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x_catherine_t_x :

is gran canaria sutable for a family of 5 kids ages 7--14 is there family enterment avabile on at night is there a good water park can you recomend a day out

Soledad :
"absolutely! I've been there this year, and it's wonderful. I noticed a lot of families with kids, at the beach and everywhere. You have Palmito's Park, and I'm sure kids will love it"
charmed_nessa :
"Well, I live there and yes, there is a lot to do for a family, you can go to Faro de Maspalomas, it is a very beautiful place, and there are a lot of restaurants and shops, and the beach is wonderfull. You can go to Vecindario (Santa Lucia) to the shoping centre Atlantico, it is very nice, it has got a lot of restaurants, a mc donalds, and a park for the kids, a cinema, a big supermarket... A nice water park is Aqua Land, but you have to be carefull cause it is big, but it has got a part for small kids, very nice, and the rest is for everyone. You can go to Anfi del Mar, it is a very beautiful beach. Or if you are more the city man, you can go to Las Palmas, the city of gran canaria, it is on the north east of the island, but there is a lot to see too. Where.... now I don't know more, cause I'm only a teenage but... maybe you can look on the internet and get more infos of the places I told you. Adios (bye) have funnnnn"
Pitusi :
"Well, I'm sorry to say that Palmitos Park is closed due to the fire last July. Some sites with all the info you need:"
conrade :
"Gran Canaria is a beautiful place and definitely suitable for kids. Excellent safe beaches and plenty to see inland if you fancy an excursion, including volcanic lanscapes and the impressive Mount Bandama. The following link goes to my virtual tours of this and various other highlights of the island: If you go there, I hope you have a lovely time."
mia170107 :

Hi i'm going to maspaomas , gran canaria next week and was just wonering if anyone has any tips or advise about where to go, what to do and what its like. Also how much are the cigarettes , in particular Lambert and butler and do they have lots of fake designer stuff and it this also very cheap.

Shaggy :
"I understand you are all excited but slow down (spell check) ask so many questions in one, you are going to Maspalomas ...i have been and it's OK, BUT ,you go and enjoy and find out for yourself that's what holidays are for ..not for us to spoil the fun of it."
Hollie M :
"Went last year! It's lovely. Go on a boat trip to La Mogan a lovely little village good for the morning or afternoon! Try a dolphin boat trip about 2 hours and we saw some dolphins & a whale! It was fab! Beaches, the maspaomas sand dunes! Maybe ride a camel! Water parks, there is a zoo which is fab i can't remember the name but it's the only one on the island it has wild birds, fish, butterflies, Komodo Dragon, Monkeys, Wallabies, Emu's Parrot Shows & More it is brill! If you go to a shop where they sell tickets you can pick up alot of brochers to see what is on. These shops are every where! You could also do a trip to Tenerife or Lanzarote. Have a good time it is a great place! Cigarettes are cheap! I can't say a price as i can't remember but they are much cheaper than here! Yes there is alot of fake designer stuff some people sit on the street with them others are in shops. I brought a football shirt for a friend it was fake but looks real for 5 pounds it's still in great condition!"
x Fleur x :
"What the person about said with the long comment! =] It's brill, you'll love it! x"
shane_freeman164 :
"hi there i have some frends that work there its ok there the best beach is where you are going to its not cheap the last time i went to the yumbo centre drinking it was 4.00pound for a beer large its like every where eles the see us comeing you will have a good time if you are looking for a nights out try the yumbo shopping centre down the road from you or the irish centre be carefull if one goese clubbing its exp not cheap am sure you will be ok there all the beaches in lpa are good try the dunes in mas at sun set around 6pm its great seeing the sun set have fun"
smexi_tewie :

was just wondering what the weather is like in gran canaria in April? will i come back with a tan?

Tomas K :
"Gran Canaria in April averages ~ 22.5 °C 7-9 hours of sunshine can be expected on average each day. Tomas"
Selena :
"Of course you can. Just lay next to the pool for at least 4 hours per day in the sun and put on some coconut oil with no protection and I guarantee you that you will go back with a tan!"


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Date: 2008-02-05 01:53:33

The Canary Islands are actually a group of islands splashed off the coast of the Horn of Africa. Two of the archipelago’s biggest islands are Tenerife and Las Palmas Gran Canaria. Although the latter is the capital of the archipelago, the former is more hip and brings forth lots of tourists from Britain and northern Europe.
Date: 2008-02-05 01:53:33

La VI San Silvestre Benéfica 2007 a favor de la obra social de San Juan de Dios, es digno de resaltar. Con un gran despliegue humano por parte de la organización del Club Trican- Real Club Victoria, bajo la atónita mirada de todos los que allí se encontraban, alrededor de 60 niños y más de 700 adultos, demostraron la solidaridad...

Date: 2008-02-05 01:53:33

The Alfredo Kraus Auditorium in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria will host the first of the 65 concerts on January 10, 2008. The first concert of the festival will consist of Beethoven's Concert No. 3 for piano and orchestra, directed by Pedro Halffter and performed by the Gran Canaria Philharmonic Orchestra.

Date: 2008-02-05 01:53:33

The Emerald, a 41 foot Beneteau 411 Class yacht equipped with a Voller Energy fuel cell, has completed its 2,700 nautical mile trip from Gran Canaria to St Lucia, it has been revealed. Strong winds hampered the yacht's progress, but the Emerald crew still managed to secure 11th place in Cruising Class G after completing the journey in 20 days

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