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HaPPi HiPPo :

Going to Hua Hin this week by car first time. Anyone has an itinerary to share? What are the places to go? any cheap clean hotels? good restaurant?

Zygotic :
"I've stayed at Kachatong hotel , small places , clean room , there are 2 stories with garden balcony , only 800THB per night , coffee shop and restaurant at the front , cute handmade-souvenir shop too. it is close to night market, From BKK on Petkasem road, pass huahin downtown then Kachatong will be on right hand side before Tesco lotus hypermarket. There is no sea view from hotel but you can relax on the beach by day light any time at public zone, enjoy fresh sea food and drink then night life surrounded with night market or walking street or cozy bar. One place i 'd recommend , drive to view point " Kho Hin Lek Fai" not far from Huahin train station , there is signage to view point , climb up on hill by your car or bite and you will see whole town of Huahin from top of the hill, fantastic for sunset time. Oh there is a pair of peacock , very beautiful. If you have many days to kill , go to Pranburi , " Pak nam pran" fisherman village with fresh and cheap sea food. on the way you will pass Kho ta kiab , which has big Buddha immage on hill not finish yet , stop by and pay respect for good luck -good life , or donation for good spirit. Have fun."
"How to Get There: By road: From Bangkok, drive for about 3 hours along the highway 35 (Thon Buri-Pak Thao route) via Samut Songkhram then turn left to the Highway No. 4 (Phetkasem Road) via Phetchaburi and Hua Hin to Prachuap Khiri Khan, a total distance of 281 kilometres. Another route might otherwise be taken from Bangkok via Buddhamonthon, Nakhon Pathom, Ratchaburi and Prachuap Khiri Khan, a total distance of 320 kilometres. Hua Hin Arts and Crafts Centre: This is located on Naepkhehat Road in Hua Hin. There is an old typical house, more than 80 years old. It has a collection and exhibition of many contemporary works of Thai artists, as well as old furniture and many pictures about pictures about Hua Hin in the past. ::: Hua Hin Beach ::: Baan Bayan ::: Casa del Mare ::: Anantara Resort ::: Chomview ::: Kabantamor ::: Milford Paradise ::: Takiab Beach ::: City Beach ::: Majestic Beach ::: Ban Duang Kaew ::: Ban Talay Dao ::: Baan Sabai Jai ::: Sailom Hotel ::: Supatra Hua Hin ::: Sofitel Central ::: Chiva-Som ::: The Privacy Beach ::: Anantasila ::: Baan Rajdamnern ::: Hua Hin Suites ::: S'mor Spa ::: Veranda Lodge ::: Sand Inn Hotel ::: Peony Hua Hin Hotel ::: Tanawit Hua Hin Hotel ::: The Rock Hua Hin ::: Wora Bura Resort & Spa ::: Let's Sea ::: Hua Hin Grand ::: AKA Resort & Spa ::: Kao Tao Villa Beach Resort ::: Baan Talay Samran ..................................................... Klai Kangwon Plalace: King Rama VII commanded this summer palace to be built in the year 1926 to the north of Hua Hin. The palace consists of 3 Spanish style mansions facing the sea. It is open to the public daily from 9.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m. Call (032) 511115 for more information. ..................................................... Khao Takiap: This hill is only 4 kms. South of Hua Hin and may be reached by local minibus. There is a road leading to the top where a temple is situated. The nearby Khao Takiap beach offers mostly bungalow accommodation. ..................................................... Ko Singo: Fishing loves can enjoy a day’s outing to this land, just few kilometres from Hia Hin or Khao Takiap where some boats for hire are available. ..................................................... Suan Son Pradipaht or Sea Pine Tree Garden: This beachside area belongs to the Army Welfare Office and is open to the public. It is at Km. 241, some 8 kms. South of Hua Hin. Accommodaiton is available. ..................................................... Hat Khao Tao: About 10 kms. South of Hua Hin and 1 km. Along an access road. Hat Khao Tao is pine-fringed and more secluded than Hua Hin. It is the location for some bungalows and a fishing village. ..................................................... Namtok Pa La-u: This waterfall is located within a yearlong verdant forest where various kinds of birds and butterflies are found, especially in the morning. It is composed of 11 tiers of rocks, some of which can be reached along a trekking trail parallel to the stream. To get there, visitors may take local transport from Hua Hin for a distance of 63 kms. Baan Bayan 3600-25000 Bht + Breakfast pool, by beach Baanrajdamnern 1,900-3,000 Bht + Breakfast pool Baan Talay Samran 3,000 - 7,000 Bht Pool, Close to the beach Sailom Hotel 2200-5200 Bht + breakfast pool, by beach Casa del Mare 2,400 Bht + breakfast pool Baan Talay Dao 2,200-9,000 Bht + ABF pool, by beach Supatra Hua Hin 3,400 -8,200 Bht + ABF pool, by beach Anantasila 1,800-9,500BHT pool Hua Hin Suites 1,350 - 2,300 Bht Pool Let's Sea N/A เปิดปลายปี S'mor Spa 3,200 - 5,100 Bht + ABF Pool, Spa The Rock 3,700 - 9,800 Bht + ABF Pool Veranda Lodge 2,750-9,850 Bht + ABF Pool AKA Resort & Spa 365 - 700 USD Pool, Spa, not on the beach Sofitel Central 2,600-7,800 Bht + ABF pool, by beach AKA Resort & Spa 365 - 700 USD Pool, Spa, not on the beach Majestic Beach Resort 1700-8200 Bht pool, by klaikangwong beach Anantara Resort & Spa 5,000-20,000 Bht Spa, pool, by beach,activities Chiva-Som Health Resort $1035 up health center, pool, activities, 5 star hotel Chomview Resort 3,200-7,500 Bht Pool, fitness, by beach City Beach 2000 Bht pool Ban Duang Kaew 1,600-3,000 Bht Thai Style Kaban Tamor 2,000-3,700 Bht Pool, by beach Shang Hua Hin 1,500 Bht by beach, golf Takiab Beach 1,150-2,250 Bht pool Kalamona 2,200-4,300BHT by beach Lawana Beach 1,900-6,000 บาท by beach Anchana 2200-3000 Bht + ABF near beach, pools Pattawia Resort & Spa 2,000-8,200 Bht pool, by beach As Dream Resort & Spa 2,450-7,900 Bht + breakfast by beach, pool, (new resort) Tanao Sri 2200-4400 Bht pool, by beach The Privacy Beach 3375-12000Bht pool, by beach The Rock Hua Hin 3,700-9,750 Bht pool, internet Wora Bura 4,050-30,000 Bht pool, by beach Praseban 3400-10000 Bht by beach, pool (new resort) Evason Hideaways 10,500++ - 75,000++ Bht Private pool, 5 stars Evason Huahin 3,400-12,200 Bht Pool, Spa, Bacchus Home Resort 2,200-5,700 Bht Pool Dolphin Bay Resort 1,250-5,950 Bht Pool I Resort Cliff View 1,820-7,700 Bht + ABF Pool, by beach Tuangsook Lake Hills 1,750-8,200 Bht Pool Aleenta 4700-17000 Bht pool, by beach Brassiere Beach 4,200-10,000 Bht Private Pool, Private Spa Samroiyod Holiday 1,500-4,500 Bht package tour, Samroi Yod National Park Kao Tao Villa Beach 3,000-12,000 Bht Pool Bangsaphan Beach Suan Ban Krut 1,200-6,000 Bht pool, ban krut, snorkeling Coral Hotel 1,500 - 3,900 Bht + ABF Bangsaphan, pool Rachavadee Bankrut 1,950 - 4,550 Bht + ABF Bangsaphan Samroiyot Holiday 1,200-4,400 Bht + ABF Bangsaphan, pool Bayview Beach 1,500 - 2,300 Bht + ABF Pool, Bangsaphan, Seaview Banito Beach 1,500-6,100 Bht ban krut Baan Klangaow 1,800-4,800Bht pool, ban krut, snorkeling"
cindy v :

We were supposed to go to Phuket in november, but our friends don't want another flight from Bangkok, so we are going to Hua Hin. I have been told that the beach is not nearly as nice though, but the village is nice and much cheaper. Have we made a bad or good choice by going to Hua Hin?

nowhereman :
"my advice is stay in Bangkok for a few days and relax and see some of the sites of the city, then fly down to Phuket, it's only a little more then an hour flight. Hua Hin is at least a 3 hour bus, taxi or car ride away from the Airport."
Gerald J :
"Hua Hin is a beautiful place, the King has a summer palace there and is one of Thailand's oldest beach resorts. It's a much more quiet area than Phuket, it does have a decent nightlife, but nothing like Phuket. The Phuket area is a more naturally beautiful area than Hua Hin, but Hua Hin is very nice and you can find some virtually deserted beaches, especially south of Hua Hin. It is becoming more developed and I wouldn't say the hotels there are any cheaper than Phuket, but it's one of my favorite places here in Thailand with some great resorts, it's definitely not a bad choice. The only thing is it that it takes much longer to drive to Hua Hin ( 3 hours or so), than it does to fly to Phuket, which is only about an hour by air from Bangkok. Have fun."
African Farmer :
"The beaches in Phuket are better, but also more crowded. Hua Hin is charming, laid back, and popular among "mature" tourists. It's 225 km south of BKK - 2 1/2 hours drive. I think you made the right choice."
Kevin K :
"Go to Hua-Hin if you don't plan on staying longer 2 -3 days max. Besides the beach and some night markets, there's really not much to do. Go to Phuket if you plan on staying longer, much more to see and do. Both have nice beaches, but Hua-Hin gets crowded on weekends because lots of Thai's and foreigners have a weekend home there."
tom :

im goining to hua hin in thailand in october , whats it like ?

xargentinax :
"its lovely trust me gorgeous food and the people are soo nice enjoy x p.s so is the scenery"
Hitoshi :
"It used be the summer resort for Thailand's royal family. you'd better stay here if you wanna fully appreciate the taste of hua hin "
enslavergirl :
"Gotta say I love Hua Hin more than any other beach in Thailand. Although I could have had my holidays in other nicer beaches down south! Well, Its quiet, relaxing, lovely, friendly atmosphere. Its very small town. Only a few bars and clubs and very less percentage of prostitutes compare with Pattaya or Patong. Most of the tourists there are retired and from Scandinavia. so its good for people who need something quiet and chilled. The fresh sea foods there is just ohhh so good and cheap! Don't forget to check out the night market. Try many different Thai foods and snacks and Dim sum lunch in a Chinese restaurant on the top of Hilton Hotel as you can have the 360c view of Hua Hin from there. Its very nice there! The beach is more likely to be packed by mainly Thai people during the weekend as its not so far from Bangkok by driving and yes its less beautiful when you compare with Phuket or Krabi... Enjoy your time there! I'm heading to Phuket next month tho :)"
srlfhp1 :
"dunno about hua hin i - off myself in oct. too been pattaya, phuket, chang mi, bangkok before and to be honest its all good fun and very cheap...enjoy matey !!!!!!!!"
spanky :
"HH is a pleasant enough Scandinavian tourist resort.. It is nice enough there, but I find this odd contrast of smiling Thais and stone faced Nords [ you would think the heat might melt out a smile] .. but pleasant enough indeed.. Good food, etc.. but since you are making the effort to come all this way, why don't you get out of the tourist areas a bit too.."
kandaphati :
"Just came back from there two days ago. Great weather there. Good food. Good place for family vacation. Center Court was a good hang-out place for families. We did not have to worry too much that our children might ask questions about male farangs who walk with awfully-clothed dark-skinned young Thai females, a scene so commonly seen in Pattaya and Phuket. We had golf fun at Cha-am, although technically speaking this is not in Hua Hin but it does not take too long time by car."
iWonDerY :
"if you are not kinda bar hopping - go shoot it there!"
"Great place. Beautiful beaches and has everything Pattaya has except the crowds of tourists. I like to go there from BKK to get away from it all. You can go from BKK by bus for like $2.00 us dollars or on a train for around $4.00. I'd do the train if your not in a hurry."
kraikaikaigai? :
"You cannot get there on the bus for $2 US. Not anymore anyways. Hua Hin is a pleasant beach resort town a couple hours south of Bangkok. Its population is currently booming with both Thais and foreigners. The beach is very long and fairly clean. The water is very clean and warm, but there are lots of jellyfish which makes swimming more nerve-wracking than relaxing. Accomodation ranges from the above-mentioned Sofitel to rickety wooden rooms perched above the breakers. There are many nice resort/spa type places, both large and small. The town itself just got its first big shopping center/movie theater complex, which is very modern and nice. There are all kinds of places to eat, from pick-your-own-lobster seafood places to fancy Italian ristorantes to pad thai stalls at the night market. The night market is located in the town center and, although small, offers a good opportunity to see some bustling Thai nightlife, eat some yummy cheap local food, and buy souvenirs at reasonable prices. If you play golf there are at least three and maybe four very nice courses within 20 minutes of town. Outside of Hua Hin there are some great caves and beaches to explore, if you are interested in day trips. October is the Thai semester break and Hua Hin is a very popular destination for Thai vacationers, so it will be more crowded than if you went in, say, September. Don't let that dissuade you because it is still a really great place to spend time."


Comments on Hua Hin

Date: 2008-02-05 02:07:01

Hua Hin is a destination I enjoy visiting whenever I get the chance.Most tourists think of Bangkok, Phuket or Pattaya when they think of Thailand, but for those who want a less hectic and less commercialized holiday destination................

Date: 2008-02-05 02:07:01

(Bangkok) The coastal resort town of Hua Hin is taking stray dogs off the streets and offering them a home under a project initiated by His Majesty the King. Mayor Siripan Kamolpramote said the Hua Hin Dog Shelter at Wat Khao Itisukato is now home to 1,800 dogs under the care of two veterinarians, two animal husbandry workers and 15 workers.

Date: 2008-02-05 02:07:01

Discount Hua Hin / Cha-am Hotels Thailand - Book 3-5 star Hotels in Hua Hin / Cha-am such as AKA Resort, Casa Del Mare Hotel, Baan Talay Dao Resort, Veranda Resort & Spa, Sailom Hotel. Book now. Information on Discount Hua Hin / Cha-am Hotels Thailand - Book 3-5 star Hotels in Hua Hin / Cha-am and krabi thailand

Date: 2008-02-05 02:07:01

The young backpackers have caused youth hostels to increase their charges as more and more people travel. Youth Hostels used to cost £5 a night, but thats hard to find now. Thailand, I imagine because its so expensive to go there, youth hostels can be really cheap from only £2.00 a night especially in places like khao luk or Hua Hin.

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