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Hermanus (originally called Hermanuspietersfontein) is a town (population 48,346) on the southern coast of South Africa and is famous as a place from which to watch whales during the southern winter and spring. It forms part of the Western Cape and is a popular retirement town. The whales can be seen from the cliffs in the town centre from as early as June. They were once hunted locally, but are now protected. The Old Harbour Museum contains several exhibitions which explain the whaling history of Hermanus.// LocationHermanus lies about 115km southeast of Cape Town and is connected to the Mot

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Courtney F :

Traveling to SA on my honeymoon. Staying 2 nights in Hermanus. Should we stay at Auberge Provence or Ocean 11? Help, we torn!

Darth Vader :
"Auberge Provence seems to be the most romantic of the two to me. It is a five star guesthouse, which means that it has the highest rating it can achieve. I must be honest, I have never stayed there but it looks lovely. Here is a bit more info about them."
southernrightwhale :

Can anyone recommend a great place to go away for a weekend not further than 150 km from Hermanus in July? Lookin for either a town or a specific accomodation establishment. We have recently been to Franschoek, which was a great experince. Looking for something as magical as that. Preferable not more than R400 per night per couple. Thanks!

@homeincapetown :
"What about Greyton? Or is that a bit too close to home? Try the Ginger Bread Cottage - belongs to a friend of mine in CT -- it's a self catering option, the whole house. Well within your price range as long as you stay more than one night. Tel Nanette 028 254 8365. Enjoy!"
Vango :
"De Hoop Nature reserve. Great wildlife, great chalets, great coastline. Just go!"
floppyminx :

a male, just over a year old. how do we stop his wandering?

Puggypug :
"Is he neutered?"


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Date: 2008-02-05 02:03:11

Hermanus - Police have arrested a man believed to be a notorious Cape serial rapist - rescuing two girls from a large underground burrow where at least the teenager was kept for 18 months.

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