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jacko11111808 :

Shopping in Gozo, Malta, is it good? What sort of shops are there?

whoami :
"being from the islands i think its great you can get really good bargains and you can get ripped off we have designer and cheap whatever you want just be careful to look around really well first and we also have great markets where you can anything from fish to underwear i think its incredible"
Thomas A :

gozo is an island just 2 miles away from malta in the mediterranean seas. the capital cities name is "Rabat".

cloothe :
"The capital is Valletta."
rossonero_2006 :
"Looks like you already had your answer... I spent one afternoon in Gozo while visiting my parents in Malta. It was probably the best Christmas of my adult life. I never would have thought to go there on my own, but I'm glad I "discovered" it, and would love to go back!"
Andrew :
"The Capital city of Gozo is Victoria but it is also known as Rabat. Victoria lies precisely in the center of the island and is the most populated town. Rabat means suburb as it developed as the suburb of the Citadel. The name Victoria was given in 1887 to the medvial town of Gozo. That year it was also rised to the status of a city. In this city one can find the Citadel the old town of Gozo. In the Citadel one can find the Gozo Cathedral and Museums. In the center of Victoria one can find The Basilica of St George Martyr. In Victoria one can find the administration offices of the island of Gozo. Since Victoria is the biggest town in Gozo and lies in the center of the island one can find many shops . Its main square is Pjazza Indipendenza, popularly known as it-Tokk this square is the meeting place where the people of Gozo meet. Valletta is the capital city of Malta."
mjaw :
"Hi! the capital city of Gozo is referred to as Rabat by the Maltese-Gozitans (Gozitans are Maltese as well :P) but the offical name of the capital city is Victoria, this being the name given to it by the english during their 200-year occupation of the Maltese islands. Victoria's older district, a Medieval-early renaissance fortified castello, where the island's governing bodies are, is called Citadella"
miriam m :

cannot buy any tins of coke-a-cola in gozo/malta

3g :
"cos we're so much advanced we don't wanna create any more trash to fill the mghatab site"


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Date: 2008-02-05 01:53:09

Gozo earned the accolade as the most beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea in part because it was home to the sea nymph, Goddess Calypso, who took Ulysses off course for seven enchanted years. Because of this rich and mythical past, Gozo takes great pleasure in holding the Festival Mediterranea commemorating Goddess Calypso and Ulysses.

Date: 2008-02-05 01:53:09

At different places over Malta and Gozo and in the surrounding waters are found some man-made features which have been given the name ‘cart ruts’, largely because the first visitors to discover them believed they had been worn by a cart. Their most famous site is at Clapham Junction, named after Britain’s busiest railway intersection.

Date: 2008-02-05 01:53:09

Ser pastor, dirigir, gobernar es ir en la vida por delante de los demás, con obras y palabras, vivir para el otro y no a costa del otro, firmar un compromiso de permanencia sin límite junto al pueblo, entablar una relación personal con él, conocer su nombre y su vida, compartir gozos y esperanzas, tristezas y angustias.

Date: 2008-02-05 01:53:09

La Revista Reformed Perspectives lanzó esta semana un excelente artículo acerca del gozo del crisitano en el adecuado conocimiento de la doctrina de la justificacíon. Errol Hulse, en su artículo, “Joy Because of Justification” analiza porque el cristiano debe alegrarse en este conocimiento.

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