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Coordinates: 21°18′41″N 157°47′47″W / 21.31139, -157.79639TopographyAn archipelago situated some 2,000 mi (3,200 km) southwest of the North American mainland, Hawaii is the southernmost state of the United States and the second westernmost state after Alaska. Only Hawaii and Alaska are outside the contiguous United States and do not share a border with any other U.S. state.Hawaii is the only state of the United States that:is not geographically located in North Americagrows coffeeis completely surrounded by waterhas a royal palacedoes not have a straight line in its

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OrangePie :

so im planning a trip to hawaii for my 21st birthday next year.. what would you suggest the best island is?? and what kind of activities can my friends and i do while we are there?? Tnx. C: my birthday is in July

andrea :
"kauai for sure."
coolioantm :
"start from maui and party awayJK travel to all of them and have a great time :)"
run_it_l8 :
"Try to do 2 or 3 islands, Kona, Maui etc. why?, with one island you'll see everything in 2 days and then island fever set's in, break up the trip with a island hopping vacation, just watch the booze at the luau's, and don't eat the poi."
GoldieRetriver :
"My advice is to go to one island, Maui and stay in the Kaanapali area. There are a lot of things to see and do, I enjoy snorkeling. There are boats in the Lahaina marina and there is snorkeling trips, sunset sailing, whale watching, etc. Of course you don't have to use a boat, most of the hotels have snorkeling equipment you can rent and swim out in front of the hotel. The hotels also provide classes for scuba diving too. You can tour a plantation which shows you what grows on Maui, there is horseback riding, you can drive to Hana, but what a drive, there are hundreds of corners. You can drive to the top of the Haleakala Volcano, but make sure you take a jacket it gets cold. You can also bicycle down from the volcano. There is lots to do, try and find a package deal which includes air, hotel and car. You will need a car. Have a wonderful time with your friends."
Beckee :
"It's difficult to answer your question properly without knowing more about you. A wide variety of people come to Hawaii, and a there are a wide variety of things for them to do when they get here. I've lived in Hawaii for eight years, three different islands. I've been host to a lot of friends that have come to visit me, and it isn't easy to predict what somebody is going to like. I took my best friend from high school to the Arizona Memoria, but he really liked driving on the H-3 highway. I took some friends from Taiwan driving all around the island, but they really liked the valley where I lived. I took a friend from college to the Bishop Museum, Iolani Palace (our tour guide cried), and to an authentic hula performance, but she really liked just driving around the island. I took a large group of scholars and government officials to the Polynesian Cultural Center. The East Asians liked it, but the South Asians weren't impressed. Even though Hawaii only has a couple of seasons, really, the time of year does affect what you can do where, and you didn't tell us that, either."
Fresh Kiidz 2007 :
Katalini :
"Hmm well it depends on what you want to do Maui is a great place for going to the beach. If you want alot of water action, I suggest going there. On the other hand, Oahu and the Big Island are places I've went to, and I loved it! Go to Oahu and you can visit alot of great beaches there as well. If you go to Oahu I suggest heading up toward North Shore if you want something more quieter, or to Waikiki if you want more of a city scene. Either way you can drive anywhere around the island, so there's lots to do there. You can shop alot in Waikiki, and go to several restaurants there. One of my favorite activites there was a luau at Paradise Cove, look it up! It's better than the authentic Polynesian Cultural Center luau. But I suggest going to Paradise Cove, it's lovely and very very fun! On the Big Island you can visit the volcano, but you won't be able to get very close because of the sulfur dioxide level, it's been high lately. It's a great place to go to! Or the Kona Brewery Restaurant is a great place to stop to eat. Also there are some great sunset cruises ( but you can probably get one on any of the main islands ). Black Sand beach is also here, it's unique. It's mainly more rock though, due to the volcano. ((Don't take any volcanic rock home! They say it's bad luck lol)) Anyways, hope that helped! Have fun! Hang loose!"
Gemma S :
"If you want a trendy beech, then Honolulu is on the island of Oahu where you will fly in. Waikiki Beech is the place to be seen if you are into all that. It is cheapest to stay here as no further flights will be required. Also nightlife is good here. If you want a quieter snorkel/kayak go to Maui where the corals/fish/turtles/dolphins are amazing. The night life in Lahaina (main town in Maui) is buzzing with shops/galleries open late-Lassen dives and paints from here and kite surfing is popular at this time of year. If you want to hike to see stunning volcanoes and red lava flowing into the sea, then Big Island is the place to be. Also the beeches are fairly quiet and snorkelling is good. Kauai is beautiful expecially if you can afford a helicopter ride over the Napali coast, highest cliffs and stunning waterfalls (seen in Jurassic Park) but a much quieter relaxed island. Good luck."
Raven Van Helsing Kinimaka :
"Ohhhhh hey bro, come to Maui. Lahaina to be specific. :) You can come take surf lessons at my dads shop, Royal Hawaiian surf academy. Your 21? Get some locals to show you a good time ;]"
sunshinestarsky :
"21st Birthday!! Waikiki baby, on Oahu! Party at Rumfire, Dukes, Tiki's, Hanohano room, Kelly O'Neils, etc. Lots of shopping and learn to surf too! Any when you want to relax go to Waikiki beach or to Lanikai or to the N.Shore for some rad beaches. Oahu has everything, except a erupting volcano. Then if you wanted to check out Maui take the Superferry over!"
Mister :
"....so why don't you go to the "Jungle" in Waikiki? Activities from the time you wake up kid."
miss;;amanda(: :
"kauai is by far the best!!! i loved it there!!!! i really suggest going to kauai if you want the time of your life."
uwaiu :
"Each of the Hawaiian Islands has its own personality and character. So, knowing what type of person you are and what you like to do will help you decide which of the islands you will like. If you like tourists and fishing you should like the Kona area of the “Big Island” of Hawaii. If you like solitude, a tropical feel, a rural atmosphere and you don’t mind rain, you should like the Hilo area of the Big Island. The west side of the Big Island has a few nice small beaches, including black sand beaches. Near Ka Lae, the southernmost point of the island you will find a green sand beach. Big beaches are not prevalent on the Big Island. If you enjoy scenery, hiking, snorkeling, kayaking or surfing and don’t yearn for “night life” then the oldest of the islands, Kauai is for you. If you are the kind of person who keep a bathing suit, snorkel gear or a surfboard in your car, then Maui is for you, because it has 120 miles of easily accessible and swimmable coastline, more than any other island. If you have an artistic temperament or perhaps you like to get away and write, then seek out the island of Lanai. If you love nature, hiking and solitude, then “the most Hawaiian” of the islands, Molokai is for you. You’ll enjoy Oahu if you like beaches, shopping, tourists, high-rises, traffic and don’t mind a lot of other people. Honolulu is like a tropical version of NYC, or LA as it was in the smog-free 1950's."
Munchkin_Muffin :
"Hi!! I was just in Hawaii for 17 days and we went to Oahu,Maui, and Kauai. The best island by FAR...is Kauai. It was the most prettiest place ever. My family is actually planning on going back just to Kauai for vacation in a few years it was that good. We also did a lot of excursions such as : 1) Ziplining( The best to do in Kauai and my favorite) 2) Swimming and Snorkeling with the Sea Turtles 3) Kayaking 4) Surfing Lessons (So Fun!!) 5) Whale Watching (Only during Whale Season) 6) History Tours 7) Shark Cages (Scary..) There's a ton more to do in Hawaii..these are only a handful of ones. Hawaii is amazing if you haven't been there before and beautiful. HAVE FUN!!! :)"
your_dear_old_mother :

My husband and I are in the early planning stages for a big milestone wedding anniversary. We initially decided on a cruise to Hawaii. Now he is waffling. He thinks Hawaii will be too "touristy". Well, it probably is, but I'm there for the beautiful scenery. Anyway, he responds best to visual simulation, so is there a movie (drama or comedy) that is filmed in Hawaii that casts it in a very beautiful light. I need to make my husband want to go to Hawaii again. Thank you in advance.

Brandi S :
"50 first dates with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore was filmed there. Cute romantic comedy, and some beautiful beach scenes, if I remember correctly."
wiron m :
"The big island of Hawaii is less tourity than the rest of the islands my wife is from there and i suggest going on line they have visuals for all the islands i always get my rest and fun in the islands"
mclewis_13 :
"http://americanfilmactor.com/filmedinhawaii.html This website lists ALL movies filmed in Hawaii. Jurrassic Park was on of my favorites that show the raw beauty of Hawaii."
Anita M :
"most definetly go for your anniversary. We went on our 25th and my husband surprized me renewing our vows. he set up an appointment with a priest at a catholic church and brought me there. Didn't know about it until we got there and the priest was waiting for us. We spent three weeks and visited 6 islands. Maui was my favorite island. I seriously cannot think of anywhere else to go that is so romantic."
TN2Vegas :
"Go to the north shore in Oahu and stay at the Turtle Bay Resort. My husband and I stayed on Waikiki Beach for a week and he was ready to go home, we moved over to north shore and loved it!! Very quiet and peaceful....not a lot of tourist."
Usaneko :
"I highly suggest coming to Kauai. I worked as a bartender at the airport in Lihue, and a good 95% of the people told me "This is what I thought Hawaii would be like." It has law that states quite literally that 'no building is to be higher off the ground than a coconut tree,' or about 3 stories, and it's true, you will never see a building higher off the ground here. There are a ton of movies that were filmed on Kauai, Jurassic Park, 6 Days 7 Nights, South Pacific, Donovan's Reef is a great example, it was filmed entirely here. Here are a couple more pics to help your husband see the untouched beauty of Kauai: I couldn't post them all, but type the following key words into yahoo search and show him what comes up: Kauai, Kapaa, Lihue, Hanalei, and Wailua. The first will show you mostly the beauty of the island, and the rest will show you what to expect day to day driving around. I hope this helped, Happy Anniversery!"
kittykitty :

I want to go on a honeymoon in hawaii but I really dont know anything about hawaii, where should I get a hotel?

Killah :
"I say maui is the best island"
kentata :
"And I say Oahu ... or Kauai. I live here."
Kathy H :
"In my own opinion Maui has the most things to do, but Kuaui is the prettiest. Shop around and you can get a good deal on your hotel room. A good source to comparison shop for a hotel if you haven't already tried is Congratulations!"


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They were said to have spent the weekend together at the Kapalua Resort in Hawaii.However, after the final round at the Mercedes-Benz Championships, Scott took some time to crush the rumors.He said, "I'm not here with her but I know Kate."Uh huh!Scott added, "We met here (for the first time). We have a mutual friend so we met through him."

Date: 2009-01-12 22:10:45

When I decided to visit Hawaii I was thinking about visiting a local theatre. I didn’t know what theatre or what show I was going to see, but I had a strong feeling that I would do it.

Date: 2009-01-12 22:10:45

Latest real estate and development news for Kauai, Hawaii.

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Ten players to watch at this week's PGA Tour stop, the Sony Open in Hawaii. For fantasy golf players and other golf fans...

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