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Hertfordshire has headquarters of many large well-known UK companies. Hemel Hempstead is home to DSG International. Tesco are based in Cheshunt. Pure Digital the DAB radio maker is based in Kings Langley. JD Wetherspoon is in Watford. Shredded Wheat and Shreddies are made in Welwyn Garden City. Comet and Skanska are in Rickmansworth. Hatfield used to be connected with the aircraft industry, as it was where de Havilland developed the first commercial jet liner, the Comet. Now the site is a business park and new campus for the University of Hertfordshire. This major new employment site is home

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Honey Mustard :

I am an American who recently obtained a job at the University of Hertfordshire. I have not yet moved, but I have been doing my best to research the area and my possible housing options. It seems that Hertfordshire is a popular home base for many that commute to London for work. Because I'll be moving over on my own and will not have a car, I have been toying with the idea of doing the opposite: living in London (at the least one of the outer zones) and communting to Hertfordshire. Although it sounds like a pretty and relaxing place, I think I'd prefer to start off somewhere that has a bit more going on, and there is less need for a car. Just wondering if anyone with some direct experience has any insight or advice on the matter. Is this a ridiculous or impossible idea? Thanks in advance... Thanks so much for the info so far. I'm starting to think that (some of) the towns in Herts. might be better places to live than the outskirts of London? (I'm also open to flat-share situations to lower the cost of living, at least initially. It's always been a silly fantasy of mine to live in or near Central London, even if only for a few months.)

Richard C :
"Yeah, loads of people do it, especially singles. As you are an academic, though Herfordshire ain't Oxbridge, you will know of the concept of polycentricity. The whole of the South East is polycentric. You have to go to Liverpool Street to get out to Hertfordshire, which is a bit of a bore, but you could decide to live down the Old East End, which is trendy, and not far from the main stations, and commute every day. It'll take about an hour each way, though. Do get a car, though. Living in London does not require it but if you are flitting around the outer zones it makes life so much less frustrating."
mark s :
"I think you will find that it will all come down to a question of money, living out of London is cheaper, although as you say with less going on. I live in Hertfordshire and find it easy to travel into London and personally would not entertain living anywhere nearer. Why not pick somewhere like St Albans which is a beautiful city with good night life and only 40 mins from central London by train. Best of luck and enjoy my beautiful Country"
womble :
"if you are based in hatfield then you are only about 15mins from kings cross. hatfield is on a main train route. i personally don't like london cos i'm hertfordshire born and bred. but you could do it. my tutor at uni lives in london and commutes to cambridge every day. look at the costs hertfordshire is cheaper than london hatfield has got a mall cinema bars resturants and the added bonus of being close to london on the train. but it's quiet. good luck with whatever you decide"
suki doo :
"you should definitely find a place in Herts it will work out cheaper in the long run and there are plenty of nice places around that way you can always travel into London at weekends or term break times do/have you worked out the cost of the annual fares try checking out the Transport for London website or GNER trains to get an idea of the price travel in this country is not exactly cheap and there are quite a lot of problems ie cancellation's "leaves on the line" its an Autumn thing?"
X-x-Katie-x-X :

does anyone know how to get past the school interent blocks in hertfordshire, if so please tell me

Pyria :
"You are in school to learn not surf the internet. the blocks are put in place because of the new child protection laws. Myspace can wait until you get home from school"
omgitwasanightmare :
"There is this great newish(came out 3 weeks ago) website for getting past school blocks free registration. A few schools have just started blocking it but not many.(.info) If these are blocked for u try sidepile.com. Today(or within the week) we are going to make the website on a new server with a new domain that will be posted on flamehunt so that it will be completely unblocked. if you click on an add it would really help us out for paying for the new server."
Bill M :
"Accessing unauthorized web sites with web proxies is a violation of school computer usage policy. You can get suspended and/or banned from using school computers. Use school computers for school work and myspace will be there when you get home. Do you really want your teachers and school administrators knowing what you are posting on myspace anyway?"
Neelix :
"Many new fresh ones updated weekly Pass the word"
Gregory :
"Give a try. Simply enter in the web address of the site you wish to visit (like myspace.com) into the 'Web Address' section on OffCampusLunch and click "Go!". You should then be able to browse the internet without any school filters blocking you! Try or if OffCampusLunch is already blocked for you."
Sami :
"Use To unblock Facebook and Myspace from school or work."
kp :

is hertfordshire a nice place to live?? we are looking for somewhere more out in the countryside, where there is fresh air. sick of the pollution and congestion of london plz advise?? tax

Sarah A :
"what the heck are you talking about? and um... please message me back bye!!!!"
dwalkercpa :
"u looking to commute to london. st albans is nice, watford and radlett too. hemel hempstead, bricket wood"
camy s :


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