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DemographicsAs of 2006, the General Register Office for Scotland estimated that the City of Edinburgh council area had a resident population of 463,510. The 2001 UK census reported the population to be 448,624, making the city the seventh largest in the United Kingdom. The General Register Office also reported that this resident population was split between 220,094 males and 237,736 females.Though Edinburgh's population is ageing, a very large and transient population of young students studying at the city universities, has helped to offset this demographic problem. There are estimated to be

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x :

What r the names of the streets in the center of Edinburgh? I am going there in a few days and i want to book an hotel in the center of edinburgh. By the way, is there any special festival atractions in the next days???? Thanks!

sonny l :
"i just knoe princes street"
Lord G :
"Have a wee peek at Edinburgh on Google Earth or Windows Live Local....a couple of things I can tell you about Edinburgh is - that - it is a Cold Grey Gloomy City where Traffic Wardens rule the streets ...and a room in a Hotel costs an arm & a leg...bring your Visa card..."
mcfifi :
"The Royal Mile and Princes Street are the main streets. The Bank and Sheraton hotels on the Royal Mile are good. So is the Royal British on Princes street. Here's a site with details of what's on: If you like filthy humour and bad language make sure you take in the Stand comedy club at 5 York Place. Turn up early and have a meal - that way you get a table and don't have to stand all night. If Susan Morrison is compering tell her Fifi sent you!"
david f :
"Go to. Do a search for Princes Street then view a map of the area."
Ronaldobhoy :
"Prines Street, George Street are the main ones in the New Town, and High Street in the Old Town. New Town is more shopping and Old Town sights. Hotels in these areas are the more pricey ones, and cheaper ones are not too far away. Haymarket is 10 mins walk. Pilrig Street/ Newington/Murrayfield are a few minutes by bus and close enough for regular services. Check the Apex hotels - there are 3 around the city taht are central and cheap. One is right at the nightlife in the Grassmarket. There are a couple of Holiday Inn / Travelodge's centrally - St Mary's Street and Morrison Street"
William "Fucking" Wallace :
"There is a massive range of accomodation in Edinburgh, tourism is the main industry, so lots of things to see and do. Visit a street sealed off and built over during the plague (Mary Kings Close) Climb an extinct volcano (Arthurs Seat) Visit the castle For pubs Rose Street/ George Street is the place to go. Avoid Lothian Road and bring a truckload of cash."
Theluckyhedgehog :
"Princes street - Lothian road - Hanover street - Rose street - Leith walk. No festival attactions just now just normal shows i.e Ballet and Musicals however bars will have some live shows most nights. Some nice hotels at Haymarket area in edinburgh 5 mins walk to city centre."
Lt_x :
"Princes Street - George Street - Lothian Road - Leith Walk - and for shopping theres also down at ocean terminal and fort kinnaird !! Emm the big wheel etc.and the german market are there just now i think but not sure when they go away !! my dad works in the balmoral in princes street but thats quite dear really , theres the sherington hotel and the scotsman too which are all basically in the centre of town ."
Sluttty McSluttt :

looking for a child friendly restaurant for dinner, also anything I should see?

spear_1021 :
"Try the Hard Rock Cafe on George Street;it runs parallel to Princes Street - and of course check out the castle!"
da :
"There is a great Xmas fair on at Princes St Gardens , the Filling Station on the Royal Mile is good for kids , along with McDonald's etc .. enjoy ."
bluster :
"hi there, Edinburgh is a fantastic city n is very child friendly. I would definitely recommend going up to the castle, even if u don't do the tour it is still great just up the front. Its on a street called the 'royal mile'. Next to the castle there r loads of nice little eating places again child friendly n i don't mean bars. 'Princess street' which is the main street through the city centre, is very commercial but good for shopping, but can get busy. However if u go in December there is a Dusseldorf Christmas market on, this has lots of things to see, little unique stalls, kids rides, music the lot!! This is in the main park area just off princess street. Enjoy your trip, hope this is of help."
Pondlife :
"They dont serve children in Edinburgh but Chinese, Indian etc are all available"
bikerbear :
"how old are you ?? do you like playin with bradley bear ??? broxi bear is ma fav but bradley comes a close second !! he is cool xxxxxxxxx ya big hussie !!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
nev :
"Near the top of the royal mile, opposite St Giles is a restaurant called wannaburger... It is truly superb. You will never want to go to McDonalds again. Oh boy, my heart is definitely beating faster just thinking of those sweet, sweet bugers.... *drools* Sorry, having a Homer moment!"
L F :
xErin :

How old do you have to be to travel alone on British Airways? Or any other British airlines? Will i be able to travel on my own from Edinburgh to Holland if I'm 17? Thanks! x

nuclearfuel :
"British Airlines states that children up to the age of 12 must be accompanied by someone aged 16 or over. So yes, I think you're old enough to travel on your own if you're 17."


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Date: 2008-02-05 01:31:39

CIVIL LIBERTIES campaigners have accused airport chiefs of sneaking in mandatory fingerprinting of passengers on domestic routes without proper consultation. Heathrow Airport has quietly introduced compulsory fingerprinting and photographic profiling of passengers on domestic routes, including to Glasgow and Edinburgh, ahead of the opening of its..

Date: 2008-02-05 01:31:39

Everybody needs to party sometime, and with gobananas you can pretty much party all the time. We have partners all over the UK whose only interest is giving you a good time.

Date: 2008-02-05 01:31:39

Everybody needs to party sometime, and with gobananas you can pretty much party all the time. We have partners all over the UK whose only interest is giving you a good time.

Date: 2008-02-05 01:31:39

Everybody needs to party sometime, and with gobananas you can pretty much party all the time. We have partners all over the UK whose only interest is giving you a good time.

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