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The Eden Project is a large-scale environmental complex in Cornwall, UK. The project is located in a reclaimed china clay pit, located 1.25 miles (2 km) from the town of St Blazey and 3 miles (5 km) from the larger town of St Austell.The complex comprises a number of domes that house plant species from around the world, with each emulating a natural biome. The domes are made out of hundreds of hexagons plus a few pentagons that interconnect the whole construction together; each of these is a transparent cushion made of tough plastic. The first dome emulates a tropical envi

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KiKi :

I have a group on facebook for people who care about the enviroment and love the Eden Project!! Its a place for people to meet each other and discuss the environment and the Eden Project!! So far no-one has joined, and its pathetic as im the only one so please dont make me be on my own!! JOIN TODAY!! Here is the link: By the way the Eden Project is in the UK!!

Razzle :
"No thanks"
Leo :
"I have no problem with the Eden project , but i not to happy about the security of facebook.,so i will not be joining you"
RichMase :
"The irony of the Eden Project is that most of the country have to travel a massive journey to see it, once you get there you see little things that make you question what its purpose is. Is it carbon neutral? I doubt it. The electrical sub-station within the park is testament to that. All the staff go about the park on petrol driven buggies. It's ridiculously overpriced. The cafe is too close to the Biome so the rainforest smells like a burnt panini. There is nothing to do apart from look at banana trees. You don't get time to read anything because there's someone trying to get past you all the time."
Balamory86 :
"Yes of course I'll join your group, wheres the harm in it? I mean honestly people!"
samurai :
"You may post this on Google groups. Or you can buy attention."
sweta p :
"i have joined the group but i am curious..is this place frm UK also..cuz if it is then i have no clue ..but i have invited all my friends frm my list to join ..hopefull out of 75 even 30 joines den some1 will surely reply who knows about it and has knowledge about it...ill try to find out abt it too if i can.."
Stephanie C :

Has anybody been to Eden Project? Would you recommend it for small kids - 7 and 3?

helena :
"oh yes it will teach them all about science and its best to teach kids at a young age my boys are always asking me about things to do with life and how things work."
"yes their are things their for children,,and they may enjoy the rest of it as well,, I enjoyed it,, and their was a lot of children their as well of all ages"
Helga :
"I hate the Eden project!! Its rubbish, I live near it and its totally over rated. Don't waste your money!!! Go somewhere more interesting."
Sharon R :
"it was great especially the train ride down to the domes. Really interesting bananas on trees, very hot inside suggest you yake a large bottle of water with you - enjoy we did"
"Personally i would not take the kids,quite frankly its boring ,my friends teenage were bored stupid ,they spent over a 100 pound and were there about an hour ,if your kids are into plants then take them ,most kids arent ,what about flambards thats near there or crealy adventure park thats great for your age group kids thats assuming you are going when it gets a little warmer and the parks are open,best wishesxxx"
amanda s :

the eden project - describe and explain the location and climate of the tropical rainforest biome. please help!

Beth :
"Amanda, You've already been given the web site for the eden project. In case you've lost it, here it is again: You might also try this one: If you study it, I'm SURE you'll find the answers you need. You just need to take the time and effort to do it."


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Date: 2008-02-05 01:31:06

Rocker Peter Gabriel really believes in We7. After signing on to the project as a founding investor, Gabriel has provided money for a Series A round of funding for music download service. Spark Ventures and Eden Ventures have also joined in on this round, bringing the total amount for the Series A to $6 million.

Date: 2008-02-05 01:31:06

There are many elements which constitute a “green” architectural design: sustainable materials, effective insulation, intelligent choices to take advantage of elements like passive solar heating, etc. While we’re still a little hazy on the specifics of Edouard François’ latest project, Eden Bio, what appeals to us is the car-free layout.

Date: 2008-02-05 01:31:06

The building will be a model of cutting-edge architecture and technology, harvesting water and energy from the sun, wind, and rain to show how we all might live in the future.It will be a testament to one-planet living, built to the lowest possible carbon footprint and designed to last.

Date: 2008-02-05 01:31:06

the Eden Project: an extraordinary sustainable development centre built around massive geodesic domes in a disused clay pit in Cornwall, now one of the top ten tourist attractions in the UK. One of the four finalists is a project designed to be Eden’s next stage. It’s called The Edge - there’s a short film about it here.

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