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Gallipoli peninsula (Turkish: Gelibolu Yarımadası) is located in Turkish Thrace, the European part of Turkey, with the Aegean Sea to the west and the Dardanelles straits to the east. The name derives from the Greek Kallipolis (Καλλίπολις), meaning "Beautiful City".// History Antiquity, Byzantium and crusadersKallipolis, or in Latin Callipolis, was a city in the eastern part of the Thracian Chersonese ("Chersonesus Thracica" in Latin, now known as the Gallipoli Peninsula), on the right shore, and at the entrance of the Dardanelles.The Byzantine Emperor Justinian II fortified the ci

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provide a map of Gallipoli. name the country where you find Gallipoli and indicate Gallipoli on the map.

sweet_echo_fan :
"Try this link: Follow some of the links. Good Luck!!!"
moscara :

HOW did the Gallipoli campaign come to an end? Did someone surrender? Did someone just say "lets go" HOW??

paper.milk :
" 1914 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jul 27 Enver Pasha and the German ambassador meet secretly to talk about a Turko-German alliance -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aug 2 The secret Turko-German alliance is signed -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aug 3 Churchill informs the Turkish authorities that the 2 warships they had ordered in England will not be released and are confiscated by the English -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aug 4 England declares war to Germany -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aug 10 The German warships Goeben and Breslau steam through the Dardanelles into the Marmara. The Dardanelles are closed for Allied ships -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oct 28-29 Three Turkish torpedo-ships with a German crew attack Odessa and the Goeben does the same at Sebastopol, a provocation to draw Turkey further into the war at Germany's side -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nov 3-4-5-6-7 Declarations of war arrive at Constantinople from Russia, England, France, Montenegro, Japan and Belgium -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nov 3 British ships bombard the forts of Seddulbahir and Kum Kale without causing any serious damage -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dec 13 Lieutenant Holbrook dives in his submarine under the minefields in the Straits and sinks the old Turkish battleship Messudieh -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dec 29 The disastrous battle of Sarikamish : of Enver's 100.000 strong army, only 18.000 survivors returned to Turkey Hope this helps."
Ganymeade27 :
"The invasion was going badly for the Allies. When Bulgaria entered the war on Turkey's side, it allowed the Germans to ship heavy siege weapons through Bulgaria to help the Turks at Gallipoli. The allied trenches would have been devestated and their forces annihilated. General Charles Monro recommended evacuation after he replaced the previous commander, who had resisted evacuation."
iansand9876 :
"The troops were withdrawn, without many casualties. Of course the most significant military campaign on the Gallipoli Peninsula resulted in the fall of Constantinople and the end of the Eastern Roman Empire, but that was many centuries ago."
jo :
"Australian,New Zealand and birtish troops pulled out gradually. the whole thing was a disaster. The British Government ordered an evacuation. By day, the Anzacs kept up their attacks with more Anzacs observed to be landing - by night the force was withdrawn, broken only by sporadic rifle and gunfire. On 20 December 1915, the Anzac retreat was complete, unnoticed by the Turks who continued to bombard the Anzacs' empty trenches. On 9 January 1916, the Turks carried out their last offensive on Gallipoli, revealing only that the entire force had withdrawn without casualty. The evacuation was the Allies most successful operation in Gallipoli. A British Royal Commission into Gallipoli concluded that from the outset the risk of failure outweighed Its chances of success. The British had contributed 468,000 in the battle for Gallipoli with 33.512 killed. 7,636 missing and 78,000 wounded. The Anzacs lost 8,000 men in Gallipoli and a further 18,000 were wounded. The Anzacs went on to serve with distinction in Palestine and on the western front in France. Australia had a population of five million - 330,000 served in the war, 59,000 were killed. New Zealand with a population of one million lost 18,000 men out of 110,000 and had 55000 wounded. These New Zealand figures (62%) represent the highest percentage of all units from the Anglo-Saxon world."
Felix H :
"Jo ...which stats are correct? This site indicates the total no. of australian casulaties during WW1 was 215,585 out of an army of 331,781 (65%), however, further below, it states, 416,809 enlisted AIF (includes AFC) -- 13.43 percent of the white male population and probably about half the eligible men. 331,000 enlisted and served overseas 61,720 died (all causes) 155,000 wounded (all services) 4,044 taken POW, 397 died while captive So what figures do you believe, even the awm govt site differs. The site advises, "For Australia, as for many nations, the First World War remains the most costly conflict in terms of deaths and casualties. From a population of fewer than five million, 300,000 men enlisted, of which over 60,000 were killed and 156,000 wounded, gassed, or taken prisoner". (In relation to WW1 ... not just galiipoli)"
mertev :
"after they last attempts in august allies understood that the campaingn was not gonna be successfull and the turkish side understood that they wont be able to push the allies out.Allies then made an evacuation plan which was the most succesfull plan of the campaingn,they evacuated the area in a couple of days without any losses."
teagan d :

i need 2 units of the A.I.F (AUSTRALIAN IMPERIATE FORCES) involved in the battle .who was the commander of the australian forces at gallipoli? who was the offical australian historian at gallipoli and what did Lance Corporal Albert Jacka win the v.c medal for thanks

Athelstan :
"Details of the order of battle can be found here. It describes the units and commanders.... The Commander was General William Birdwood Details on Albert Jacka can be found here... "
Joseph :
"Try looking here:"


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Date: 2008-02-05 01:45:36

The poems of Anzac Gunner Frank E Westbrook. Written on and around the Gallipoli beachhead 1915. Out of print for 92 years and almost forgotten.

Date: 2008-02-05 01:45:36

ANZAC Day is the most important day in Australia, New Zealand and Turkey.

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Alfio Petralia nasce a Trento il 08 febbraio 1974. Studia a Gallipoli, dove frequenta le scuole dell'obbligo e poi il liceo scientifico...

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There’s a connection between the ‘Inevitable Tragedy’ of Winston Churchill’s opening a third front in Gallipoli and Indian hockey.It was Field Marshal Birdwood, the British commander who organised the retreat of ANZAC (combined Australia-New Zealand armies) from Gallipoli, who proposed that an Indian Army hockey team ....more fun here..

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