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MeasurementsPapyrus documents and existing cubit measuring rods give us the units of measure used to specify the plan of the pyramid and so it is thought that, at construction, the Great Pyramid was 280 Egyptian royal cubits tall (146.6 meters or 480.9 feet), but with erosion and the theft of its topmost stone (the pyramidion) its current height is 138.8 m. Each base side was 440 royal cubits, with each royal cubit measuring 0.524 m (20.6 inches). Thus, the base was originally almost 231 m on a side and covered approximately 53,000 square metres (13 acres) with a slope angle of 51°

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Joe J :

and other fascinating sites...have we lost knowledge? the modern world likes to add more strength and horsepower to build with. did the ancients try to use more finesse?

theanimegenius :
"ancient people long ago was not modernalized correct? they made piramides, great wall of china, the colosus tower, the garden of babylon etc. with their own strenght with no horse power no machinery pure work .. you kwn y? anceint people long tym ago almost all were workers. specialy on the egyptian race where they have so many slaves to make piramides and statues. now adays people are so modernalized they tend to make work easier,. but then again i can say people frm ancient period wer so amazing."
Shane :
"If your read the bible, preferably exodus read a few of the mid chpters of the book you should get quite a bit of true information, even though there is alot of contreversy about this."
El Jefe :
"It's quite possible that we've lost knowledge of how to do things given specific limitations. For example, how to best build a pyramid without any sort of power equipment. That doesn't mean that we couldn't build a pyramid by hand, just that we might not do it as efficiently as the ancient Egyptians, who had years of experience with such things. More importantly, why would we want to do this? If you were a contractor faced with the problem of erecting a pyramid, you'd be calling crane companies this afternoon, and likely would have the thing built in a fraction of the time that the ancients could. The ancients worked within their limitations, and likely understood those limitations and how to compensate for them better than we do. That doesn't mean that the way we do things today is inferior, quite the opposite in fact."
jenny :
"Most assuredly the ancients did amazing things without the equipment of now time, Extremely amazing to say the least. But as it was mentioned on here the labor was done by slaves, and with out care many died in the process of each and every construction."
Justin Park :

A man visits the Great Pyramids of Egypt in 1999. He is so impressed that he takes his son to visit it in 1975. How is this possible?

premedhopeful :
"family tradition?"
Dana :
Musicman :
"He took his son in 75 and returned in 99?"
curious : o) :
"1999 BC and 1975 BC ??"
bj :
"1999 and 1975 are the flight numbers?"
gregs111 :
"he returned with his son in 1975 then returned again in 1999"
Zen Azura :
"the years are Before Christ... heard this one before... made my head ache..."
THE Tsax07 :
"1999BC and 1975BC"
jay_sandesh :
"It can be flight numbers or car makes..."
♥♥♥F♥♥♥ :
"1999 BC and 1975 BC"
the chosen one :

Could the Sphinx and The Great Pyramids have ended up at the bottom of the ocean after Noah's flood and the people who constructed them drowned? Would the flood explain how the Sphinx ended up buried up to it's neck in sand and the disappearance of the civilization that built and maintained them. Also wouldn't the new theory that the erosion on the Sphinx was caused by massive amounts of water and not wind support the fact that the flood actually happened with no survivers to record it?

Terry :
"Quit reading the Bible and read some factual Archeology books. Next, are you going to say that David knocked the sphinx's nose off, not French artillery. The Bible is one of the worst of the myth books because the others try to start at some given truth."
constellation :
"Dude, the flood happened way before the Sphinx. Most of the flood stories happened about a thousand years before the pyramids. Think of it like this: Flood-Genesis, Sphinx-Exodus. Different time periods."
Gilgamesh_Guy @(^_^)@ :
"that was really confusing"
J V :
"Do you get really "interesting" marks for geology and science and geography? Go and get a map. How far away is the Mediterranean sea from Gaza?"


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Date: 2008-03-25 03:18:10

Your quest for addictive, mesmerizing, block-matching fun will take you on a journey from the Great Pyramid of Giza to the far-off lands of ancient Greece. Work quickly to match same-colored runes and you'll pass to the next level, but slow down and your travels are over before they've even begun.

Date: 2008-03-25 03:18:10

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The Great Pyramids, The Statue of Liberty, Stonehenge. These are symbols forever stopped in time to remind us of where we've been. For Dodgers fans, Vero Beach, Fla., isn't just a place. It's an idea — a symbol of the hope and promise that blooms anew every year at spring training. Sadly, today is the final game in Dodgertown.

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