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The Florida Keys are an archipelago of about 1700 islands in the southeast United States. They begin at the southeastern tip of the Florida peninsula, about 15 miles south of Miami, and extend in a gentle arc south-southwest and then westward to Key West, the westernmost of the inhabited islands, and on to the uninhabited Dry Tortugas. The islands lie along the Florida Straits, dividing the Atlantic Ocean to the east from the Gulf of Mexico to the west, and defining one edge of Florida Bay. At the nearest point, the southern tip of Key West is just 94 miles from Cuba. The Florida Keys are bet

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ohiostatekid91 :

My family wants to go to the Florida Keys for winter break so I have a few questions about the Florida Keys... 1. What is the weather there at that time (end of December)? 2. What website(s) are the best to get cheap airline tickets? 3. What are some nice hotels there that arent very expensive? any links to good websites would be awesome. thanks. o yeah...one more question 4. What is the difference in the Florida Keys and Key West? Are they the same places with different names, or are they actually different places? thanks again...please provide links

kayak :
"Wx is good in December - 70-80 , remember there are no beaches of significance in the Keys. Use Yahoo Travel or Travelocity for air & hotel Florida Keys are a chain of road connected islands starting in Key Largo - not far from Miami and going to the furthest island(Key) Key West."
shoe s :
"key west is the name of the island at the end of the chain the 1st island is key largo, they all have names the weather in dec is around 70 degrees ,prices for hotels and airline tickets is something i dont know,use google to serach out thatpart of your questions"
kitkat :
"i just got back from 8 says in the keys (anniversary trip) we had a great time, went kayaking, biking, snorkeling, swimming. water is great but not great beaches. we stayed on marathon, which is in the middle of the keys. we had so much to do we never even made it down to key west. we rented a house from ended up being about $80 a night with full kitchen and right on the water. cant beat that. also, if you have a car while down there, i recommend theatre of the sea for great dolphin shows"
funtym888 :
"Kitkat gave good advice. I have been to the keys several times. I prefer the middle keys and usually stay in the Marathon area. There is a nice beach in Marathon on the ocean side about MM50 and also one at Bihia Honda state park, about MM35. MM1 is the beginning (or end) of the highway in Key West. If you don't stay in Key West, by all means go see it. There is a lot to see and do there, including sunset at Mallory Square (a pretty sunset and a lot of unusual people). Also just west of Bihia Honda state park on Big Pine key be sure to see the Key deer; a full grown deer is the size of a fawn. Below is a web site with some info on the keys."
impala400sb :

we are going on a pretty big family vacation (12 ppl 5 which are under 8 rest adults) and we want to go some where in the florida keys but not key west any suggestions and and suggestions on where to stay?

jen_808 :
"Siesta Key is beautiful and family friendly. Gorgeous beach!!"
todd :
"I would stay in Marathon. You are close enough to key west to visit, but the prices of acoomidations are alot less. It is less crowded and the beaches are nicer ( although still not as nice as other parts of florida) We stayed at a place called Banana Bay and we were happy with it. The prices were very good for high season and we had quite a bit of space. I assume the person above me was thinking of keys anywhere in Florida. I was just talking about the actual Florida keys ."
*Kierra* :
"Sarasota its near Tampa I forget what key it is sorry"
evanescencecb13 :
"Stay in Marathon at White Sands Inn... Nice, quiet, cute rooms, and affordable. Check-out their website... Half-way from Key Largo and Key West! Great location! This is where I usually stay... Directly across the street from The Dolphin Research Center, private beach, grilles, water toys, pool, fire pit, etc. Have Fun!!!"
GreatNeck :
"OK, live here, Key Largo Grande, 1-800-539-5274. Bayside Cay Club, 8oo-242-5229. Marathon, Blackfin resort Marina, 800-548-keys. My favorite areas, have fun..."
millerman :

Where is a nice not so crowded place to stay in mid-October. Must have a beach and great ocean view from room. Will stay in a bed and breakfast or hotel or resort. I would like to stay in one of the keys besides key west unless there is a good deal there.

Debbie R :
"Florida Keys, car keys, house keys, whateva... (2 points)"
a_littlebit_of_me :
"Marathon Key has always been my favorite. It's beautiful and has many things to see and do....without all of the tourists that Key West gets! I always stay at a friend's resort, but here is a link that will help you choose what you would like in your accommodations. Wherever you decide to go....have a fun and safe trip! Peace! "
IndySteve1563 :
"Some basic issues need to be addressed, as once resolved it will make finding accomodations that much easier to do(I am Owner of a Travel Agency): 1-Do you have a specific checkin/checkout date in mind in mid-OCT? 2-Do you have a maximum per night rate you want to pay? 3-How many people? 4-Other than the great ocean view and beach nearby, are there other amenities to you that are important? Minor details certainly, but again important because it will make a big difference in locating nice accomodations in the Florida Keys area. If you could kindly either call, email me at:, or reach me through Yahoo Messenger with your specifics you have in mind, we can see what's currently available in the Keys and ensure that there's availability and are cost-efficient as well."


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An extremely rare, first-edition chart of the Florida Keys and the Dry Tortugas (a small group of islands located just off the Florida Keys) sold for $38,640 in an online auction held November 21-December 5 by Old World Auctions (OldWorldAuctions.com). The Florida Keys and the Dry Tortugas chart was the top seller of 925 lots sold in the auction.

Date: 2008-02-05 01:41:26

DUMA KEY is the engaging, fascinating story of a man who discovers an incredible talent for painting after a freak accident in which he loses an arm. He moves to a 'new life' in Duma Key, off Florida's West Coast; a deserted strip, part beach, part weed-tangled, owned by a patroness of the arts whose twin sisters went missing in the 1920s. Duma Key

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