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Pete U :

I am cruising to Funchal in September and would like some first hand information and personal impressions about the city. I appreciate any information you could furnish. What is the legal currency in the city? Thank you much

TravelOn :
"Sorry, I haven't been there yet, but please visit these sites for more information: The currency in Portugal is the Euro Have fun!"
Essexguru :
"It is small in comparison with most cities. It is close to the sea, but there are no beaches(actually, I believe there is one private beach). Bathing is limited to hotel pools. The island is very rocky, or mountainous. There are a limid number of shops, and an interesting market. It has a famous wooden sled ride down one of the steeper streets(no snow!) There is a famous hotel(Reid's), founded by the British, where the "better class" of people stay or have tea. You can sample the Madeira wines, which are mainly sweet. The traffic is a negative point, particularly carbon monoxide fumes........."
Don Amaro :
"I would advice you to search for 'weblog' and 'madeira' as there are a few blogs that offer (good) impressions about the Portuguese island Madeira and the city of Funchal. Also there are a lot (and I mean lot) of pictures online made by visitors of Madeira. I keep as good as possible track of these albums on my There is also a page of Madeira where you can start your quest on information: The board of Tourism of Madeira offers also good information on events and things to do during your visit: And about the currency: Euro"
Smile :) :

Hello. Has anybody been to Madeira - Funchal (Portugal) for the new year? What was it like? Do you recomend? Please tell me how was your experience.

red beret :
Don Amaro :
"A lot has been said about the New Year’s Eve on Madeira .... and still they continue to talk about it. I will summarize it for you in one word: spectacular!!!! How it goes? On Madeira the New Year’s Eve you take wine and food instead …. invite your family and friends, finding a nice spot with a view over the city of Funchal … and then wait on the stroke of midnight, .... when the o so peaceful stars in the sky will disappear for about 10-15 minutes .... During those minutes it seems that all the light and colors from Funchal's ‘evening dress’ have decided to rocket up into the sky, ... duplicate themselves by a thousand times more and bursts into a myriad of colors above the harbor. In the meantime you hear the peal of bells from the churches, the sirens of cruise ships and cargo vessels, culminating in the spectacular firework display. People cheering, hugging each other, toasting on the arrival of the New Year and wishing all the good things in life to one and another. This is in a nutshell my experience .... By the way I also have some videos online that you can see it yourself .... at YouTube and Google Video. Just search on 'donamaro' or 'madeira'"
aaaaaaa :

Anyone know where I can get info on ferries from Portugal to Funchal Madeira if I want to take my car.

Veronica Alicia :
"I visit Funchal every year (first started going 25 years ago) and I don't recall (although I've never looked for) ferries from the mainland to Madeira. They must be very discreet or arrive and depart when I am abed! You often see container ships, with cars sitting on top of the containers coming into harbour! The Indigo Guide (on line) talks of "the ferries which hark back to days when it was the only way to access the island.", so they do still exist, somewhere. I asked Google for "Funchal Ferries to Portugal" and it came up with several sites. Maybe you would like to have a go! Two Tourist sites which could be helpful are There are plenty of car rental places all over the Island - I hate driving anywhere but on the fast roads - the mountain roads are a bit scarey!"
vivi :
"wwoooowww! u want to go from portugal to madeira by boat?? there is no ferries, maybe just some merchant boats,but no ferries. madeira isnt just 30km away,is much more! its about 2h by plane to lisbon. so, better go to a turism office and ask if there is any merchant boat that might take ur car there,which i doubt,otherwise,ull have to rent. i dont live in the mainland,but im shore there are no boats (just cruisers) to take ur car."
Margarida L :
"There is no ferries between mainland and Funchal (Madeira Island). You can talk with your travel agency if you want to take your car, but it will go on a merchant ship and I think it's rather expensive. More expensive than rent a car in Funchal. However, driving in Madeira Island is not easy. Most roads in the interior of the island are very dangerous with lots of curves and ups and downs and people often have accidents there. So, if you are not a local, I don't advise you to drive there. If that's only a question of little promenades or coming and going to restaurants and stuff, you can always rent a small car, or take a taxi. If you come from England, don't forget: people in Portugal drive by the right side of the road. :o) I almost had an accident in England because I forgot people there drive by the left. Have a wonderful time dear. Hugs Margarida"
Bonitinha :
"nope.... Madeira here!! Unfortunatly the only way is by airplane, TAP or SATA about 220 or more euros, taking the car I have no idea.... You can take your car, asking transfer agency bout it will cost you 600 euros or more plus you!! And driving there is not that bad!! I drove there for 8 years and still do it!! And many foreigners do it! and we dont have that many accidents!! please!! a highway in lisbon will have 5 more accidents then Madeira ..."
joão b :
"Are there ferries from NY to Cuba? That's the sort of question you're doing aaaaa! No way! The only kind of boats that get you there are the Cruzeiros (cruises). Sorry, don't think you can take your wheels to Madeira! Perhaps, you're right -there sould be ferries. But there aren't.."


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Date: 2008-02-05 01:44:13

below is the recently (2003) extended runway at funchal airport in portugal. the original 1400m runway was notoriously short and, as a result, sometimes dangerous for landing planes (see here). the runway extension won the iabse’s ‘outstanding structures award’ and rightly so: due to an obvious lack of land, engineers have supported the exten

Date: 2008-02-05 01:44:13

Fort of São José is the headquarters of the Principality of the Pontinha, a self-proclaimed country by Prince D. Renato Barros. The Fort of São José is located off the coast of the port of Funchal, capital of the Madeira Islands, an autonomous region of Portugal.

Date: 2008-02-05 01:44:13

Located in the hills above Funchal in the Palheiro Estate, Casa Velha do Palheiro is a graceful 5 star Madeira country hotel, with 37 luxurious rooms.

Date: 2008-02-05 01:44:13

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, nasceu na Região Autónoma da Madeira na cidade do Funchal no dia 5 de Fevereiro de 1985.O primeiro clube de Ronaldo foi o Clube de Futebol Andorinha de Santo António. Já neste pequeno clube Ronaldo começou a despertar a cobiça de vários clubes, obrigando o Nacional a apostar na sua contratação...

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