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Saint Bartholomeus' CathedralSaint Bartholomeus' Cathedral (Dom Sankt Bartholomäus) is a Gothic building which was constructed in the 14th and 15th centuries on the foundation of an earlier church from the Merovingian time. It is the main church of Frankfurt. From 1356 onwards, kings of the Holy Roman Empire were elected in this church, and from 1562 to 1792, emperors were crowned here.Since the 18th century, Saint Bartholomeus' has been called "the cathedral" by the people, although it has never been a bishop's seat. In 1867, the cathedral was destroyed by a fire and rebuilt in its present

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volvic58 :

i am off to frankfurt in december for a few days to experience the german christmas markets - can anyone recommend anything else i should do whilst there?

georgiafudge :
"well anne frank was there so u could do something to celebrate her like go to a musem to find out?Dunno thanks 4 the 2 points"
マイケル pendragon09 :
"Frankfurt am Main is the second largest urban area in Germany, so there's going to be a lot you can go see. My favourite place I visited in Frankfurt when I went was the Römer, the city's town hall. When you think of traditional German architecture, like the stuff out of Grimm's Fairy Tales, this building fits that description. It's really beautiful. I would make this the top of your list of places to visit in Frankfurt. There's other stuff to see...Saint Bartholomew's Cathedral, Saint Paul's Church, and the Opera House. You can also experience modern Europe and go see the European Central Bank. This is the financial heart of the European Union. There's a ton of museums. My favourite was the Städel. They have a really nice collection, especially of the Northern Renaissence and Baroque masters. In regards to georgiafudge's post, there isn't much associated with Anne Frank in Frankurt. You can see the apartment block where she grew up, but there's nothing on parr with the museum in Amsterdam where she hid from the Nazis. I hope this helps. Enjoy Frankfurt! It's a really nice city."
kelly d :

I'm not sure the name of the stadium, but it's the largest one in Frankfurt, the one they played a world cup game at. How many minutes on the train is it? And what is the name of the stadium? Thank you!

aussie_oz :
"It's about a 10 min ride from the airport to the football stadium - jump off the local train at "Stadion". Btw: Nobody says "soccer" in europe - like in the UK it's called football (or in german: Fußball), it's "real football" compared to "american football" ;-) The former "Waldstadion" is now officially called "Commerzbank Arena""
emcee_T :

My wife is a philippine citizen, currently in Manila. I'm stationed in Portugal, I'm trying to figure out if my wife can transit from Manila through Frankfurt with only a military ID card and military orders? The embassies have been no help to me at all. I've exhausted all my possible options, I'm looking for any information regarding this question. If you know of anything "in writing", please let me know. Thank you.

"No, that Im sure she needs a passport for. Only active duty can travel on orders and military ID to and from their duty station because it is as if they never left the U.S. She needs to apply(if she does not have it) for a Philippine Passport, then you need to find out if she needs a Visa to enter Europe (there are websites that tell you what countries need visas to enter certain countries). Once she arrives in Portugal, I believe you will have to apply for a sojourners visa so that she can stay with you during your tour. Your command should be able to give you that information. If you need further help, go to the Family Fleet Services in your area, and Im sure they will assist you as much as possible, or they will guide you in the right direction. Good luck!"


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Um 1900 gründet der Frankfurter Unternehmer Jakob Latscha die Grundstücksgesellschaft Marioth-GmbH. Deshalb nennen Offenbacher den Stadtteil auch Waggonhausen, später Marioth und dann Lohwald. Am 20. Mai 1999 beschloss die Stadt Offenbach den Abriss. Somit verschwanden die Straßennamen und auch die Fußballmannschaft, der 1974 gegründete FC Lohwald.

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GOAL & HIGHLIGHTS1-0 59' Mladen Petric

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AC/DC has announced its world stadium tour covering following cities:Amsterdam, Barcelona, Birmingham, Budapest, Cologne, Copenhagen, Dortmund, Dublin, Dusseldorf,Frankfurt, Gelsenkirchen, Glasgow, Gothenberg, HelsinkiHockenheimring, Leipzig, London, Madrid, Manchester, Milan, Munich, Oberhausen, Oslo, Paris, Prague

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Fly to Germany´s busiest airport. This is the award-winning scenery Mega Airport Frankfurt developed by the German Airports Team for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and FS2004

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Frankfurt am Main   (help · info) (German: [ˈfʁaŋkfʊɐtʰ], English: [ˈfɹæŋkfɜːt]) is the largest city in the German state of Hesse and the fifth-largest city in ...

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Frankfurt: to the most international city in Germany, the largest financial centre on the continent, the historical city of coronations, the city of Goethe and the Frankfurt School ...
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Frankfurt am Main International Airport (IATA: FRA,  ICAO: EDDF), known in German as Flughafen Frankfurt am Main or Rhein-Main-Flughafen and in rest of Europe with the code FF is ...
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