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Ran Mouri :

do u think that hamilton will be world champ 2007???

Shinichi Kudo :
"yep... of coz. look at him always cool in grand prix... until alonso get jealous on him..he..he...he...."
Fusion :
"I don't think he will win because there are a few decent drivers around him. But i think he could definatly get 2nd or 3rd."
ksh_great :
"Why not? He has got tremendous potential and has not yet missed the podium."
"hy hw r u hamiton asl plz"
dick :
"He should win but the team will not let him,they will tell him to let Alonso do it Maybe next season Unfair but true"
renoir :
"There is something really irritating about the whole Louis Hamilton phenomena. The English media are so desperate to have an English sporting hero that it literally goes into overkill mode at the sniff of one. Poor Jensen Button must feel so unwanted. For years he has struggled manfully with third rate cars trying for a podium or even a few points and along comes young louis handed the keys to a car which is by far the quickest thing in F1 - it practically drives itself and I mean him no disrespect it ain't like he walked in off the street, he has been testing with McClaren in fact there are several young drivers in F1 who would do just as good a job (Even Jensen) I suppose it will generate some interest and sell newspapers and generate more cash for a sport which costs millions to run every event, but to answer the question even though I think that the interest in him is way over the top and I do think that he is a great driver I don't think he will win the title unless McClaren tell Alonso to ride shotgun and the car doesn't break down which will be a miracle given their track record over the last 4 or 5 years."
Meta Lie :
"probably because he's a great performer in this season"
Portia :
"Yes! I placed a bet before this season had even started!"
Richard C :
"It's looking good, but he takes risks and could have a prang, which would slow him down. Came poll again yesterday, I see."
Ricky :
"Renoir - you talk pap. Hamilton is a rookie and leading the championship - he is phenominal....the car doesnt drive itself. What did Montoya ever do in the McClaren? Nothing. Alonso is the world champ, in the same car and been made to look second rate. Get a grip sunshine."
Booboo :
"He could be but i thing is for sure hes not going to fade away like Jenson Button."
mick shaw :
"I hope so. Its tough to say yes for definite. Alonso and Hamilton will be the top 2 for the title. If Hamilton keeps his cool and doesn't let this great start go to his head and the cars stays reliable he has a better chance than Alonso."
rosbif :
"I think he CAN be champion, but I don't think he will be. Once Alonso gets his emotions under control he'll start using his extra experience and we will see if Hamilton gets rattled or not."
trashcan1620 :
"not sure but he's got potential to be. Cause there is alonso and massa behind him and there are still many races left"
Rupert N :
"He has a good chance, his approach is good, he has a good car and team behind him so he does have a good chance of winning the championship"
Ben :
"I am already sick and g.d. tired of people yapping about Lewis Hamilton. He's good, but geez, get it over it already."
Gerund_carina! :

y is that guy soo stupid?!?!?!?!?! he is in McLaren and he got to know that he may not be that good if he was in other team..... he is going to be like kimi....just cold stone!

trendkill_17 :
"I personally think KIMI isnt that good and it shows this when he went to ferrari, but Hamilton might be the real deal the driver and the team must be good for sucess to happen. Im not a Mercedes-McLaren fan but that kid is on a tear right now!!!!!!!!!"
trinisoccer :
"Hamilton is the man right now. I believe if it wasn't for team orders Alonso would be eecking.."
dj don :
"99% i agree with u"
Nani_F1 :
"he is self-confident too much. when he crashes,he will be normal again (I hope so)"
Three Putt :
"Let's see him in an inferior car. Let's see him crash heavily. Let's see the British press stop fawning him. He has been spoiled IMO. He was signed up by Mclaren at a young age and he has not toiled at a lower team for his drive. Even great drivers prove themselves in inferior cars first."
Blue Angel :
"Okay, it is confusing: is he really that amazingly spectacularly good or is it mainly because he's got an amazingly spectacularly good car? But then again, every driver needs a good car. There's no point having a good driver in a bad car. It's also pointless if you've got a bad driver in a good car. So, it may be that he's REALLY good or the car that is REALLY good. But either way you look at it, it can't be totally the car that made him perform so well and it also can't be him totally that made him have good (great, whatever) race finishes. Everyone's got an opinion."
heart :

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Philip W :
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Date: 2008-02-05 02:00:14

Many Americans are content with the 9/11 Commission Report, but the two chairmen of the commission, Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton are not. Neither was commission member Max Cleland, a US Senator who resigned from the 9/11 Commission, telling the Boston Globe (November 13, 2003): "This investigation is now compromised."

Date: 2008-02-05 02:00:14

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Date: 2008-02-05 02:00:14

An administrator of a Hamilton retirement residence has been charged with stealing from an elderly woman’s bank account.Police are refusing to release much information, but say the 58-year-old woman was arrested Feb. 1 and charged with fraud over $5,000.

Dean Jakson
Date: 2008-02-05 02:00:14

Could this be the end of the Spanish Grand Prix?

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