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Well-known HeidelbergersPerhaps the most famous Heidelberger is Jackson Browne, the world famous musical artist. Also, the University is one of the oldest and best known academies in Europe, and has attracted and created many excellent and famous scientists, including Robert Wilhelm Bunsen, Otto Meyerhof, Wolfgang Ketterle, Georg Wittig and Carl Bosch (all winners of the Nobel prize). For a list of famous sons and inhabitants of Heidelberg please see the German Wikipedia page de:Liste Heidelberger Persönlichkeiten TriviaDiscovery of spectrum analysis by Robert Bunsen and Kirchhoff in 1860.N

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xoxkelly84 :

For a project i have to do research on Heidelberg Germany. Can anyone help me find out wat some of their main products/ industry are? or anyone with some intresting facts please!!!!

rammstein127535 :
"Industry Only 18% of employment is provided by industry. Printing and publishing are important enterprises. Heidelberg with its long Hauptstrasse is a shopping magnet for the surrounding smaller towns."
Shay p :
"HEIDELBERG Economy In 2004, 81.8% of all people worked for service industries, primarily in tourism. As a relic of the period of Romanticism, Heidelberg has been labeled a romantic town. This is used to attract more than 3.5 million visitors every year. Many events are organized to increase the attraction. In spring, the "Heidelberger Frühling" Classic Music Festival and the international easter egg market are conducted. In July and August there is a "Heidelberger Castle Festival" (Student Prince and others) On the first Saturday in June and September, and the 2nd Saturday in July – the castle and the old bridge are illuminated with lights and fireworks. The old town autumn festival in September includes a Medieval Market with 40 booths, an arts and crafts market, a flea market and music from Samba to Rock. During advent there is a Christmas market throughout the oldest part of the city. University Heidelberg still is a scientific center of its region. 18% of the people working in Heidelberg are employed by the University itself or a research establishment, which is linked to the University. Industry Only 18% of employment is provided by industry. Printing and publishing are important enterprises. Heidelberg with its long Hauptstrasse is a shopping magnet for the surrounding smaller towns."
blessed_thang :
"Ask any print shop production manager and he will tell you Heidelberg -- Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG -- makes the best printing presses in the world. Universitat Heidelberg is the "harvard" of Germany."
Gina :

My nephew (13) and I will be in Heidelberg for 5 days during spring break (2nd week of March). I would love some input from those in the community who have been and/or are familiar with the area. What should I definately do and/see while there? I am interested in child friendly activities, but I also plan to make some time for more adult activities as well. Thanks!

pro_and_contra :
"OK, here are some things you should see......5 days is just NOT enough....take plenty of film !!!! Buy yourself a Guide Book so you will know what's available and what you would like to see. Take a guided City Tour, they are avail. in English and most Germans speak English. The Old Town - Kornmarkt (Corn Market) and from the Kornmarkt to the Burgweg (Castle street) up to the Castle. You can also take the "Bergbahn" (mountain railway) up to the castle, you can catch it also from the Kornmarkt. From the Castle you will have a great view. You will also find the biggest Wine Barrel of the World at the Castle. Take the Bergbahn all the way to the Top, the "Königsstuhl" for a great view. - The Old Bridge and the Bridge Gate and have your picture taken with the Heidelberg Monkey....you will know what I am talking about when you get there. You can take a Boat trip on the river Neckar, they depart from the Old Bridge. Don't pass up the "Philosophenweg", steps...and steps...and steps ...but there are benches for you to rest !!! Have a great time."
Jenn M :
"Check online to see when the illumination of the castle is. The light it up and it looks like it is on fire. They do it pretty often. It's so beautiful. I went up there once to see that and then I went to this Irish pub and sang karaokee. It was a blast."
Torsten B :
"First, go to (in German & English). Heidelberg is a wonderful, old and beautiful city. Weather can be sometimes very cold & chilly in March, so be sure to have an umbrella and some warm clothes with you. You also should go to the website of Heidelberg's Tourism Office at (in English) and ask for some tourist information or infos by email or postal mail. More infos on Heidelberg here: (in English) I live in Northern Germany and unfortunately, I have never been to Heidelberg yet. All I know it's one of Germany's most beautiful and oldest cities. Greetings from Germany! :-))"
Dred :
"I make the short drive to Heidelberg at least once a month. It is a wonderful city. From were ever you choose to stay take the local train or bus to "Bismark Platz" and from there walk to the castle. From Bismark Platz you'll be able to see the castle up on the hill and see 2 cathedrals in between. Saturday is the best day to go there are street performers, vendors, one weekend I saw a guy and his wife juggling flaming batons. The place is diffrent every time I go. Anyway, You'll spend all day walking from the Platz to the castle and back, there is just so much to see and do. The 2 cathedrals are breath taking; one is all white inside and has a crypt in the basement. The other is in a courtyard almost right below the castle, it is very big inside and out. Inside there is a card shop, tell person in there you wish to see the tower and for 2 euro she(never seen a guy working there) will point you up the stairs. Up the stairs there are 2 balconies, on the 2nd there is a small door in the wall that takes you to the tower. It is amazing up thier you'll see the whole city(bring a good camara and lots of film or memory). From the tower you'll be able to see everything worth visiting on your stay in heidelberg, one could spend days in this area alone(I keep going back). Also, if you follow the river upstream you'll find beuatiful German country side, another castle, and an old lookout post on a hill, all with in 5 miles of Hietelberg castle. Oh, and be sure to go inside the castle. If you have any Questions plz E-mail me through this site."
Shopaholic Chick :

Can anyone recommend places to see, eat, shop and so forth in and around heidelberg? I will be living there for 16 weeks while i go to school to learn the language, and would love to know where the locals go!! i would really love to hear from locals about their favorite places to eat - away from the tourist spots

cocoa prinzess :
"You should visit Heidelberg Castle. It's a gorgeous place and really romantic."
fliege52000 :
"Look at the web, and you will find what is in and around Heidelberg."
wyogiz :
"Heidelberg is a very easy city to maneuver. Shopping, eating, and site seeing is pretty centered in the downtown or city center area. There are so many restaurants down there you'll just have to find your favorite. Good luck and have a great time!"
Steve J :
"check out these links"
Nantucket :
"First of all I would suggest to buy a city map if you don't have one already. Places to see besides the Castle: - You should not miss to take a walk on the "Philosophenweg" on the opposite side of the castle. Offers a wonderful view onto the castle, the old city and the Neckar river - Spent an afternoon/evening taking a sunbath or else on the banks of the Neckar river where people meet, play beach volleyball, soccer or just having a good time - Visit the Saturday morning market in the Neuenheim neigborhood where local produce is being sold - Take boat cruise on the Neckar river down to the other smaller castles Restaurants: Thai food: "Orchid Royal", Bergheimer Strasse/Mittermaierstrasse Local Suebian food ("Cheese Spätzle" [noodles]": Take streetcar No. 3 leaving "Bismarckplatz" direction "Leimen" and get of at the stop "Zementwerk" (cement plant). They are open only Wednesday through Friday - Various good small restaurants (Spanish, local, etc) in the Neuenheim neighborhood on Brückenstrasse and around the marketplace - "Zum Roten Ochsen", Mühltalstrasse 11 (?), Handschuhsheim neighborhood, take OEG (local train) and get off at "OEG Bahnhof", approx. 10 minutes walking distance from there to the restaurant, local food, nice place to sit outside - Café Rossi", good place for Sunday brunch, also nice place to sit outside, Bismarckplatz, across department store "Kaufhof" Nightlife/pubs: Check out "Nachtschicht" they often start with after-work parties and go on for more, Bergheimer Strasse, take streetcar no. 2 and get off at stop "Betriebshof" and ask a younger person for directions - it's close by "Merlin": Bergheimer Strasse/Römerstrasse, streetcar no. 2 runs on this street Shops: - Check out the smaller boutiques and shops in the old city in "Plöck" (e.g. "Zuckerladen" a very unique candy store) and "Untere Strasse" Enjoy your trip, Heidelberg is a beautiful city."


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Dean Jakson
Date: 2008-02-05 02:02:28

Do you want to go to Heidelberg or New York? Or perhaps Sardinia in Italy or to Korfu in Greece? Get inspiration and photos at this lovely site.

Date: 2008-02-05 02:02:28

For Kansas State University physics professor Uwe Thumm, confirmation of a theory about the behavior of small molecules became music to his ears -- literally. He and colleagues in Heidelberg, Germany, have shown how a hydrogen molecule responds to laser pulses by using the changing musical chord created by the molecule's vibrational motion.

Date: 2008-02-05 02:02:28

How eggs form without centrosomes—a long-standing mystery—was solved in August by biologists at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Heidelberg, Germany.

Date: 2008-02-05 02:02:28

Experts at the Heidelberg University library say dated notes scribbled in the margins of a book by its owner in October 1503 confirm once and for all that Lisa del Giocondo was indeed the model for one of the most famous portraits in the world.

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