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justaskin :

I am going with my bestfriend to Jakarta next month (July). But we don't wanna stay there. We want to go Bali right away from Jakarta. Could you recommend a travel agency that would arrange everything for us from transfer from Jakarta to Bali to Jakarta, to hotel accommodations and other tour packages? Would appreciate any suggestions.. Thanks in anticipation.

HarRy G :
"HEY! I'm Indonesian.. hahaha.. Well, we have so many travel agency here in Indonesia (I think saying their names will just make me promoting them and I don't think it's allowed here...) But for me, I suggest you to just purchase the ticket to Bali. By the time you reach Bali, hotels are everywhere.. Tourisms are everywhere and the good thing is, the people are good at English and Chinese (Even the ladies who sell goodies at some traditional market..) Have a good trips... :D"
gingertea fix :
"i'm going to bali in august. been there many many times and it's like my second home (from singapore). anyways, flights from jkt to denpasar are cheap. they have flights in and out every single hour with so many domestic airlines. garuda is the best. they have a flight every hour. go to ANY travel agent u can find there or even just at the airport. and once u reached bali, even the airport can suggest a hotel for u to stay. stay in kuta or legian. everybody is FRIENDLY in bali. i love it and i promise that u'll love it too. if u wanna book from where u are now, u may go to asiarooms.com - the pricest are one of the cheapest and it's a VERY reputable website. i always book from there. try harris hotel in tuban (which is VERY near the airport - like 1 minute drive) or anywhere in kuta. the website shows the hotels by town so u can look at the ones in kuta or legian if u just want to rest and relax and shop til u drop r just drop from the bungy jump or surf on the beach or hit the clubs at night and eat cheap and good food. if u want some place classier, try hotels in seminyak and sanur (where the sun rises, kuta/legian is where the sun sets). if u want to experience real balinese culture, try hotels in ubud. if u want to see dolphins close up, go to novena. if u want to see a gorgeous sunset and the traditional 'kecak' (or trance dance), go to ulluwatu. if u want great seafood on the beach, go to jimbaran bay. if u love water sports, go to noosa dua. go to this place called 'dreamland'. just ask the locals how to get there. i love bali. enough said."
Sacha D :
"try to book a package via airasia. so many different stars of hotel/villa in bali that you can pick with the package inclusive airticket. make a request for airport transfer - normally the hotel has a pick up services. have a look: and don't forget to select package instead of ticket only :) or you can search yourself via internet for hotel/villa in bali. have a look : the package tour - to look around bali - you can find easily at the hotel where you stay. have a great time in bali :)"
ambernova :

hi...i'm signing up for a freelance assignment and they're asking me to mention postcodes in jakarta where i'm willing to do the assignment. is there any list of all the postcodes of jakarta pusat, as well as parts of jakarta barat, jakarta timur, and jakarta selatan that border pusat? thanks!

cesariogallery :
"Yes! I have that list. But it's not enough space to write in here. Because it a whole Jakarta postcodes. Just contact me, and i will send the file for you. Thanks..."
jeffrey b :
"you can check post office"
Kuchiki Rukia :
"try here then click "kode pos""
uncle_derk :

Unbelievable to me that all religions allowed in Jakarta years ago...most likely not even NOW...so this is bravo sierra? OR TRUE? If you know Jakarta...say so!!!!

African Farmer :
"I cannot make any sense or meaning of what you write or what you ask, but most info coming from CNN is bravo sierra."


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