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// Access & tourismThe island can be reached by ferry from Hervey Bay or Inskip Point north of Rainbow Beach, or chartered flight via Maroochydore Airport. Four-wheel drive is required for some landings, and travel on the island. A RAM permit is required for vehicles. Several firms provide four-wheel drive vehicles for rent. Tour buses travel the island as well. Bodies of waterFraser Island has over 100 dune lakes, as well as the second highest concentration of lakes in Australia after Tasmania. The freshwater lakes on Fraser Island are some of the cleanest lakes in the world. A popular t

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heavysoul :

anybody else been to fraser island and what is your favourite place there... mine was indian head.

AL :
"indian head is great, yeah"
Fuzzy Wuzzy :

Hi, I'm curious about Fraser Island, what there is to do, what's the MUST do's, can you take a camping trailer there? Also, I'm concerned about the dingos (I have 2 children 8 & 9). Has anyone had any negative encounters with dingos whilst on the island? What happend & how did you deal with it?

pistons56 :
"Dingos weren't a problem. I ran into a couple looking for food outside the hotel. They didn't try to get me or anything. Fraser Island is boring, I wouldn't recommend it."
puttingmorecreaminyourmilk :
"I was at Fraser Island on Saturday ad I could not think of a better Holiday spot for a family... If you don't feed or leave food out dingos will not b a problem... But talk to staff or park ranger about this they are very helpful... Have a good hoilday you and your family will love it..."
piglet :
"Fraser island is ok, wouldnt recommend a camping trailer though, some places are difficult to even get a 4x4 around. If your kids are easily bored in the car then this probably isnt the best place to take them as everywhere takes ages to get to even though it doesnt seem far on the map. There isnt a great deal to do there either, but in saying that it is a great place to see. as for dingos we saw one whilst we were in the car and evidence that two walked by our tent overnight (footprints) but there are specialist camping sites for families that are fenced off so dingos cant get in. If you do go make sure you visit lake mckenzie, its amazing! Hope this helps"
silverdragonn :
"It depends on whether you want to go camping or to stay at the Kingfisher Island resort. If you want to go camping, call up the State and National Parks department and ask - they will send you a great package of information about how to navigate, how to drive, where to go and what to do. I know you need a camping permit and possibly a driving permit to stay on the island - that information should be included too. The dingos.... there is little problem with them. Don't feed them, that's the best advice, and leave them alone. Make sure that your food is packed up tight and that you don't leave anythign that may be tempting for them around. And whatever you do, don't go chasing them or disturb them. But that's just common sense. Give a call to the national parks mob and they'll be able to help you out with any questions you have."
pan :

I'd like to know if the residents of Fraser island pay income tax as same as others?

the ox :
"yes. Its part of Australia"
Terryc :
"Yes, it is part of Australia where all citizens are required to pay income tax. Why would you think otherwise?"
"yes, as it is a part of Australia"
tuppenybitz :
"of course they do,it is a part of australia"
iansand9876 :
"You may be thinking of Norfolk Island, where residents do not pay tax although the island is part of Australia"
K Bear :
"Yes Fraser Island is part of Australia and pay normal Australian Tax as the rest of the country. You coulbe be thinking of Norfolk Island - a small inhabited island in the Pacific Ocean located between Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia. Residents of Norfolk Island do not pay Australian federal taxes, creating a tax haven for locals and visitors alike. Since there is no income tax, the island's legislative assembly raises money through an import duty."


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Date: 2008-02-05 01:43:19

Ever considered fishing in one of the worlds most beautiful locations ? then come down under and experience this, first hand with Paul Dolan of Fraser Coast Sport Fishing Adventures. Hervey Bay offers 5 star accommodation through to backpacker resorts. Sportfish species are available all year round along with a plethora of unique Aussie wildlife.

Date: 2008-02-05 01:43:19

Paul Dolan who is a Hervey Bay & Fraser Island sport fishing guide in Australia recently went back to Awoonga to test out Evergreen Lures new hot products ES Drive & ES Flat lures and a fly which he co-created the DK Dancer specifically for barramundi. Yet again these lures and the fly in various colours managed to successfully entice barramundi.

Date: 2008-02-05 01:43:19

As any parent knows, teaching your kids about matters of the heart is a big deal and Paul Dolan of Fraser Coast Sport Fishing Adventures in Hervey Bay did just that when he took his daughter Meisha out for a day on the bay around Fraser Island. Hump Back Whales were sure to be on the cards amongst some awesome sportfishing, Fraser Island style.

Dean Jakson
Date: 2008-02-05 01:43:19

Lake Lenthall has just come out of a very tough period fish wise. Hervey Bay & Fraser Island sport fishing guide Paul Dolan showed yet again he has the experience & knowledge to put clients onto famed Australian freshwater sportfish. Lake Lenthall is a magical place for fishing and also home to some very special native Australian fauna & flora.

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