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Java's performance has improved substantially since the early versions, and performance of JIT compilers relative to native compilers has in some tests been shown to be quite similar. The performance of the compilers does not necessarily indicate the performance of the compiled code; only careful testing can reveal the true performance issues in any system.The default look and feel of GUI applications written in Java using the Swing toolkit is very different from native applications. It is possible to specify a different look and feel through the pluggable look and feel system of Swing. Clone

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Sara H :

ok so, recently i've had to re-do EVERYTHING on my computer due to an extreamly bad virus and so i completley whiped out my files and everything else. however, when i downloaded the updated version of java, Yahoo! games started going down when i was in the room... now, my boyfriend got the link to the fixed java, but it was so long ago that it's not in his archives anymore... so, what's the fixed link for java?

TNguy38 :
"try this? p.s. I wish you had emailed me before wiping out your computer. I'm sure we could have fixed the problem."
adam g :

why wont my java work it keeps coming up with cannot load java i have tryed uninstalling and reinstalling but that wont work p.s i have the newest version

fresh_lickin_strawberry :
"omg that happens to me all the time!!!! It won't even let me load a new java so I don't no what I can say for you!"
samitg2003 :
"There may be a problem with your Internet Explorer security settings."
The Ultimate Answer Guaranteed :
"Go to internet explorer tools->internet options A new popup appears, go to the advanced tab, scroll down to Sun, and make sure that the java JRE option is checked off, if not make sure after checking it to restart your computer. If this does not help, go to your control panel in windows and look for java. You should open it and there is an option to set java for Internet explorer there. Good Luck."
Eamonn44 :
"On IE go to 'Tools' / ' Internet Options' / check 'Security' & 'Privacy' tabs, the slider setting on both should be at medium or less, and 'Save'. Also your windows firewall and AV firewall should be at medium too, if you use a high quality AV like PC-cillin or Norton you dont even need the windows firewall on. These can all prevent you getting harmless content like Java if you have security specs set too high. Eamonn."
MissBlueFan :

What can you make with java programming? im quite confuse here... can you give me an example any image/site made from java.

absolt123 :
"Java is a general purpose programming language, which means that it can do anything that you can do with a computer. It has uses from the tiniest little web applets to gigantic enteprise systems. If you have a recent mobile phone, you will probably find that the games that run on your phone will be written in Java. Any java applet that you find on the web will have been written in Java. Some common desktop applications have been written in Java, the most obvious example being the bittorrent client Azureus[1]. Any webpage that has an extension of .jsp has been written in Java. There are lots of other examples, keep your eyes peeled because it is everywhere!"


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Date: 2008-04-16 17:29:24

Simple description about Java 5 Concurrency structure called Barrier and how to use it with code samples.

Date: 2008-04-16 17:29:24

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Date: 2008-04-16 17:29:24

VbRoboCode is a robot battle simulator. It was inspired by the original Robocode. I wrote it so I could program in Visual Basic .NET instead of Java, and so I could make improvements to the API and function library. In my opinion, writing a bot in VbRoboCode requires less grunt work and is more fun.

Date: 2008-04-16 17:29:24

I've created a web service that models BigTable--Google's highly scalable database--and runs on App Engine. Now anyone can program against a database similar to Google's running on Google's own systems, with no waiting list. Python and Java libraries are included.

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