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Florence is known as the “cradle of Renaissance” (la culla del Rinascimento) for its monuments, churches and buildings. The best-known site and crowning architectural jewel of Florence is the domed cathedral of the city, Santa Maria del Fiore, known as The Duomo. The magnificent dome was built by Filippo Brunelleschi. The nearby Campanile tower (partly designed by Giotto) and the Baptistery buildings are also highlights. Both the dome itself and the campanile are open to tourists and offer excellent views; The dome, 600 years after its completion, is still the largest dome built in brick

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tamuralinz :

I'll be in Italy in December, going to Rome and Florence. Am thinking of making a trip to San Marino from Florence, before going to Geneva. Any idea what is the best and inexpensive way to get to San Marino from Florence, and to get out of San Marino to Geneva?

mightyt100 :
"Use the trains. Note: Use bus to get San Marino There are no trains in San Marino. The closest train station is in Rimini, and from there, you can take a shuttle bus. Shuttle buses connect San Marino with Rimini. Just remember that on Sundays and holidays, there is a limited schedule. From Rimini you can connect to a bus network that goes all over Italy and beyond to many cities in Western and Eastern Europe."
shoe s :
"by train,to rimini then take the bus"
ally :
"if i were you i'd rent a car Are you from Australia? Be carefull we drive on the right...:-P"
nixieg :

I would prefer places which have ample scenic beauty and are not very crowded. I am planning to visit Florence in mid december.

Jess :
"Florence is a perfect location, but keep in mind that in December it will be rainy and cold. Siena is a gorgeous little town with a great cathedral. Bologna is great as well, the food is spectacular. Pisa is a short train ride away, you should see the leaning tower but that's all I would do there. There are several beaches nearby, and if you rent a car and just drive through Tuscany the beauty will blow your mind."
sekhs :
"Pisa is very very close to florence ... catch a train from florence to pisa centrale its jus 50 min to 1h10 min travel .. u can see leaning tower in pisa other than pisa , u can visit nearby places like bologna , siena (via reggio -famous tourist beach , livorno (beach) are nearby to pisa )"
John S :
"I just came back from Italy a few weeks ago. The trip to Piza from Florence is very inexpensive and the trains run about every 30 minutes from the Florence station. I would recommend that you make reservations to climb the tower if you are interested. You can do it online before you go. Also the walk from the station to the tower is NOT a short walk in my opinion. We took a bus (#1 if I remember right) that drops you off on the back side of the complex. The 300 step climb feels strange because of the lean. Be very careful if it is raining. My family really enjoy the 1/2 day trip. (ALSO....anything that can be made to lean is for sale at the location....some really creative items that are small and easily packed for gifts to friends.)"
shabnami :

I'm planning on visiting both florence and rome in 7 days but I dont know how to devide the days between the two. How many days should i spend in florence? And what are some of the places that I should visit? Thanks.

April :
"Go have fun, and make your decision while you are there!"
fadia :
"You could easily make use of 7 days in each place. So spend as many days as you want in your first destination and what is left in the second. I'd say the only extra in Rome i fashion shopping, but that's risky, as you could end up doing nothing else. Prepare yourself with a good travel book. I like The Lonely Planet books."
loveable_chic19 :
"i don't think you like very much of rome, i felt that is quite insecure place cause too many pickpocket, and is quite dirthy, but you must visit st. peter church is such amazing place! you will feel intoxicated when you inside the church, i think is enough for you to sty two day over there and spend 3 to 4 day in florence, florence is really romantic and good for shopping, and must go venice either, go to the square to feed the bird if you like, and must see the st. marcos churh, is look mysterious, then ride the gondola across through the house, nice feel. but i milan is not bad either, i think i will rather go milan more then rome."
dinodino :
"I think Rome is fabulous. I have been twice 4 days and five days. I will go back to Rome again as there is still much more to see. You only need 2 days in Florence to see the major stuff. Yes, Rome can be intimidating, but there is so much to see. Florence is a lot smaller but that means that all the tourists are concentrated into a smaller area. First time in Rome you should see the Forum, Spanish Steps, Colloseum, Vatican, Catacombs, Appian Way, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Trastevere (neighbor acroos the river), Capitoline Hill and Museum, Palantine Hill (very green and peaceful, right in the middle of the city). Walk around enjoy the food and cafes. It is a compact city an you can walk almost anywhere. Yes, it's kinda dirty it's over 2,000 years old. So what. The pickpocket thing in Rome is exaggerated. I only had trouble once from the little gypsy girls -- they try to poke you with a piece of cardboard or a newspaper while their friend tries to grab your purse or wallet. They are usually around the Trevi Fountain. Just beware and learn to yell vattene! (vat-tenay) (go away!) if you see them approach you."
jetgirly :
"I would spend three days in Florence and four in Rome. One of the major reasons is that you'll spend more time in queues in Rome! Florence: - Duomo - Ponte Vecchio (old bridge) - Uffizi Gallery (reservation required see - inside you'll find Botticelli's Birth of Venus, da Vinci's The Adoration of the Magi, etc) - Santa Croce (basilica) - Galleria dell'Academia (reservations required see - inside is Michaelangelo's David) - Optional day-trip to Pisa to see The Leaning Tower Rome - Roman Forum - Colliseum - Vatican and St. Peters (with the Sistine Chapel) - Spanish Steps - Trevi Fountain - Pantheon - Trastevere (on Sunday morning, clothes market) - Catacombs The link below is to my favorite travel site, there is TONS of first-hand info about Italy, including suggested hotels, restaurants and attractions, and lots of photos."
kaibebe :
"3 in Florence, 4 in Rome. Florence: outlet shopping, 4 lioni, farmacia Santa maria novella, the uffizi (make reservations), church of s. maria novella-fist example of perspective in art Rome: Vatican museum (reservations needed) See lucky.com's shopping guide to Florence and Rome. enjoy!"
republicansarecruel :
"I have not been to Florence yet, but I could easily spend another week in Rome. There are SO many things to do! I urge you to spend as much time there as you can!"
Edmark C :
"i suggest you spend more time in rome, as there is so much more to see there than in florence. it's possible to go around florence in 2 days. must see in florence of course are its artistic treasures -- being the seat of the renaissance period (i think). visit the major museums and churches. rome has museums and basilicas, and many more (being the seat of the one of history's largest empire and seat of the catholic church). you can be at 2 states at one time in rome (one foot in rome, another in the vatican). the night life is also more exciting in rome. it's also more internationalas there are more tourists. if you're looking for a more quiet time, florence would be less busier. from florence going to rome, don't forget to stop by pisa for a nice photo or two with the leaning tower."
Vittorio :
"If you have only 7 days, go only to Rome. Many answers contain good advices, but visit also Terme di Caracalla, Villa Borghese (near Piazza del Popolo) and walk on Aventino and Quartiere Coppedè (ask in Rome)"
Stratovarious :
"Both places have become rather touristy, but both are so beautiful. If you wanted to adventure Rome, it will be very hard to get away from the crowds there. But the history and what's left of it in Rome is amazing, and if the crowds don't bother you and you just want to learn, I don't think staying in Rome longer than in Florence should be a problem. Rome is usually the first place people go, anyway, for their Italy experience. As for Florence, it's much more laid back than Rome (and less expensive, mind you!). It's also much more beautiful (in my opinion) and you'll most definately be amazed by the shops they have. The people are friendly, too. If you want to just have a good time, buy some cool stuff, eat good food, and so on...go to Florence for much longer! Either place you go, there is always an interesting history in every part of Italy. My suggestion: Florence - 4 days Rome- 3 days"
paris :
"You have many answers already so you can choose.In my oppinion I'll spend 2-3 days in Florence and a life in Rome."
Raymond C :
"It really all depends on what your interests are, what you really want to experience. For some people 1 day is too long, for others a lifetime is too short. If you are looking for the traditional picture postcard, guided tour, I have been to Italy kind of trip, then the answers above are fine. If your goal is to also know modern Italy and the Italians then the priorities will change a little. Rome will have the shopping and good restaurants, but you may want to spend time in the less traveled parts of Rome, to eat at the local trattorias to get a feel for typical Italian food and to mix with real Italians. The same is true for Florence, but there is also the countryside with fabulous scenery, vineyards and wineries not far outside of town. The Arno is a beautiful river. When I was there I watched crews practicing with their racing shells on the Arno, not far from the Ponte Vecchio. Basically what I am saying is that there is so much more to do than trying to cram in all of the tourist sites of two cities in seven days. Nothing wrong with that, but slowing down, spending the time to see how people are living now as well as seeing the historical sites is more interesting to me, a better experience. Part of your planning is researching to see if there are any local festivals going on during your planned visit. Only you can decide what your real interests are. However you plan your trip, have fun and enjoy."
Britt :
"if i were u i would spend 4 days in rome because there are more things to see like the vatican and stya 3 dayz in florence =)"
John S :
"I just got back from Italy. I spent four days in Rome and three in Florence. If I had to do it again I would reverse the time. As a few of my fellow travelers have said Rome is much bigger and more difficult to get around but that is the reason to only spend three days. You can not possible "see" everything Rome has to offer in three OR four days. St. Peters and the Vactican Museums are a solid day and the coliseum and the forum are another day. If you want to shop or have a little down time there is another good part of a day. I would just plan on returning some day and work on things you missed this time. I made the mistake of trying to do too much and was just worn out by the end of the stay. I really like Florence. It is smaller and easy to get around on foot. There is so much to see in the city if you really want to spend time seeing some of the greatest art in the world. With four days you can make a serious dent in the collection and still enjoy some shopping. I would also suggest a half-day trip to Piza. It takes an hour to get there and the trains run about every thirty minutes. If I remember right it was about 10 Euros RT. Reserve your climb to the top of the bell tower in advance. Also the walk to the tower from the train station is a pretty good distance. The bus (#1 if I remember right) drops you off on the back side of the site. I really think Rome has to be done in stages. Florence is do-able in 4 days. PS I would also suggest a taxi ride (15 euros) to Michaelangelo Piazza on a hill across the Arno. It is a beautiful view of Florence and if you get lucky and have some nice clouds, a breath-taking sunset."
ken s :
"Well I arrived in Florence to spend about 10 days.That was 12 years ago and still have not seen it all.Florence is much much smaller than Rome and you can see a great variety in a short amount of time and less distances to walk.Give Florence at 5 days to just wander around,the rest of your trip spend in Rome with a specific visit plan.Have a great time."


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