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lola :

Want to see Grand Canyon out of Las Vegas. Is there anywhere else besides paying $50 on the West Rim, or driving 5 hours to the North or South Rims. There are 6 of us, helicopter is out of the question - short on money and on time, but want to say been there, done that. The Grand Canyon is big- can't you see it from the highway or something?

Kathryn D :
"The only highway near the Grand Canyon is the one leading to it. There are no bridges across it, so no major highway near it. If you want to see it fast, helicopter is the ONLY way. If you want to see it cheap, drive. Leave early in the morning and you make it back to Las Vegas in time to party."
mr danger :
"Let me clear up some misconceptions: 1) There no such actual place as the West Rim of the Grand Canyon it's a marketing name and had you gone there you would have been really disappointed and felt that you had been ripped -off 2) Helo's don't have the range to actually get into the better parts of the Park and what does fly over GCNP is flying in highly restricted airspace 3) The North Rim is closed for the winter so if you had driven up to Jacob Lake you wouldn't have been able to get to the Rim anyway 4)That leaves getting the S.Rim which I feel is worth spending a day doing Party in Vegas until the wee hours and then hit the road make sure that you have designated driver because these roads are big fast and really empty US-93 to kingman -get gas 1..5 hours I-40 EB to exit to exit 165 SR 64 1.5 hrs SR 64 to GCNP 1 hour If did it right you can grab breakfast at the Bright Angel Lodge Personal suggestion: Exit the Park on SR 64 to Desert View then to US 89 at Cameron make a right and then follow it To I-40 WB at Flagstaff get gas in either Cameron or 10 miles south at Grey mountain Dress warm you'll be at 7000'"
Mustafa :
"You can not see the GC from any highway. It's about 1 hour off the exit for Williams, AZ."
Surfing_is_life :

was the grand canyon caused by weathering? For a project I need a picture of weathering and was wondering if the grand canyon would work?

"Yes. You are right for both parts of your querry."
skeptik :
"No! The Grand Canyon was caused primarily by erosion, not weathering. Weathering occurs "in situ" (without motion), not by moving water. There are examples of weathering seen in the canyon, but the canyon itself was not caused by it. If you want to use the Grand Canyon as an example, you have to be very clear what you are pointing out. Specifically, the walls of the canyons have scree slopes at their bases which are caused by water getting into small cracks in the rock, freezing, and forcing off chunks. That is an example of weathering, and will work if you are clear that's what you're pointing out."
cgflann :
"The Grand Canyon was caused mostly by weathering and erosion. In essence, it is a very large gorge. (There is a bit of a difference between weathering and erosion. Weathering is typically caused by factors such as freezing and thawing and the like where as erosion is usually caused by wind, rain, etc. However, the two terms are often used together as they often both work at the same time.) A gorge is defined as a passageway with two high cliffs on either side, typically carved out by a body of water. The Colorado River runs through the canyon and was responsible, over time, for carving out the majority of the canyon."
sascoaz :
"Skeptic is the closest to the truth. While weathering certainly helped, the primary force that created the Grand Canyon itself is the erosion of the Colorado River and that is not what most people would consider weathering. However, an even greater and more unique factor in the formation of the Grand Canyon (which nobody above has mentioned yet) is the geologic uplifting of the Colorado Plateau which greatly increased the river's rate of erosion and allowed it to cut deeper and faster than most other rivers do. Without the uplifting, the Grand Canyon would not be what it is today and that uplifting is definitely not a force of weather. It is true that many characteristics of the canyon walls ARE largely the result of weathering (rain, ice and wind). Places where the canyon walls vary between straight cliffs (like the Redwall Limestone) or more gentle slopes (like the Bright Angel Shale) are mainly the result of how the rock layer resists weathering. So you can definitely talk about weathering in terms of how it shapes the walls of the canyon, but you need to be careful not to give it as a primary factor in the creation of the main canyon itself. Here are a couple of other major land features in the western US that you might want to consider as they are more closely linked to weather specifically: Bryce Canyon National Park (Utah) - The famous colorful spires and slot canyons are mostly due to weathering (ice and wind) and the run-off of rain. Great Sand Dunes National Park (Colorado) - While the sand material itself was formed by an ancient lake, the modern (and ever changing) shape of the dunes themselves are directly driven by wind patterns - a very unique and direct example of weather effects on large landforms."
Terry R :

My husband and I will be spending a week in Sedona Arizona and we would like to see the Grand Canyon while there. We are not sure which Rim would be the closest and how to get there. Does anyone have any advice on visiting the Canyon? Thanks to all who answer.

just browsin :
"South Rim is closest. Take a side road and get away from the crowds. Beautiful."
DoH :
"South rim, go north on I think it's called Oak Canyon road to Flagstaff. Take I17 to I40, west on I40 to Williams, AZ - take AZroute 64 to the south rim. It's not that far, maybe an hour or so drive. Oak Canyon road is quite the drive. Go into Williams, it's located on the old Rt66. It's a funky little town that is playing off the Rt66 theme."
mr danger :
"Here's a much better way to do it then the mapquest route Take 89A north and up the switchbacks of Oak Creek Canyon When you reach the top of Oak Creek Canyon the white rock cliff that you will be looking at is same rock that forms the rim of the Canyon Continue north and the first chance to cross over I-17 take ( it goes to the airport) I-17 N go 2 exits I-40 E go 2 exits US 89 N Regardless of what your gas gauge says get gas in either Gray Mountain or Cameron- note if you need a restroom the cleanest ones are at the Cameron Trading Post 200 yds North of the US-89 /Sr 64 jct .They also have great collection of Pendelton blankets for sale but you can buy Native -American stuff much cheaper elsewhere. Make a left on Sr 64. Exactly six miles later is a scenic overlook for the little colorado river and in the parking area is a selling area for Native American crafts.All prices are negotiable and politeness goes a long long way "Ya -ah -teh" means hello in Navajo Enter the Park at the Desert View Entrance Station -this is actually the best place to see the Canyon for the first time .The River is clearly visible and between Desert View and Grandview Point almost all the geological formations of the Canyon are present Take SR 64 over to a T intersection -stopping at everything that says "Point " At the T make a right and that will take you over to The NPS Visitors Center,Grand Canyon Village , the Hotels and in season the crowds, Use the South Entrance staion to exit the Park Make a left onto US 180 at Valle Take that into Flagstaff -If you're not too wiped out The Museum of Northern AZ is worth a visit Right on N Humphreys St Right on Santa Fe Under the trestle It becomes S.Millton Keep left when it splits Take you right into I-17 SB Use the airport exit and then you know where you are Enjoy the trip and explore Flagstaff another day Note : In snow conditions the downhill switchbacks on 89 A will scare the crap out of most people -use I-17 instead"
The Shadow :
"I agree with Mr. Danger. Even if you don't want to make all of the stops that he suggests, it's a good, scenic route. Also, it's not an hour away as Doh suggests. It's more like 2 1/2 hours one-way. I took the route up US-89 to AZ-64 and then drove along the South Rim. It was well worth it. You can then return down the south leg of AZ-64 to Williams if you wish or take US-180 back to Flagstaff."
jhsvolvo :
"South rim is closest...about 2 1/2 hours to get there. Go to Williams Az and take the train to the rim...Grand Canyon trip up per day/one trip back.....sit on the upper level of the observation car [vista dome?] it's worth the extra can see above the tree line...see the elk,etc running loose....if you can afford it, stay at The Enchantment Resort in Sedona...big coin, but worth every penny"


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Helicopters tours of the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and Hoover Dam.

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Photographing the Grand Canyon.

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A California investor behind the purchase of Grand Canyon University has his eyes on Rio Salado College, one of the nation's largest online community colleges and part of Maricopa Community Colleges.

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