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alessandra : please give me your opinion. I am from there, and own a home a several properties. In my eyes its magnificant. The beahes are great, the food is great, and the tourism is great! Hope you can visit one day!

sunilnchassaram :
"Sure why not?"
vanessa_jr :
"Santorini Greece is really magnificent Forget about Ischia and visit Greece for your vacation"
ellevina :
"i will have to have alook i am from sicily its beautiful and magical,just had a look seems very tranquille and sunny and nice"
haslo :
"I wish you well and I am sure the area is beautiful. But the website is way too busy..I visited for a second and got overwhelmed. Just place a few great photos of your area to draw people in...Good luck!"
erre (it) :
"yes is very fine"
F :

What is likely to happen to a girl who gets pregnant in Ischia, Naples, with no husband? And what will happen to the man who is now the father? They are not getting married. Will girls still want a relationship with the man? Will guys still want the girl?? Good thinking, but its not me. The mother wants to keep the baby.

jjissodamngreat :
"you should let the child be adopted in America then act like you were never pregnant"
mamadukes :
"Like anywhere else in the world, the worst part is telling your family, once the baby is born everything changes, and as far as a relationship, they will both find someone who will love them, regardless of having a child....times have changed, although family's initial response is negative, they will come around, if she decides to keep and be responsible for her baby...Good Luck."
kiki83 :

I'm going next month just wondered what to expect.

Brenda T :
"My father's family is originally from there. My parents went to visit a few years ago and say it was gorgeous, very much like a beautiful tourist type destination with great beaches, cafes, etc.... very clean and pretty. Enjoy!"
des c :
wallsinmyhead :
"I have been. About 2 years ago I spent 3 days in Ischia. It was beautiful, great beaches, awesome natural beauty. One very large mountain. I got there via a boat ferry from Naples, which took about 2 hours. I had booked a hostel online, but it turned out to be a fraud, and after a few exhausting hours of taking taxis and walking up the mountain, etc., we just booked another stay at the one hostel in the city, at the top of the mountain. It was nice, clean, with balconies and a great view. The food was good - There was a homemade pizza place nearby our hostel, and also a very nice restaurant overlooking the sea. The people were friendly and a large portion of them spoke English. However, it was much less touristy than other parts of Italy, and at times was hard to navigate or communicate. Have Fun!"
tamara :
"i'm italian and i went in ischia two years ago is fantastic the seaside is great the best is called "maronti" there are a lot of bus and ape-taxi and you no have problem in movements! you have to go a day in the gardens of poseidon that is the best termal side of the island it is a little bit expensive (30€) but is fantastic a lo of hot swimming pool much other i hope i can help you and sorry if my enghlish isnt perfect!"
franceskina88pd :
"I'm Italian and I live in Italy...I've been in Ischia three years ago and I like it! The sea is blue, not light blue as it is in Sardinia there is one of the best sea of the world! Good holiday! bye bye, Francesca"


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Date: 2008-02-05 02:10:10

Una delle più bei siti del mondo, basta pensare a Ercolano, Pompei, Capri, Ischia e la bella Napoli affonda nell'immondizia diffondendo mali oscuri da secoli dimenticati.

Date: 2008-02-05 02:10:10

BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - O Boca Juniors anunciou na quarta-feira a noite a contratação por um ano do técnico Carlos Ischia. Ischia, que esteve no Boca como auxiliar técnico do bem-sucedido Carlos Bianchi, já comandou o Vélez Sarsfield, o Gimnasia, o Esgrima La Plata e o Rosario Central na Argentina e o Junior de Barranquilla na Colômbia.

Date: 2008-02-05 02:10:10

18 presentation in the month in the Bombonera

Date: 2008-02-05 02:10:10

18 presentation in the month in the Bombonera

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