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This is a list of some of the 1400 islands of Greece, of which 227 are inhabited (or maybe just 169 as quoted by the Greek Ministry of Press and Mass Media from a 1999 survey quoted in 'About Greece'). Only 78 islands have more than 100 inhabitants. The Dodecanese islands Aegean islands Islands of the central Aegean seaSamosFournoi KorseonThymainaIkariaChiosOinoussesPsaraAntipsaraLesbosSaint Eustratius (Island)Lemnos Islands in the Thracian SeaSamothrakiThasos The Cyclades Crete and surrounding islandsChrysiCreteDiaGavdosGavdopoulaPaximadhia MesarasAgioi Theodoroi ChanionTheodoropoulaAgria Gr

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janey :

Me and my husband have just been to paleo in corfu and loved it, we are planning to go away to another greek island next year but are unsure which island to visit next, we like peace and quiet and panoramic views. Any suggestions?????

Carole B :
"Skiathos is a beautiful place to vist ,skiathos town is ideal for eating out and shopping if thats what you like to do, but theres lovely resorts just outside the town ,which would suit you, and the views are breathtaking."
Katerina P :
"I suggest you should visit one of the other Ionian sea islands, such as Lefkada, Ithaki, Kefalonia and Zakinthos. They are quiet, with great food and beautiful turquoise breathtaking beaches. You could see some pictures in Google earth. Hope you'll love them."
Stephen :
"Kefalonea, we went to the small fishing village of Katelios for a week, visited Skala for a more lively evening out. The Island is picturesque and unspoilt by commercialism with plenty of space, ideal for a quite and peaceful Holiday."
Phil R :
"Don't just limit yourself to the islands, the mainland might provide you with what you're looking for. For a quieter resort, i'd suggest something in the Peloponnese. I've visited Stoupa in the past which is a pretty village and the resorts either side, Agious Nikolaos and Kardimili. The other advantage is the scope for trips to places like Olympia, Mistras, Diros Caves and Monemvasia."
stpredator :
"If you want peace and quiet I would definitely not recommend Skiathos. It is very beautiful but also very touristy and crowded. My husband and I went to Kefalonia last year and I would highly recommend it - it is stunning and has experienced a lot less development. The most developed resort is Lassi which is close to the capital, Argistoli, and the airport. Kefalonia is home to what I believe is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world - Myrtos ( and is so easy to get around. There are many traditional Greek villages to visit, lots of historical sights and panoramic views. If you hire a car make sure you visit Fiscardo and Assos as they are both stunning."
anwen55 :
"Skiathos is very commercialised these days - try Thassos, it's wonderful. Or one of the other Ionian Islands"
jinty0123 :
"try tingaki in kos or argassi in zante . both are what u are looking for . hope u get something"
evzenit :
"I agree with anwen55. Zakynthos and Thassos are both great in a different way. Zakynthos has the blue caves, the shipwreck beach and many different beaches with chrystal waters (others sandy, others rocky), while Thassos is very green, wonderful beaches and really good fish. If you need information for Zakynthos, contact me. My origin is from there. I would also advise you not to visit the very touristic places. They are overrated, while in Greece we have unexplored places, not touristic, virgin, which are splendid."
Elena :
"My husband and I got back from a trip to Greece this April and we thoroughly enjoyed the islands of Patmos and Rhodes. I would highly suggest you go to those - Patmos is beautiful, a very seaside villa with amazing coffeehouses and picturesque views. You can tour the caves of St. John, which are now still active with masses. In Rhodes, the shopping is like something out of a Renassiance Festival - amazing and fun. Great times!!"
Maria Gracia :
"Oh I think you should definitely go to Santorini. It is lovely and really romantic. Amazing beaches, beautiful sunsets - you'll love it! Check out these sites: "
ms_spunk :
"Try Symi in the Dodecanese. If you fly into Rhodes, you can catch a 45 minute hydrofoil to Symi. My first impression when I saw the habour for the first time was like Moby's song Porcelain was playing through my head. The song from the movie the Beach. It has beautfiul panoramic views and the facades have a very Venetian influence unlike the classic blue and white of other islands. Check out And if you need more are so close to Rhodes and the medival old town they have there!"
Bella :
"How about Mykonos? It's a beautiful island, there are a lot of nice shops and it's a fun place in the evening when the parties get started. Santorini is highly overrated - yes, you take a cable car up the side of the cliffs to get to the actual town -- but after that it's quite boring."
chris k :
"santorini of course. you can go also to the nearby island "anafi""
dick19532003 :
"only one answer and thats Kefalonia ,nothing else needs be said .trust me you will not be dissapointed ."
lexi-lou :

Which greek island would be the hottest in may??

trynhelp :
"if you go to cyprus around that time it should be comfortable temp if that is what your asking for,also the cypriots are very friendly,if you have never been before then contact me via e/mail and i`ll try to give you some places to visit,that is if you lioke visiting ruins and such"
Shay p :
"The end of April and into May is normally a good time to be in Greece...especially on the Island of Santorini. Found it to be idyllic! Stayed in Ia (eea) and rented a convertable to see the rest of the island. The weather was very pleasant, warm to hot during the day and cool at night. The crowds were non-existent and the residents were fresh from preparing for the "season" and had not yet endured the throngs of tourists. Everything was open for business. It, so far, was the most beautiful of the Greek Islands I've been to. I'm leaving shortly for my 3rd trip to them but will be seeing the Ionians for the first time. By all means watch the sunset from the ruins on the northwest tip of the town of Ia. It is spectacular! The little harbour of Amoudi is at the foot of the cliffs of Ia and is a great spot to have lunch, very charming. Fira can be very busy but has a lot to see with excellent views of the caldera. Take a trip to the southern end of the island and see the black sand beaches of Perivolos and the lighthouse at the Southwest end of the Island. It is a fantastic mix of settings and the beaches are nice (bring shoes for the black beaches, the sand is HOT even at that time of year."
asimenia :
"Crete - it's the farthest south"
johnny cee :
"Cyprus, Hot and Humid. I Cr 13;8a"
emiliosailez :
"In May Santorini is a must. Unique and different from any other place on earth. But not in August. It is like being in a congested bus at rush hour."
cianmarc :

Has anyone ever been to the island of Thassos? I am looking for first hand reviews of the island, what is there to do food and drink etc.

Pretty Helen :
"never heard of it, but greece is always lovely! i love zante the most..."
joanna b :
"Ive not been to Thassos but been to a lot of the Greek Islands and they are truly wondeful relaxed and simple there are many tavernas that serve all kinds of wonderful food stews feta salads hot bread wonderful wines you will love it type in thassos to your search engine and lots more will come up!!!!You havent been to the Greek Islands your in for a treat.... Have a ball!!!!!"
topolina88 :
"I was there and it's a very beautiful island. Another beautiful island is Lesvos!!!"
sofiagk :
"Thassos is increasingly popular. Even the Greeks had not discovered it for some time but this last summer the island very nearly went underwater - a lot of people went. Take care because one side of the island is magical and the other is simply burned. You want to book the good side. Avoid Limenas (or Thassos or Chora - they all are the same town) because it is too touristy. It is better to go to Limenaria. The food is lovely and there is always fresh fish. Nevertheless it won't hurt to ask if it really is fresh. There is not much to do in terms of nightlife but people usually go to Thassos to relax. There are some bars though and the good thing is that there are no hustlers outside (yet). Have a great time."
ngiapapa :
"Thassos is a vacations island with spectacular views of sunrise and sunset. It used to be all covered with beautiful secular pines but a big fire destroyed most of it. However it still is very nice; lovely tavernas on the beach, variety of food, fresh fish, shells and lobster every day, good meats, good wine. Decent night life until dawn. Good choice! p.s. How did you find out about Thassos? I thought only Greeks knew about it!..."


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Date: 2008-02-05 01:56:26

Santorini is the name of a Greek island formed by the force of an enormous volcano which erupted so fiercely that its top collapsed and an 8km (5mi) wide bay was formed from it’s sunken crater.

Date: 2008-02-05 01:56:26

The European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre gave an earthquake reading of 4.2 in the Richter scale and a location/epicenter of SouthEast of the island of Aigina, few kilometers from Athens.

Date: 2008-02-05 01:56:26

Pythagoras, Aesop, Aristarchus. What do these people have in common? The island of Samos a Greek island in the North Aegean sea, south of Chios, north of Patmos and the Dodecanese, & off the coast of the Ionian coast of Turkey. If your definition of vacation is swimming, exploring nature, wind surfing, fishing, hiking, trekking.Then Samos is it.

Date: 2008-02-05 01:56:26

The pythagorean theorem is an essential part of our mathematic understanding. Pythagoras, the 'inventor' of this surly memorable theorem, lived on the Greek Island of Samos in the Eastern Aegean Sea for most of his life. He is well known to all of us iup to tosay as 'Pythagoras of Samos'. Read more about this great philosopher and mathematician.

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