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Sara E :

My family and I are planning to go to Hong Kong in 4 days time. What are some things to do and see and that would be interesting for my 14 year old and 9 year old daughters? Also what is the name of the airport in Hong Kong? Please suggest some interesting and fun places to go to when we are in the main Hong Kong island. Please do not suggest Disneyland as we are already planning to go there. Thank you, your help is highly appreciated.

Hammy :
"Since you have two daughters, you'd probably want to bring them to Ladies' Market. Its a street where they sell lots of ladies items. The Ladies' Market is on Kowloon Island You might also want to bring them to Ocean Park. It is also a theme park but includes marine life performances and exhibitions. There is also an Avenue of Stars which is something like the one in Hollywood just that this consists of Chinese artists. The Avenue of Stars is also at Kowloon Island so you'd probably want to set aside a day for Kowloon. You should definitely go to Repulse Bay (in daytime). It is a beautiful place by the beach. By the way, if you're an American, I would suggest you not to go to Hong Kong Disneyland. Its really small compared to the ones in America. "
Ice :
"Go to Ocean Park, the Peak and check out the view. Go to the Ladies Market, also Stanly Market in the Hong Kong island."
ykphil :
"I took my 11 and 15 year old daughters to HK and they had a blast, so much that they want didn't want to go back to Canada...shopping is of course the activity of choice for any girl, and there is no shortage in HK. They loved Langham Place, the Ladies Market, the Temple Street Night Market, the Bird Market, the Jade Market, Stanley Market. They loved walking around the food market around the Des Voeux area, and the trip to Victoria Peak...they loved hanging out on Nathan street at night...I gave them their own spending money, and after a few shy attempts at bargaining, they were real pros... Ocean Park was OK, they didn't care much about Disneyland, but I had to drag them to temples and museums...They made some new great friends from HK, and they spent quite a bit of time with them in the swimming pool on the top deck of our hotel. We stayed at the Metropark in Kowloon...great location, great service, at a great price..."
whosaidWHAT! :
"hi! im a 15 yr old and i used to live in hong kong. I really did like Hong Kong Disney, because it was easy to get on rides because no one went there. So since you said you are already planning on going there , Have FUN!! There are so many other things to do in Hong Kong...ofcourse the shopping is Amazing. To go shopping more of the High-end things are in the city, in Pacific Place (connected to the marriot and the conrad hotels). Also there is the IFC building that has some cool stores in it, but it's all really expensive. I would suggest places like 'Stanley Market' or the WHOLE 'Time Square' area! just walk aroud there and dont be afraid to go into the alleys and places. Also there is ofcourse 'the ladys maket' or 'the night market' that is always cool, but the smells can be a little revolting, but its worth the experence. It depends on when your going to Hong Kong also, if you are going withing the month 'Ocean Park' has a TON of cool halloween stuff that is totally cool to see and ocean park is so FUN! there is a panda exhibit that i personally LOVE! also if you are going over the winter, they decorate ALOT. If you are going in the winter i suggest that you take the 'star ferry' at night over to kowloon side so you can see all the lights in the city. Hong Kong also has alot of nice resterants. In time square there is this resturant called 'crystal jade' it is in the underneath section, its very good authentic food, if you can find it. The 'peak' (Victoria Peak) has a great variety of resturant and has an amazing veiw on a clear night. I would most definatly make a stop there. oh and the airport is Hong Kong International Airport."
ilikemysugarsweet :
"I love hong kong. what a great city, and so safe and easy to get around. i really like this article about hong kong so i have provided the link for you. also be sure to visit the tourist information kiosk as you exit the immigration area. there are great pamphlets that tell you everything to do and an english speaking staff that can help you with specific questions. "
The Confused Econ Major :
"Hi! I am from HK Island and these are the places which I'll visit every time I go back home: Causeway Bay 1. Shopping It's one of the best shopping districts on HK Island. There are many malls in this district, but I'd recommend a few of them: Sogo, Island Beverly, Causeway Place and Times Square. These are all great places to buy the latest fashion for you and your family at very reasonable prices. If you don't like going to malls all the time, you may like the Ladies' Market. Its entrance is right across the street from the Causeway Bay MTR station, next to Giordano. To buy the latest electronics from Korea and Japan, you can go to Fortress electronics and Broadway at Times Square. These are reputable chain stores. I also like visiting a store called G.O.D. (Goods of Desire) near the Lee Theatre Plaza in Causeway Bay. It sells a lot of cool stuff in HK/Chinese style. Check this out: 2. Dining I tried out this fantastic restaurant in Causeway Bay in the summer. It's called Hak Ka Hut in the Lee Theatre Plaza. During lunchtime, it serves dimsum and at night it serves more formal chinese dishes, all at very reasonable prices. I find the food there very fresh and not oily. Admiralty and Central 1. Sightseeing These are the central business districts of Hong Kong. You should definitely visit the Legislative Council building, which has been here since the British colonized HK. There are other commercial buildings designed by famous architects, such as the Hong Kong Bank (HSBC headquarters) by Norman Foster, the Bank of China Tower by IM Pei and Lippo Centre by Paul Rudolph. If you have time, go to Hong Kong Park and you will get a great view of the commercial buildings in Admiralty and Central. Hong Kong Park is connected to a shopping mall called the Pacific Place in Admiralty. 2. Dining in Central: Tsim Chai Noodle (98 Wellington Street, Central) is a great place to have a quick meal of good quality and price. It is frequented by office workers and is a very popular noodle shop. Definitely try out their Wonton Noodle in soup. Wonton is a cantonese dumpling with minced pork and jumbo shrimp inside. They have a menu in English and so you don't need to worry about how to order when you get there. I've seen tourists eating there before. Honeymoon Dessert is a wonderful place to try out traditional Chinese desserts in HK. You can find one at the IFC (the International Financial Centre) in Central or World Trade Centre (shopping mall) in Causeway Bay. My favorite is the Mango Sago. They have pictures in their menu (with English and Japanese descriptions) and so again, you don't have to worry about how to order. Another delicacy in HK which you must try out is the eggtart. You can buy it from local bakeries or even at Hak Ka Hut during dimsum hours (I'm not sure though). It looks something like this: Western District: This is one of the oldest districts in HK. Cat Street in the Western District is lined with shops selling antiques. It's within walkable distance from Lan Kwai Fong, a tiny area in Central with a lot of bars and restaurants. Stanley Beach: Visit the Murray House at Stanley. It was a government office in Central once upon a time but has been relocated to Stanley. Ocean Park in Aberdeen: I think there are 4 pandas in the park and a jellyfish aquarium newly opened in 2006. My younger cousins love it more than Disneyland. More shopping areas: UNY, also known as Apita, is a Japanese department store in Quarry Bay in the Eastern District. It is located within a huge mall called Cityplaza. You can get there by MTR and get off at Taikoo station. It's a very local shopping mall with a great selection. I don't think this mall is highly publicized in travel guides so it is a great place for your family to explore and to see how HK people live! The mall is in a middle-class residential area and is very safe. Remember, Hong Kong doesn't have any sales tax (except on liquor and cigarettes, I think). Also, if you need help with directions, ask office workers or students (in school uniform). Show them a map and the name of the place you want to visit. It'll be easier for them to help you. Enjoy your trip! Hopefully you won't be too jetlagged when you get there!"
SmOoChZ :
"I just went to HK because its my home country (aka hometown kinda). i suggest going to: (i went to) Macau- you have to take a ship ride (1hr tops) and there at the ship station you can walk to a mall (follow path). 2.8/3 is full of kids stuff! it is really fun to visit there. i loved it when i went. Ocean World aka Sea World- reallly reallly fun! there were live performances and stuff. there's also a amusement park inside. realy fun peak tram- you ride a peak tram to a really really high mall and you can see pratically half of hong kong at the very top. theres also a mcdonald and burger king. try bringing them to Kowloon and Causeway Bay. Alot of malls. fun for children to shop. :) i hope this helps"
Dye dirt Kong :

It has been a matter of fact that a few bad Hong Kong retailers sold fake watches and jewleries to many mailand tourists a few months ago. Many of them were pledged guilty for doing that. The Hong Kong authority said that they would monitor carefully and closely to prevent this happen again in Hong Kong. How come it happened again and again in Hong Kong? I personally think that the rental costs and overheads are too much to operate a business in Hong Kong. The second reason is that the Chinese operators are crooks and conspired with travel agency to promote the economical trip from mainland to Hong Kong then put pressure to the buy the fake products at a reasonable high price as a must policy for every tourist from China. Many of them say that they don't want to travel to Hong Kong anymore! That's good, they learned. Don't let the Hong Kong crooks to cheat your hard earned dollars in China!

Get a Life :
"You can get screwed in Los Angeles buying fake watches. Tourist cheat themselves thinking they got something good real cheap. Everyone has to make money. Just look at the stupid scams people fall for on the Internet. You just can't cheat people enough."
ytf :
"I agree with the previous feedback from Get a Life. If HK is cheating, then look at China, for God's sake. How many fake products or poor quality things there are! And even for intangible thing like services, you paid a lot to stay in a 4-5 star hotel or an expensive restaurant, and it's just not worth it, no smile, no politeness, no manner, sometimes, not even cleaness... I hate it when you pay for sth in China, you never know if you've been cheated, and every time you have to bargain and you won't know the bottom price. Most shops have no price tag. When something is booming, like tourism, of course people take advantage of it and make money. that is just human nature. Tourists simply have to be smart. If you give the blam to HK vendors, you may as well blame the tour operations from China, putting the 'compulsory expenses' (like taking people to the theme park) or compulsory itinerary of going to the assigned jewelry shops etc. Those middlemen are making the cheeky vendors' business flourish. Another point you mentioned - 'rental costs & overheads are too much' - this is very true indeed, but look at the quality of the talents /qualifications, smartness, level of hardworking, as well as the transparent regulations, tax policy, etc in HK, and you will understand why some companies prefer to set up regional HQ in HK instead of mainland, even though they have to travel up frequently."
Christine F :

We are New Zealanders who are planning a trip to Shanghai in early Nov. We have 6 days booked in Hong Kong. We don't want to purchase air tickets for Shanghai until we get to Hong Kong as not sure when or how long we want to go for. To get a visa before we leave home we need to show return tickets for China. How easy is it to get a visa in Hong Kong and where would we get it. We are staying at the Grand Hyatt on Hong Kong Island.

Kitten Caboodle :
"The usual visa procedures have been affected by the Olympics, and I'm not sure if they'll be back to 'normal' by the time you need them in November. Usually the process only takes 3-5 working days in Hong Kong, but to be on the safe side, check with the Chinese embassy in Wellington (or even Canberra in a pinch) as well as the Concierge at the Grand Hyatt -. I was just there last month and the staff are helpful. Even if they don't immediately know the answer I'm sure they will happily do the research for you. Either of these parties should have useful information for you about where to apply for the visa in Hong Kong as well as how long it will take. If you are frequent travellers you should also look into getting an APEC card, which will bypass the need for a visa altogether! The one I got from Australia took about 2 months to reach me, so you still have time if you put in your application quickly. Try this site: You will like Hong Kong and Shanghai, they're two of my favourite cities and a lot of fun!"
? :
"The rules have been changing pretty often because of the games. But now that they're over, things should get easier. This forum keeps an up to date list of the changes."
"http://www.ctshk.com/english/useful/chinesevisa.htm plz do ur enquiry w/ the above website....n u just need 1-day application time 4 ur visa. i mean u go there in the morning & u wil get ur visa the next day. actually most of the 5 stars hotel's concierge can do it 4 u. u dun hv to really goto the china travel svc urself. but if u do like to go, 1 of their ofc is quiet close to the Grand Hyatt. just abt 5 mins walk to the china resources bldg.....that's their visa ofc 4 all westerners. n after the Olympics, things should be back to normal. so no worry abt ur visa. if u do hv a booking in the Grand Hyatt aldy.....try to email their concierge & ask 4 details. sure they wl help u as they r 1 of the good svc hotel in HK."


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Date: 2009-03-03 21:26:27

Hong Kong International Airport voted the world's best for the seventh year in annual survey of 8.2 million passengers. Waiting times at security checkpoints mentioned as major cause of passenger discontent

Date: 2009-03-03 21:26:27

Suzanne Pepper is an American writer and long-time Hong Kong resident, and the the author of Keeping Democracy at Bay: Hong Kong and the Challenge of Chinese Political Reform, examines the new law in Macau that calls into question "high degree of autonomy" that the former Portuguese colony was promised by the People's Republic of China.

Date: 2009-03-03 21:26:27

Softkinetic, the maker of an innovative 3D motion recognition system has announced a new partnership with Hong Kong’s leading family entertainment centre chain, Jumpin Gym USA. The gesture recognition technology will be used in a variety of interactive games in the company’s more than 50 centres in Hong Kong.

Date: 2009-03-03 21:26:27

Many Voices: understanding the debate about preventing violent extremismDate of speech 25 February 2009Location LSE - Hong Kong Theatre, LondonEvent summary A lecture at the London School of Economics (LSE)

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