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Coordinates: 51°38′37″N 1°09′57″W / 51.6435, -1.1657Dorchester-on-Thames is a village on the Thames in Oxfordshire, England. It is at the confluence of the River Thames with its tributary the River Thame. Correctly, the Thames is only so-named downstream of the village; upstream it is named the Isis, and Ordnance Survey maps continue to label the river as "River Thames or Isis" until Dorchester. Practically, however, this distinction is rarely used outside of the City of Oxford.The area has been inhabited since early times. On one of the Sinodun hills on the opposite side of t

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cay_damay :

I live in Dorchester. I have noticed recently that in certain parts of Dorchester, yuppies are coming in and swarming. They're leaving the South End and coming here. They want our victorian homes, and they want to feel like they're multicultural. (Look, there are black people on my street!) My question is, does anyone in Dorchester, who has lived here for a while (I've been here my whole life) think these new people are making a good change or a bad change? I'm up in the air about it. On the one hand, the new Blarney Stone is great, on the other, the Ashmont Grille is just awful. On the one hand, I like the dedication to the neighborhood, on the other, It's kind of pretentious to think that, after so many people have been working so hard to make Dorchester great, they can come in and change things in five years. I also suspect that most of them will be gone soon, when they start having kids and running away to the suburbs. What does everyone else think? If you didn't notice, this question is aimed at people in Dorchester, so take your ignorance elsewhere. Get your pansy ass to the suburbs where you belong and hide with all your homogenous rich jerkoff buddies behind your daddy's SUV. I'm sick of all this Dorchester bashing. I doubt you've ever been here at ALL.

Antonio :
"You wouldn't catch me in Dorchester after dark."
Avatar :
"I don't know anything about Dorchester, I'm in California. Just wanted to comment on your answer to the 'bestiality pride parade' question. YOU ROCK!!!!! The last sentence deserves an award. I was very impressed with your thinking! .....sorry for interrupting your question......"
Chris C :
"I grew up in Savin Hill, by the corner of Pleasant, near Galvins Grill, which is now the Harp and Bard. Before that, I lived on Neponset Ave at the end of Chickatawut St. I went to the Minot, The Woodie and The Burke for school and hung in The Port, Garvey Park, Savin Hill and Fields Corner. Had friends in Cedar Grove, Adams Village. I know Dorchester. To be honest, the last time ALL of Dorchester was actually NICE was the 1960s I remember the 70s in Dorchester when people were fleeing from the city because of school bussing and big houses were empty because no one wanted to buy them due to poor condition and high energy costs. A lot of homes were burned down, just so people clould collect the insurance and be disposed of the house. Hence all the empty lots along Dot ave, Blue Hill Ave, Columbia Rd, etc. By the 80s, a lot of the neighborhoods looked like a bomb went off. Then the Vietnamese and Cambodians moved in and took over. As much as people made them feel unwelcome, they built homes, opened businesses, re habbed houses, and contributed to the area. Now they are migrating to Quincy, leaving behind, once again, these beautiful big houses. In addition a lot of Old Time Dorchester residents that are...OLD, and dying off or selling at a huge profit and moving away. The black population has pretty much migrated to Randolph, Canton and Brockton. Thats a lot of empty apartments too! Whats left of Uphams Corner is in real need of a beauty make-over. No one has a lot of kids anymore, who could afford these huge victorian houses and apartments (condos), but Yuppies and Gay couples. Welcome them! They have income to invest in the community. If a person can afford to buy a home or condo in Dorchester, Southie or Roxbury today, they obviously have money. Be glad its not some sreeching douchebag, on Section 8 Housing, with 6 demented kids. I'd be less concerned with who is moving in, and thankful for who is moving out. The yuppies will keep the riff-raff out and the gays will decorate their houses. The property values will continue to rise. It's much better than seeing things decay. You aren't seeing the Red Line inprovements being made for people with no money. Right? Pretty soon you will new supermarkets and better streetlighting or other improvements. Another good thing is when 2 people move into a place where 4 people lived (or more), it makes parking a lot easier. Times change, Change with times. But stay involved with your neighborhood and take pride in where you live. Keep at the city to clean out and maintain empty lots in your area. Dorchester REALLY could be beautiful again. I believe it is on the way up. PS, Have you ever gone down Rull St or Trill St, off Hancock St in Uphams Corner? There is a small neighborhood of incredably gorgeous victorian mini-mansions there... but kinda run down. Another gem in the rough in Dorchester."
Kathie M :
"Hi: I lived on Adams street worked at Linda Maes and the Swiss House and all I can say is I'm still afraid in Dorchester. I know allot of awesome people who live there and they are also afraid. I have nothing against people of color but it's the druggies that i'm afraid of and there 's so many in Dorchester. If the yuppies are straight let them come in and welcome them."
mary l :

dorchester high dorchester ma

Teacher Man :
"The school website is located at: The School's "music" website is located at: But the site is extremely limited--no real information It looks like the school has a music program, but who the music teacher(s) are/is, your guess is as good as mine. Good Luck...."
kingkwakawak :

Can somebody PLEASE tell me who Lord Dorchester (Guy Carleton) is, and what he did that was important. I have some info, but not alot. PLEASE HELP. If you're reading this, please post an answer as to who Dorchester is, and what he did. THANK YOU SO MUCH

farien3 :
"This is going to change your life. There's a site called that is an actual ONLINE ENCYCLOPEDIA!! That's RIGHT! You can GO there, put in someone's name like for instance 'Guy Carleton' and find information about them!! WOW!!"
staisil :
"British statesman and general."
Peaches :
"Carleton, Guy, Lord Dorchester (1724-1808) British military officer; governor of Québec 1768 to 1778 and 1785 to 1795. He served under General Wolfe at the capture of Québec, he later became governor of the province after British merchants agitated for the removal of his predecessor, Sir James Murray. Like Murray, he was sympathetic to the French Canadians and supported their efforts to restore French civil law and remove barriers to Catholics serving in government posts. He defended Québec successfully during the American Revolution, and helped to settle the Loyalists in the province of Québec after the war, but was unsuccessful in opposing the division of Québec into Upper and Lower Canada as provided by the Constitutional Act, 1791."


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Date: 2008-02-05 01:27:55

President Pervez Musharraf on the final day of his UK visit on Monday urged the West to understand the challenges and problems facing Pakistan and said the country needs to be encouraged and supported in overcoming these obstacles and difficulties.Addressing senior members of the British media at Hotel Dorchester this morning, the President said h

Date: 2008-02-05 01:27:55

A Dorchester woman facing eviction following the foreclosure of her home won a reprieve yesterday morning after dozens of activists gathered outside to impede a constable from removing her and her possessions.

Date: 2008-02-05 01:27:55

Supermodel Kate Moss suing a British tabloid newspaper over claims she indulged in an orgy during her recent birthday celebrations.The News Of The World reported the 34-year-old catwalk beauty took part in a steamy sex session with two female models and a man at the Dorchester Hotel in London last Wednesday (16Jan08) night.

Date: 2008-02-05 01:27:55

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