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In the 1980s, the U.S. Geological Survey began a more systematic study of the remaining glaciers, which continues to the present day. By 2005, only 27 glaciers remained, and scientists generally agree that if the current global warming continues, all the glaciers in the park will be gone by 2030. This glacier retreat follows a worldwide pattern that has accelerated even more since 1980. The extensive glacier retreat that has been observed in Glacier National Park, as well as in other regions worldwide, is a key indicator of climatic changes on a worldwide scale. Without a major climatic chang

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babyger71 :

I am going to Glacier National Park at the very end of June through the first week in July. We need to get a lodge and a campsite. Do you have any suggestions of any that are close, and which ones are the best? My friend needs a lodge for her dog and my other friend wants to camp so we need both. Also any "need to see" sites or trails that you can suggest. Any information will be helpful as none of us has been there before. I am a little leary about the Bears. LOL

Hippie :
"I went there several years ago and went white water rafting. I stayed in a chalet but I can't remember what it was called. They did the rafting so you can probably search for it online. It was nice with a couple bedrooms and a balcony. There was the most beautiful rainbow that I ever seen while I was there. I did not see as much wildlife like bears. A lot of fish and birds, etc. The whole place is beautiful anywhere you go. It is really close to Canada so you can go up there too if you want."
Little J :
"Do you want to stay in the Glacier National Park or outside of it ... Closest town is Columbia Falls, Whitefish, Kalispell, St. Mary (East Glacier) ... Often when I go to any National Parks I stay at KOA Campground ... check it out at but you metioned you need a cabin that allows dogs ... try researching online to find one ... I have not been to Glacier, but my daughter says its cold up there in August when she went with her cousins and aunt. They rented a boat and went boating around the lake ... Says its so much fun! Also try ... that website could give you hints on where to go sightsee and go hiking ... Good Luck!"
quietgiant :
"Jenny Lake Lodge is very nice and there are dozens of campsites so you can take your pick,as long as you stay on the marked trails and camp at designated campsites the bears will not be an issue, ST Marys lake is beautiful and drive the going to the sun highway the scenery is spetacular, if you want to spend some time outside the park go to Flathead Lake."
MeanMommiesClub :

I note that there are two campground at Glacier National Park - Fish Creek and St. Mary. It appears that Fish Creek is on the water. I am looking for the best tent campground and the best site at that campground. I am not really interested in being in a campground with a bunch of Motorhomes. Would prefer a more secluded type of place. Unable to do back country due to the fact that it is going to be just me and my young daughter.

Cbella :
"Fish Creek is a beautiful site!"
Summer hiker :
"Since the only way to get to Glacier Bay National Park is by ferry, there will not be any motor homes (or cars if I remember correctly). I would suggest staying at the Bartlett Cove campground right near the visitors center and the lodge. Not to freak you out, but I personally wouldn't be brave enough to camp there, we saw too many bears when we were there. We stayed in the lodge. It is BEAUTIFUL there, enjoy your visit!"
Brandon M :

I am currently on the way from West Bloomfield, Michigan to Glacier National Park? :
"Probably should stop off to at least Yellowstone"


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Traveling to south america? Don't pass this amazing national park. You can see beautiful mountains, glaciers, lakes and rivers in one area

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Family and group adventure vacations in Montana with Wild River Adventures. Whitewater rafting trips and guided fishing trips. Outdoor adventures in Montana's Glacier National Park.

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There is hardly any place in the world which is as thinly populated as Alaska. Large parts of the country are still dominated by the animal world. This is also true for the huge Katmai National Park in the south of Alaska, where the landscape is marked by glaciers and volcanoes, a part of which are still active.

Date: 2009-01-15 22:39:14

Bohinj is one of the most beautiful places in the heart of the Julian Alps and in the Triglav National Park. The natural beauty of high mountains, green forests, a rather large glacier lake, and the cultural and historical monuments, guarantee visitors a pleasant stay in this valley

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