. 2 6. The Johannesburg post office(public building) 7.Er.. that would be a nursery school for children, this term obviously not used oversees?"
xjgege :

Are there any bookstores in Johannesburg? If there are, please give me names.

Sprinkly :
"There are many of bookstores in Johannesburg, and throughout South Africa. Exclusive Books is a popular franchise, similar to Barnes and Noble in US. Fascination Books is another popular franchise. There are also a variety of independent bookstores and specialist bookstores, comic bookstores etc Many people also order online through Hope that helps."
Roger C :
"There's also good old CNA. They have branches absolutely everywhere!"


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Date: 2008-03-29 13:12:27

Tourist guides from across Gauteng gathered under a hot marquee for the International Tourist Guides' Day at Constitutional Hill in Johannesburg last week -- and, for a change, were on the receiving end of an educational tour."We are who we are through others," were the words of Lungi Morrison, of the Gauteng Tourism Authority (GTA), on Thursday.

Date: 2008-03-29 13:12:27

With spa holidays firmly established in the UK, there is a growing trend amongst British travellers for 'Spafari' - a combined Spa and Safari holiday experience - South African Tourism has organised a Spa themed press trip to South Africa from the UK, taking five key journalists across to Johannesburg and Durban, between 29th February and 5th March

Date: 2008-03-29 13:12:27

It didn’t take long for Paris Hilton to organize a VIP party for herself in Johannesburg this weekend hot on the heels of her goodwill school tour earlier in the week.

Date: 2008-03-29 13:12:27

With barely less than a 24 hour notice Paris Hilton hosted a VIP party for herself in Johannesburg this weekend.

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