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Genoa (Genova in Italian, Zena in Genoese, Genua in Latin and, archaically, in English) is a city and a seaport in northern Italy, the capital of the Province of Genoa and of the region of Liguria. The city has a population of ca. 620,000 and the urban area has a population of ca. 890,000. Genua was a city of the ancient Ligurians. Its name is probably Ligurian, meaning "knee" (from Ancient Greek gony "knee"), i.e. "angle", from its geographical position, thus akin to the name of Geneva. Or it could derive from the Celtic root genu-, genawa (pl. genowe), meaning "mouth", i.e., estuary, or f

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dreamer26 :

I'm trying to convince my boyfriend that we need two nights in Genoa, and not just one. Can you help me?! (We have a cheap B&B, and free tickets to the acquarium.) What else is there to see/do/eat? :-)

dreamer26 :

i'm going to genoa on monday. i've been told to eat pesto and schiacciata there. anything else? and where can i go to eat these? any recommendations? keep them cheap! thanks, thanks!

eviot44 :
"they make pizza by the pound or kilo bon apetito!!"
Jetgirly :
"I'm going to link to my personal website about Genova, including info about some GREAT restaurants. You really can't go wrong in Genovese restaurants, as they aren't touristy and almost all serve local specialities. The first tip on my website is about Sa Pesta, which is truly a hole in the wall that locals absolutely love. I will say, however, that the Indonesian restaurant we ate at was the highlight of our culinary experience in Genova. If you do get sick of pesto DEFINITELY go there for dinner. It's fabulous. Addresses and reviews below."
xo_stellina :
"genoa is famous for its focaccia which is a type of bread but soft and thin and..much better! then it is famous for its focaccia al formaggio: basically a thin layer of bread with melted stracchino cheese in the middle farinata:chickpea mix baked..which tastes better than it sounds troffie al pesto--basilico sauce pansotti al sugo di noce-- walnut sauce Recco, which is a bit out of genoa is famous for its focacce, but genoa is full of "panetterie" you just go in the bread shop and ask... restaurants are good almost anywhere! BUON APPETITO!"
Melissa :
"First off, I am so Jealous. Mornings...Foccacia and a cappuchico Any seafood are basically on the water the seafood is fresh Liguria is known for their pesto and Minestrone Soups Buon Viaggio"
i_am_a_evil_twin :

my pet genoa salami just had babies.and they don't look like salami's more like pepperoni's i dunno what to do.

cynthetiq :
"you need to get that dang salami spayed! Sounds like she likes to get around the neighborhood a bit!"
SunsetSam :
"Raise them like good little chorizos and I'm sure they'll be fine."
Theresa :
"Sounds like Pizza tonight to me"
barry r :
"put them on a sandwich with cheese and enjoy"


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Date: 2008-02-05 01:47:45

KTM hero and factory rider David Knight showed his true fighting spirit on a very fast Indoor Enduro circuit in Genoa late on Saturday to win the title of the 2007-08 Indoor Enduro World Cup champion.

Date: 2008-02-05 01:47:45

Video highlights of Pato's brace against Genoa to seal Milan's 2-0 win.

Date: 2008-02-05 01:47:45

"the Goblet of Africa? I have seen the Ivory Coast yesterday, has sei-sette players of great level. Drogba, Kalou and the Tourè siblings render this national one of largest upgrade them ": words and music of Carl Ancelotti in the press conference of presentation of Milan-Genoa. Declarations to which the rossonero technician has added little after:

Date: 2008-02-05 01:47:45

Goals: Pato 69', 82'

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Genoa ( Genova [ 'dʒɛːnova ] in Italian , Zena [ 'zeːna ] in Genoese , Genua in Latin and, archaically, in English) is a city and a seaport in northern Italy , the capital of ...

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