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See also: list of settlements in the Chalkidiki prefecture Notable ChalkidikiansPaeonius of Mende (late 5th c. BC) sculptorPhilippus of Mende, student of Plato, astronomerNicomachus, Aristotle's fatherAristobulus of Cassandreia (375 - 301 BC), historian, architectAristotle (384 BC in Stageira-322 BC), philosopherCallisthenes (360-328 BC), historianCrates of Olynthus, Alexander's hydraulic engineerAndronicus the Olynthian (c.370 BC) Phrourarchus of Tyre,appointed by AntigonusBubalus of Cassandreia 304 BC keles(horse) flat race LykaiaPoseidippus of Cassandreia 3th c.BC comic poetErginus (son of

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Darkninjas :

I am thinking going to Halkidiki, for a holiday this year. is Halkidiki a nice place to go or not ?

Funky munky :
"I've never been but would love the opportunity to go. The passports are too bleeding expensive."
Kes51 :
"A friend of mine has been a few times and speaks very highly of it."
Physics-Student :
"No. The nicest place is somewhere in the UK. The whether is hot and you don't get kidnapped and there is no guilty conscious of global warming!"
maj-len :
"I recommend all the places in Greece, its beautiful islands, Athens (although it´s very hot there in the summer) and all other parts of Greece, except for the island Rhodes, it has too many tourists and the natives there do not have the same interest to serve tourists as they had before, although Rhodes is a beautiful place. Greece has so many historical sites that the country is absolutely worth a visit. If you go to Piraeus, the harbour near Athens, you can take any boat and come to such beautiful islands you just haven´t seen before. The Greeks are friendly, but they are quite cunning (because of their ancient history,I believe). I don´t know Halkidiki, but I´m quite sure it´s quite memorable."
crouchey :
"Just went there last week, yes beautiful place, ouranopilis and a boat trip out to see the monastries well worth the trip, clear waters clean beaches, then drive up to kavala and catch the ferry over to the island of Thasos and drive right around the island, check out cheers bar at town of Thasos for a very good english breakfast. Halkidiki has heaps of interesting towns and bays and reasonably cheap and uncrowded, and now the weather is beautiful and warm, not too hot :-)"
ovcichka :
"yup. it's nice"
caramel :
"Ye,YES you should go .I love that place,it has fantastic beaches and the sea is so beautiful =))"
NYCgirl79 :

We are going in July to Hanioti... Just wondering if anyone has been and what it really is like... I have looked at TripAdvisor already just trying to get as much info as possible... Thanks...

"Yes, went tp pefkohori, was some time ago but was really good. Hired motrbike for duration and toured the island, lots to see and do and would like to go back sometime. EDIT: By the thumbs down i presume i have some 10yo following my answers and being a bit of a pric k"
FredaG :
"Yes - loved it. I also look at Trip Advisor as they are usually good in giving a cross section of opinion."
Mary C :
sandrina :

Had any stayed at this hotel? Please give any details

xx_dragonz_xx :
"i dont know that hotel...but halkidiki is amazing place 4 vacations!!!"
Paraxenh_Giorth :
"It looks to me like a very good hotel... The location is wonderful so I am sure you will have a great time :)"
johnny cee :
"Halkidiki, wow, I envy you. You're going to have a very pleasant time. I Corinthians 13;8a, Love never fails!!!!!"


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Date: 2008-02-05 01:59:52

Halkidiki ( Chalkidiki ) is one of the most beautiful regions to be found in Northern Greece. To the East of Thessalonica in Northern Greece lies Halkidiki, recognizable for its 3 peninsulas jutting out to sea.Inhabited approximately 700,000 years ago, as revealed by the fundings from the prehistoric area of Petralona.

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