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( Eger has 17 baroque churches, but tourists only visit three or four)Castle of EgerThe Cathedral or basilica, built in 1831-37 to Classicist designs by József Hild, is imposing rather than attractive, but contains some remarkable painting and sculpture. Late morning organ recitals are held in the cathedral many days.Minaret, 17th century. The northernmost Turkish minaret in Europe is 40 meters high and one of only three survivors in Hungary. It can be climbed for a good view of the city center.Város a város alatt (literally "City under the city") a system of cellars near the Cathedral.Sz

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obcay :

I am planning on teaching abroad in Hungary for a year, and the place that I will most likely be placed in is Eger. I have googled it, and it seems like a nice place. I was wondering if anyone knew if it had any sort of Gay Community there, or at least if that part of Hungary is gay friendly? Thank you!

Gergely :
"Eger is certainly a beautiful historical city, you should love it, especially if you are into wines (or like to go to spas) I don't know much about the gay community, so I let others answer that. But unfortunately I wouldn't consider any part of Hungary to be gay friendly. (Budapest might be "ok" though)"
lucy :

If anybody's visited Eger I'd appreciate info! - where to eat, where to stay, food, travel, where to get most out of money! etc - thanx!

seabhcan :
"The closest airport is in Budapest."
steelfixer :
"You will have to fly in to Budapest to get to Eger. Here is a link below which will give you a choice of Hotels in the area. As it is in the famous Eger-Tokaj Hilly Wine Region you will have no problem finding a nice place to stay. I have also put a link for this wine region."
Aniko N :
"Lucy, the main advice I can give you is NOT to visit in high season - it's very crowded, prices go up etc. There are no direct flights, but it's easy to reach from Budapest by bus. Stay reasonably central, as that's where all the attractions are. It's very safe, so no problems there."
thomas m :

We need bus or train transportation and I only speak english. Can you please suggest schedules

paris :
"I don't know what's your plan of trip, but, if you can, stay 2-3 days in each city you mentioned. So, from Sighetu Marmatiei to Sibiu you can use the train and so from Sibiu to Bucharest, but in this case you have buses too. Use Yahoo-Travel-Romania and here you can find a lot of information. Bon voyage !"


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Date: 2008-02-05 01:31:39

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If you've played Bioshock, you'll remember the 1940’s Boston newsman Henry Egers. Now, meet Peter, the man behind the character.

Date: 2008-02-05 01:31:39

If you've played Bioshock, you'll remember the 1940’s Boston newsman Henry Egers. Now, meet Peter, the man behind the character.

Date: 2008-02-05 01:31:39

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Eger is also the German name for the Czech town of Cheb and for the Ohře river. Eger is a city in northern Hungary , the county seat of Heves , east of the Mátra Mountains
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The 1552 Siege of Eger occurred during the 16th Century Ottoman Wars in Europe It was a major Hungarian victory after a series of crushing defeats at the hands of Turkish forces ...
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