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aliegirl :

Looking to travel in the next few weeks. Every website has different dates and times for travel from Fethiye to Rhodes. Do you know when they travel? Or, where is a reliable source of information for a timetable on the internet? Many thanks!

Pinar :
"I do not have any idea about the time table but I know that it has already started. I have been to Fethiye and when you arrive there you will see many offers from the travel agencies for the ferries to Rodos. You can be sure about that they have already started, you will only choose the best time fitting in your schedule. Hope you have nice time, I haveny been to Rodos but Fethiye is great."
yeginosman :
"http://www.tourismturkey.org/ really ı love fethiye byt can you comming ANTALYA / SİDE"
esrefb :

I'm in Turkey for a week or two and I'll be travelling with my family from Kemer to Dalaman. We'll take a friend of ours to the Dalaman airport that night and then we need to spend the night at a nearby hotel. It could be in Dalaman or Fethiye or any nearby region, preferably not farther than 50km from Dalaman. I think some hotels are closed at this time of the year so I want to make some arrangements beforehand. We just need a clean, decent hotel for one night, nothing special. Any recommmendations are welcome. Thank you.

Ipek K :
"Please check out the hotels in Dalaman site: =&gclid=CK6v5arX15ACFSA6EAodLhaLPQ Hope it helps"
Viuhko I :

Id like to open a bar in Fethiye in Turkey for next tourist season, but have no idea how to go about it. Any contacts or information would be welcome. Do i need to find a turkish person to do it with, or can i do it myself?

Mental Mickey :
"My aunt emigrated to Turkey last year. A few doors down from her apartment is a bar that is run by ex-pat Brits for ex-pat Brits. Legally however, it has to be owned by a Turk - it's his name above the door as licensee, even though it is their money that went into the business. It's all really a bit complicated - they run the place day-to-day, but they don't really own it in the eyes of the Turkish law, and all the executive decisons etc, are supposed to be his - if the police think that he's not the man in charge, then they can close the place down. So yes, you do need a Turkish business partner to have their name on the lease and someone who knows which palms to grease and who understands the finer points of Turkish law. Of course, if the place folds and goes bankrupt, my aunts friends will lose everything."


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FETHIYE.NET        [All About Fethiye & Oludeniz]
Fethiye hotels and accommodation - holidays in turkey. Once the Lycian settlement of Telmessos, Fethiye is a lively port and market town where Turkish life and tourism exist ...
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