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chas c :

2 games in a week.too much for the gers,eh.was that because mcculloch and hutton was mirren,gretna,u lot make me laff i wonder what ref called it off

danny m :
"i think you forget why previous weeks games have been called off, show a bit of respect."
♥!JEWLZ!♥ :
"LOL @ shockeroonie"
mr struth :
"conspiracies.referees, paranoia....sound like a good read maybe we should call it the celtic view"
thomas9132 :
"so that is why all the Huns had disappeared for a while helping the groundsmen water the pitch wonder if the done it the same way as they did in Barcelona??"
Hairbear :
"stuart dougal dalled the game aff. bcos the st mirren pitch was water logged. no much we can dae aboot the weather chas. or st mirrens shitey if they had a 5 star wan like ibrox( soon tae become 6 star) then they widnae hiv this bother.. b ut look oan the bright side .wi the game bein aff yez are still only a point behind us. could ave been its a wee result fir yous tae..dont say we arent good tae yez."
"Chas I thought you'd be glad the game was called off as it means we are only 1 point ahead instead of 4."
ctjzippy :

come on the gers for the nite

terry j :
"download sopcast at go to find the game click on sopcast link and watch. (make sure sopcast player is open before you click on the link)"
happy&content :
Zoey :
"Does this relate to rugby?"
breadeboys :

while playing for gers , how many goals exactly did mo johnston score v celtic ?

weeshuggy :
"Not quite sure, but it wasn't enough and the wee man celebrated every one he did knock in with as much joy and enthusiasm as the Rangers supporters!"
L F :
"only one against Celtic...but, Johnston scored 46 goals for Rangers in 100 games in major competitions and helped them to two of their nine consecutive Scottish titles secured in the period 1988-1997"
malks ra tim :
"The guy is a wee f-d,so who cares."
duracell18 :
"I'm certain it's 3."
"who gives a f**k"
Riff-Raff :
"Was it not just the one."
Matty M :
"Don't ever mention that f*ckin turncoat and Celtic in the same sentence again!!!"


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Date: 2008-02-05 01:48:33

Rangers are expected to learn at the start of next week whether FIFA will authorise Daniel Cousin's £3million transfer to Fulham.

Date: 2008-02-05 01:48:33

Barometern är en resblogg som ger dig koll på allt om resor. Oavsett om du planerar en weekendresa i Europa, en charterresa till Sydamerika eller om du ska resa i Sverige kan du få tips inför din resa här.

Date: 2008-02-05 01:48:33

In 1942, in Vilna, the Nazi annihilate 55,000 Jews and squeeze the 15,000 survivors in a seven blocks ghetto. The twenty-two year old sadistic commander Kittel is assigned to administrate the ghetto in the capital of Lithuania, becoming the master of life or death. When he finds the gorgeous Hayyah sneaking with one kilo of beam stolen from the Ger

Date: 2008-02-05 01:48:33

Sportspel i Sverige var under många år liktydigt med att spela på oddset. Om man spelade på deras fasta odds så var man tvungen att spela på minst tre matcher, tripplar, där varje spelobjekt har ett spelavdrag på ca 20 %. Detta ger ett spelavdrag på 49 % om man inte har någon unik information om matcherna.

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