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Coordinates: 46°41′N, 7°51′EInterlaken is a municipality in the district of Interlaken in the canton of Bern in Switzerland, a well-known tourist destination in the Bernese Oberland.

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Aleckii :

So in the midst of my europe tour, I have 2 days in Switzerland which I really could not decide on. Where would I be able to catch a glimpse of the alps at its best? Luzerne or Interlaken, and due to a rather tight budget, most likely we will not be taking a train to the jungfrauch or any other peaks, or ski, or paraglide. We'll just take a lazy stroll in the city, enjoy ourselves a little. Where to do this best? Luzerne? or Interlaken? ---> I know some people are going to add lame comments to this question, don't even bother to waste yours and my time!

AlpineAlli :
"Lucerne is a cool tourist city. Has old bridges, stone lions, neat museums, painted buildings, city walls, and a gorgeous lake. Interlaken is an important train junction. The alps look lovely from the lake of Lucerne. They just look weird from Interlaken. Any other town on the Brienz or Thun lakes would be a better choice than Interlaken."
ssyrah :
"Interlaken is expensive, crowded, and tourisity. Luzerne is the better of the two. If I could recommend another place....Gyron-super small town, and you can get there by train. There is a great hostel there called the backpackers hostel. It is CLEAN, COZY, INEXPENSIVE, with many activities ranging from: wine tasting, theraml baths, climbing, and skiing. We were going to stay 2 days and ended up there for 2 weeks. It was by far the best hostel in Suise."
Nancyroger :
"Just for your information that there is a newly package promotion "Driving in Switzerland by local driver guide" 6D/5NTS around swiss; starting from Zurich to Geneva, Luzerne, Bern, Lozarne, by rail to Top of Europe (Jungfraujoch) at 1,200 US$ per pax. Incl. Hotel, Tour, Transportation, Admission Fee. In case you have only 2 days, we can tailor made to serve your needs. There is a one day trip to Jungfraujoch, another day just around Zurich - Shaffhausen - Rheinfalls - and Stein Am Reign. Please try this way of convenience. More info., or visit. Roger is there, he is a swiss guy who is happy to hospitality during your visit. Hope this helps."
Bear :
"Luzerne! The lake is awesome, old town also fantastic. Interlaken is less stunning than luzerne, not bad too if you have two days there, you can visit places like Mt Jungfrau. The Alps best view is Saas Fee Enjoy your holiday!"
"Interlaken is near Grindelwald, Murren and other mountain villiages"
RealChic :

My sister and her family is taking a trip to Interlaken, Bern, Lucerne, Angel Berg and Zermatt over a weeks' time. Her hotel is located at Interlaken and they plan to travel to the other locations using the Swiss Rail pass... they have two small children. Eldest is age 7. If you have been there and enjoyed the place, what do you recommend them to do for fun and what sights are a must-see? Please all suggestions will help. They are more interested in sights and sounds, the outdoors and taking in the beauty of Switzerland. Thanks in advance.

Jay :
"I went to Interlaken several years back on a business trip and every evening we were taken somewhere or the other. We went on a boat cruise + dinner one evening. We were transported there by a horse carriage from the hotel! On the boat, there was a guy playing music on an instrument that I can only describe (don't know the name). It looked like a long horn that rested on the ground. He asked us all to give it a try - it was fun. Second day we went by cable car to the second highest peak called Jungfrau. The cable car ride was breathtaking. On my first day there I took a walk to Interlaken east station and took a train to a station in the hills, took a walk, had lovely coffee on the roadside cafe while it rained. The hotel will provide you with all the maps you want. It's a lovely place to enjoy."
mZZc :
"The one thing I remember about Interlaken is the "Tell Spiele" . It is an open-air show about the story of "Willhelm Tell" I absolutely recommend it if you are there during the time the show "airs". I think even the kids may enjoy it. They had horses in the show etc. Here is the link so you can check it out."
Jacqueline K :
"Take a cruise on on of the paddle wheeler on lake interlaken. Or take the boat tour down the Aare river. I recommend to take the railway up on the Jungfrau mountain. Be aware the price to go up there is most probably not included in the Swiss Rail Pass. Have a visit to Bern. This is a great city. Old buildings and nice arcades wehere you can do shopping even when it's raining. Since Italy is a close neighbour to Switzerland, be sure to go eat Italian food. The "Holzofen" pizzas (pizzas made in a wood stove) are the best. Of course eat tons of chocolate and have a cheese Fondue or Raclette (also melted cheese) if the weather is not to hot. Have fun."
Anand :

what is the distance between interlaken-engelberg, engelberg-lucerne,lucerne-zurich,switzerland by road?

mutzdeluxe :
"hiya. Interlaken - Engelberg is gonna take you around two hours, and Engelberg - Lucerne around one hour.. If you take the "Brünig-Pass", than you?ll have around one and a half hour.. have fun... cheers...."
farfalines :
"Interlaken - Engelberg = 86 km (90 min) Engelberg - Lucerne = 34 km (38 min) Lucerne - Zürich = 62 km (50 min)"


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Date: 2008-02-05 02:09:24

Review of the Red Bull Air Race in Interlaken, Switzerland. See the crazy pilots on the race track. Watch base-jumper flying from the sky and an amazing helicopter looping.

Date: 2008-02-05 02:09:24

Hey thats realy cool to jump of in front of the swiss rockies, or do you prefer paragliding. We bring you both in our picturegallerys. See you and blue skies.

Date: 2008-02-05 02:09:24

Sabato è stato il giorno delle gare di qualificazione. Domenica si continuaLa competizione aerea internazionale Red Bull Air Race fa tappa questo fine settimana ad Interlaken e dovrebbe attirare circa 140'000 spettatori nella regione.

Date: 2008-02-05 02:09:24

Interlaken’s name means ‘between the lakes’…appropriate, as it sits elbow-to-elbow between the Thun and Brienz Lakes. Scenery meant for a jigsaw puzzle, this Swiss Town blends a traditional look with modern times.

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Interlaken is a municipality in the district of Interlaken in the canton of Bern in Switzerland . It is a well known tourist destination in the Bernese Oberland

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