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Coordinates: 26°17′N 73°01′E / 26.28, 73.02 Jodhpur pronunciation  (जोधपुर), is the second largest city in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It was formerly the seat of a princely state of the same name, also known as Marwar. Jodhpur is a popular tourist destination, featuring many beautiful palaces, forts and temples, apart from a stark, scenic desert landscape. The city is known as the Sun City for the bright, sunny weather it enjoys all year. It is also referred as the Blue City, due to the indigo tinge of the whitewashed houses around the Mehrangarh Fort. The blu

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Prabhu D :

What is the web site of jodhpur improvemenmt trust

ahmosis3 :
"Jodhpur? I thought he was blasted to smithereens by Hans Solo on that death star just before Solo escaped Darth Vader?"
the_defiant_kulak :
"If they have a specific site, the don't have it indexed in a way that I can determine."
Rajiv Kumar Agarwal :

Salman Khan left Mumbai and got into flight to Jodhpur to surrender before the court. His journey was covered minute to minute in the electronic media. Most of the people were aware about it. Rajasthan Police reached Jodhpur airport in big strength to arrest him. This cost of mobilization of Police force would have been a few lakh of rupees. What was attained by this. There is a shortage of Police to investigate many serious crimes. It would have been better to use these resources for more demanding jobs. What a waste of resources and public money. Arresting a convict a few minutes was all that was achived by this massive waste of public funds. Should this waste of public continue?

saumitra s :
"Your quest is good but this is one of the "paradoxes" you will face in this rotten social system."
farida522001 :
"police want publicity and money.They do not care about the welfare of the citizens."
somu :
"dis is vry delicate issue.. i dont understand-- d simple thng which v can understand y d big politic leaders & celebrities dont get...wat actually dey want??/ huh!! its all disgustin.. n smwhere it is a mistake of media also who is dng propoganda ..."
gsam :
"You are absolutely right, they should be penalised personally for wasting public funds. But the truth is they are not accountable and like everyone else, they sought their moment of "glory" and cheap publicity. Some NGO or private person who can afford to, should move a PIL about wastage of public funds, or the High Court should take suo moto notice."
younmanofthegarden :
"the deer and court game is yet completed what is the real cost of this game if we take all this connected thing in to account including wasted man hour in media - it exceeds more than 100 cores we common dosnt understand the judicial system what is it, what is the meaning of all it it is the time all the people condemn this most irresponsible behavior of govt. dept."
vijay m :
"As far as electronic media's role in this case as well Sanjay Dutt's case is concerned they are doing just to increase their T.R.P.rating nothing else. As far the mobilization of large number of Police force in both these cases & specially in the Salman Khan case is concerned there are two issues, firstly the personal security of the convict who being a public figure had to be taken care of & was to be produced safely before the magistrate for obtaining necessary remand order for his confinement in jail, secondly the publicity given to this whole case by the electronic media had made a big issue of the whole matter, large number of people had gathered at the Jodhpur Airport to have a look at this person & any flexibility in duty on the part of the Rajasthan Police at the time of his arrest or any physical injury to him during this whole process would have caused their judicial as well departmental inquiry, in order to avoid any embarrassment later on the Police thought it best to be in enough strength to control the situation. Although how much the police force should be enforced for this whole process is a matter of inquiry & if the required police personals were in excessive number the departmental action can be taken against the officers responsible for mobilizing for this. Lastly the police of Jodhpur too was eager for publicity through electronic media for which they had kept no stone unturned. No doubt there is wastage of public fund in this entire episode but who is responsible for this? We the people of India who make these petty actors as demigods & start worshipping them, just see the southern states of India were all these film actors & other film personalities are now ruling those states . Its lack of education & poverty that is the reason for all this drama, people like you & me know these actors are nothing but “Bhands” & “Mirasis” nothing more."
Vijay D :
"Feeling jealous of others is one of the characteristics of we 'proud' Indians. If you could not achieve something, the least you can expect is that others too should not have it. Salman Khan is a celebrity and will always attract attention. In fact he is paying a heavy price for that. Tell me is there even one 'ordinary' person in the whole of India who has been indicted for this kind of 'criminal' act? I want you to name only one from 1947 till date. But since it is Salman Khan, our hatred for him for whatever he is, is so much that we will like an example to be set for him. If Laloo spits, it is a news by the media. When I and you are spitting and even doing much worse, we are nice Indians! We are not hating the Police bandobast for Salman or even the public waste of money. What we are actually hating, is Salman Khan himself. Am I right dear? Please for a moment, and for this question's sake only, don't be a hypocrite! And I am getting my 2 points by default. I know, I have no place among the elites."
Shanavaz K :
"The motive is not to put a criminal in jail. It is an exposure in a big way to show that police does it's duty. Sometimes such things are required. It is better than standing in bandobust duty of VIP by standing in hot sun for the whole day."
sameers_f1 :
"Who say's it's a waste of resources & public money? It's the same public who have made these celebrity criminals their demigods. It's the public support which has emboldened these celebrities to take law in their own hands and go scott free with any crime they have committed, be it the gazels or hundreds of human souls. They, as well as the politicians have made a mockery of our judiciary system which works in favour of only the influential and sends hundreds of innocents to the gallows. It's a pity to say India is growing when the basic systems in India are so pathetic. The media on it's own accord is also fuelling the flame for a wrong cause and making these criminals heroes in the eyes of the people who are already blindfolded and ready to accept what comes their way. Do not blame the police, they are just doing their jobs. They are not governed by their commitments but their seniors who in turn are mere puppets in the hands of our very own elected public servants, our esteemed politicians. What an irony?"
Ganesh :
"Why snatch the only happy moments of the constables?? There are several rogue politicians who have swindled public money in crores. Has any action been taken against them? It is the bane of this nation and corruption has already taken cancerous dimensions."
hermione f :

I've been riding in jodhpur boots since I started riding (at age 3) and I'm now 14. I think long riding boots look so much smarter, but are they more comfortable than jodhpur boots and half chaps? I'm debating on whether to buy some decent long boots for this season, (and I know that technically, I have to be 16 before I wear long boots, but none of my friends, or anyone on my yard takes any notice of that... lol) but I would just like to know which you prefer to ride in most. So, Long or jodhpur?? Thanks in advance!!!! =D

Jade D :
"No - use the jodhpur boots. I found the long ones were too much of a b*tch to get on and off!"
Mary :
"I like the zipper paddock boots (jodhpur boots) with ariat close contact half chaps...Tall boots look better, but they hurt a lot more to break in, cost TONS more, can't stand as much wear and tear, and can be REALLY horrible to get in/out of unless you have a good zipper. Plus, half chaps tend to be more flexible for while you're riding, and don't require as much maintenance. For shows, you need tall boots, as they are more traditional and usually required."
louisawoof :
"tall boots are ok for showing but they are such A HASSEL"
KristenL :
"I personally love tall riding boots! Buy a cheap pair of boot pulls and a boot-jack and their easier than tying up your jodhpur boots. They really stand out and do make you look smart in the show ring and once you get to a certain level, you'll need to invest in a pair. I bought a cheap pair and I'll never go back to paddock boots! Just make sure if you have a slim calf to get slim boots and if you have a wider calf, get an appropriate size (not too loose and not to tight- they'll stretch about a quarter of an inch once you start wearing if you buy a pair make sure they do come in close contact with your skin) Oh yeah and to help get them on even quicker, wear knee-high pantyhoseocer your breeches and your boots will slide on like butter! Good luck and hop I helped!!"
Ravanne_1 :
"It's a matter of personal preference. I have used both jodhpur boots (with half chaps) and tall boots and have found that i prefer the tall boots. I like the support that I get from a tall boot (having broken both ankles at some point in my life) and find them more comfortable for long hours spent riding. Some people don't like tall boots because boots constructed in the classical way, with a snug fitting shaft for the legs were sometimes difficult to get on and off. People often need hooks to pull them on and at least a boot jack to get them off. I have used them and did find them to be a major hassel, but I've found that some bootmakers like Mountain Horse have started putting zippers down the back of the shaft so that getting a tall boot on and off is much easier. In fact, I find it less of a hassel to get into my Mountain Horse tall boots that I did in getting on a pair of half chaps and short boots. Again, for daily use, it's simply a matter of personal taste and comfort."


Comments on Jodhpur

Date: 2008-02-05 02:17:07

Certain sections of the Rajput community in Rajasthan have raised an objection on Ashutosh Gowarikar’s magnum opus Jodhaa Akbar. According to them, the argument is that, historically speaking, Jodhaa was not Akbar’s wife. In fact, they she was not even a Jaipur princess, though she hailed from Jodhpur and was the wife of […]

Date: 2008-02-05 02:17:07

Bollywood actor Salman Khan, who has been sentenced to five years in jail for poaching, has been given permission by the Jodhpur High Court to travel to London for the unveiling of his statue at Madam Tussauds Wax Museum, his lawyer said.Dipesh Mehta, the actor's lawyer, confirmed that he would fly to London January 14.- BollywoodGossips.NET

Date: 2008-02-05 02:17:07

Jodhpur, Jan 2 (IANS) After a day at Rohet Garh, the tallest sand dune in a pan-flat desert land 30 km from here, American pop star Madonna Wednesday night is expected to party with erstwhile Jodhpur ruler Gaj Singh at Sardarsamand, 60 km from here.

Date: 2008-02-05 02:17:07

Madonna has cancelled her trip to Jaisalmer after her presence in Rajasthan for a year-end holiday became news in Jodhpur.

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