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Dubai (in Arabic: دبيّ‎, Dubayy, pronounced /dʊ'baɪ/ in English) can either refer to one of the seven emirates that constitute the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the eastern Arabian Peninsula, or that emirate's main city, sometimes called "Dubai city" to distinguish it from the emirate.The modern emirate of Dubai was created with the formation of the United Arab Emirates in 1971. However, written accounts documenting the existence of the city have existed at least 150 years prior to the formation of the UAE. Dubai shares legal, political, military and economic functions with the other

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gymnast401 :

hey ppl....i was wondering if anyone has been to dubai or wants to go to dubai or knows anything about dubai. i want to know this stuff because i have a penpal in dubai!! thanks

Vanessa :
"Then why don't you ask your penpal?"
shiva_ni30 :
"i have not been to dubai.i have 1 friend she goes there and was saying that it was like paradise."
cubitpipi :
"Dubai is one of the seven emirates that make the United Arab Emirates (it's the second largest after Abu Dhabi). They speak Arabic, English, Urdu, Hindi, Persian, Punjabi, Malayalam and Tagalog.The annual month-long Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) draws shoppers from the Indian subcontinent and around the world. Attendance at the 2005 Festival topped 3.3 million visitors. Other, smaller shopping festivals, such as "Dubai Summer Surprises" are held throughout the year. The city has many malls such as City Centre, Lamcy Plaza, Al Ghurair City, Mercato Mall, Oasis Centre and Wafi Centre that have international stores, theaters, gaming arcades, and food courts. The Oasis Centre caught fire and received major damage on 9 September 2005. Two more shopping malls have recently opened, the Mall of Emirates, the third largest mall in the world, which also has the world's largest indoor ski slope, and the Ibn Battuta Mall. Soon to overtake the Mall of Emirates as the world's largest will be the Dubai Mall, part of the Burj Dubai development that will be home to the tallest building in the world when completed. Dubai hosts many world class sporting events, including the Dubai Tennis Open, Dubai Desert Golf Classic, and the Dubai World Cup, an annual horse racing event. The World Cup is world's highest stakes horse race, with over US $15 million worth of prize money handed out. Dubai currently has two waterparks in Wonderland and Wild Wadi with more being planned for Dubailand. Dubailand, an entertainment city vaguely planned off the concept of Disneyland was launched in October 2003. Through subsequent revisions, the master planned development will span over 3 billion square feet (300,000,000 m²) with the 1st phase to be completed by 2008. [6] A large population of prostitutes work in Dubai, spurred on by the large amount of tourism [7] Besides the obvious presence of prostitutes, however, Dubai also has a lively and well-known nightlife, with many state-of-the-art nightclubs and bars being strewed in all areas of the Emirate, mainly joined to hotels (properties not adjoined to hotels are not allowed to serve alcohol). Despite the relatively early closing time of 3am for these clubs, their trade is brisk."
medstedt :
"I've never been to Dubai but I have been to Abu Dahbi and let me tell you they do not like Americans! I was there in 92 long before the current actions going on in Iraq. I spent one night in a hotel there and wanted to go home the next day. Your penpal may be nice but as an American I wouldn't go to that area of the world. Not without a gun and a bunch of "friends"."

My folks are planning to take a trip to Dubai,Oman,Bahrain & those places. I have been to Dubai countless of times. I was just wondering what there is to do there now. I have some friends who are now working there & who are living there. I have done the jet skies,shopping & that what else is there to do???? One of my friends might also be coming up at the same time (the one my folks are not really fond of,I think because of his status & that). SO might be out with him sometimes but what else is there to do??????? Any ideas???

Aaron B :
"Hi I enjoyed it there too, why not try the new large ski slope or there is a water park near the Burj al Arab or take a desert safari in a 4x4 or simply sunbate and enjoy the heat!"
spreading :) smiles :
"mate !! what a question ! theres endless things to do in dubai and surrounding areas.... dune bashing, desert safari, shopping, ski-dubai, night life, wild wadi, arrange a night in the desert (tour companies do that), visiting gold souk gorgeous beaches - visit the parks the beaches are lovely and they have good facilities - jumeirah park, mamzar park etc and you can even arrange scuba diving / snorkelling lessons off muscat and khor fakkan ... although word of warning - traffic has gone CRAAAZY in dubai so allow plenty of time between malls etc... and avoid peak hours on the road if you can..... have fun !"
"LuckyStar" :
"In Dubai, besides of going to beach and do shopping you can visit wild wadi for Arabian-themed water park, if you want to experience snow ski in the desert heat, try the indoor ski slope, there are plenty of bars and clubs so you can hang out or have a bit of shisha in arabic cafe. In Oman, if you'll go to Muscat, the environment will be almost the same as in Dubai, but the different will the the environtment, the people will be more friendly and helpfull. Scuba Diving will be one best option, they have a very beautifull underwater view. Try to go to Salalah (more nature and cool weather -- destination for gateway of their overheated summer), as every year they have this Salalah festival. In Bahrain, you can go diving, visit "tree of life", watch horse racing etc. Mostly in this 3 country it will be almost the same experience, it's better if you plan your holiday, so that u dont miss out the things that you can do there. Try this link below and find out what you can do more there. Good Luck and have fun!!"
jay jay :
"Check out The Dubai City Guide for things to do in Dubai at Why not try parasailing or a trip over the desert in a hot air balloon or a little wadi bashing."
Fanano :
" [Fixed:] -Desert Safaris -Wild Wadi (Water Park) -Heritage Village -Ski Dubai -Wonderland -Malls & Shopping (one of the best in the word) -Dining (at many nice restaurants) -Hotels (THE BEST in the world) -Parks & Beaches [Changes by the day:] -Stand-ups & Concerts (Shakira, Russel Peters,....etc.) [Monthly/Annual Events] -Racings & Shows (Global Village [6months], Car show, AbuDhabi Forumla one, Horse Racing World Cup, Pedigree Dog Show, Circque Du Soleil,...many more) [And many more upcoming things:] -Burj Dubai (Tallest building/hotel in the world) -Dubai Mall (Largest Mall in the world) -The Palm Islands (Eighth wonder of the world) -The World (the whole world in islands!) - Dubailand (Bigger than DisneyLand in US) >> will be a real blast! (newspapers say it will include things about "Jurassic Park" too) -Dubai Metro (one of the three solutions that are under process to stop the traffic jams) - Mall of Arabia .. Also going to be amazing >> will have world's largest Starbucks >> Dubai is a very modernized and up-to-date country << It's the world's fastest improving city .. I guess that's enough to amuse me =) Regards, Fanano. Hope I Helped!"
sivasiva16siva :

any flights from singapore to dubai ??


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Date: 2008-02-05 01:29:40

Imagine going back 100 million years or more, to feel the mighty power of the cosmic forces that helped shape our planet, and come face to face with giant life-like dinosaurs. In Dubai, “Restless Planet” is a unique electronic media and natural history experience … where visitors enter a prehistoric world.

Date: 2008-02-05 01:29:40

Appearing on "Fox News Sunday", Sen. Clinton claimed the story was very one-sided and "an inaccurate description of what actually occurred." Clinton did not directly answer whether the deal was a quid pro quo, or explain the massive contributions that have come to her campaign from Dubai...

Date: 2008-02-05 01:29:40

Check out those pictures of Dubai, and all the future projects coming up.Impressive

Date: 2008-02-05 01:29:40

Tiger Woods entered the fourth round of the Dubai Desert Classic, on Sunday, four shots behind leader Ernie Els. Tiger shot a mesmerizing 65 to take the lead, and the win, away from Martin Kaymer.

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