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RelationshipsIn the 1950s, de Evia's companion and business partner was Robert Denning, who worked in his studio and who would become a leading American interior designer and partner in the firm Denning & Fourcade. DeathEdgar de Evia, age 92, died at St. Vincent's Hospital in New York City from pneumonia following a broken hip. His ashes were interred in the columbarium of the Little Church Around the Corner in New York City.

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ok, i am from Evia, and i am trying to find pics of it online, but i have no luck.. does anyone have any links or pics ?? =) Anyoneeee ?? :((((

Steve C :
"Google picture search is always a good way to find pictures of anything, see the link below. "
airpole24/7x52 :
"My dear those are some of the sites I could find. They may not do much since most are hotel oriented. Check google as "φωτογραφιες Ευβοιας" you will find many entries but you have to make a search on them. - 29k "
asimenia :
"Always make up the obvious links first and see if there's a site This is the official site I really like Evia - I used to go loads when I lived in Athens - we often went over Pendeli down to Nea Makri then took the Stira ferry. I remember eating at the Paradiso taverna on the mainland nr ferry crossing, after a trip to Evia camping . Then realising we hadn't got money - My friend left me in the taverna and drove back to Pendeli to his house to get money - I sat there for ages as collateral! I did wonder if he'd come back for me! We often went free camping in Evia - It has really changed now though (the main town) many people are commuting to Athens and a lot of businesses have been set up there. I had to go with my husband to a brick making factory on our way back to Preveza - I was shocked at the amount of traffic there now! It seemed worse than a central road in Athens!"
Is that all there is? :
"I'll send this to a friend to answer, besides the answers you already got: EOT (Ellinikos Organismos Tourismou) is also always happy to send brochures. Looking for myself, this is a nice one too. This is where I am going! for a weekend spa: besides other places."
argr3 :
"Evia is a beautiful island, and one that I always enjoy visiting. Most recently I spent the weekend in Edipsos - which was a very beautiful and interesting town. For some photos of Evia, have a look at ... Hope this helps. Alex"


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Date: 2008-02-05 01:36:35

On 23/07/2007 Flight Lieutenant Dimitris Stoilidis, 34, and Flying Officer Yiannis Hatzoudis, 27, were killed when their airplane came down in the area of Styra, southern Evia.

Date: 2008-02-05 01:36:35

Two firefighters were killed in a crash on the Greek island of Evia on Monday. As told the representative of local administration, the aircraft crashed into a hill between the two buildings. The reasons for the disaster is unknown, but authorities suspected that the ball was the strong wind and haze.

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Customer Corner: "Many thanks for the great finishing, it looks awesome." Max T., Toronto _____ "I really appreciate the time and patience that you put into this job.

Welcome to EVIA Group
Customer Corner: "Many thanks for the great finishing, it looks awesome." Max T., Toronto _____ "I really appreciate the time and patience that you put into this job.
Welcome to EVIA Group

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EVIA Legal

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