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Donegal (Irish: Dún na nGall) is a town in County Donegal, in the Province of Ulster, in Ireland. Donegal (pronounced /ˈdɒnɨgɔːl/) is not the county town (capital) of County Donegal, despite being its namesake. Rather, the county town is Lifford, and Letterkenny is the county's largest town. Donegal town is situated at the mouth of Donegal Bay, on the River Eske and is overshadowed by the Bluestack Mountains. The town has been bypassed by the N15 and N56 roads. The Irish name translates into English as Fort of the Foreigners (Vikings).

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kaeswarvenkat :

Donegal is a town in County Donegal, Ireland. We , Indian People from Ireland wanted to Visit Donegal ,Some of them are saying that Donegal is a northen ireland so visa is required for visting , Please help us with the information. Thanks in Advance

barbara b :
"Donegal is part of the Irish Republic, while it is in Ulster, and in the north of Ireland it is not part of the UK. There are 9 counties in the province of Ulster 6 of which are under British rule, but there are 3, Donegal include which are part of the South. Monaghan and Cavan are the other 2"
Kevin K :
"Donegal is not part of Nothern Ireland it is in the Repubilic of Ireland. However if you do wish to visit the North a visa is not required just cross over the border no checks are made."
Fleadh Cheoil :
"Donegal, both Town and County,are part of the Republic"
notbreda :
"it is a part of Ulster, the northern province of the island, but it is not part of northern ireland. confusing, I know. my family is from cavan, another county in the same unique position."
kevin19713 :
"Donegal is the most northerly county in Ireland. Malin Head being the most northerly point in Ireland. However due to gerrymandering and the large percentage on catholics in Donegal, it is not part of "Northern Ireland"."
sar :
"Donegal is geographically in the north of Ireland, it is in Ulster, the northern province of Ireland but is is not part of Northern Ireland. It is a county of the Republic of Ireland, one of the 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland. No as far as I know you dont need a visa to visit, not if you arre travelling from within Ireland"
anne k :

Any Irish people here ? A long time ago, Irish friends called me "an Irish woman by heart" because I loved so much their beautiful country. I was 22 when I first visited Ireland, and since then I feel an attraction which is difficult to describe in my own language, let alone in English... I haven't been in Donegal for a long time, unfortunately I spent many years with a fisherman who wasn't interested in this county. I plan to go back next Spring. How is Donegal now? is it still possible to walk for hours and meet nobody except white headed sheep? are people still nice to foreigners or just waiting for tourists' money? Do the pubs close earlier? My favourite places in Donegal: Tra-na-Rossan, Mount Errigal, Aran island, Glencolumbkill and many more. Thank you for your answers!

poetrygirl on line :
"Yes Donegal is still thesame, I visit quite often as my favourite singer is Daniel O Donnell. it is a beautiful part of Ireland, as you say one can walk for miles without seeing a soul. I now live in Spain but prefer Ireland anyday."
edison :
"I haven`t been to Donegal but I have a CD track about it, it is one of my favourites,My father was Irish & came from Longford I have been to Ireland but, it was a long,long time ago, what I still remember is the Greens were Greener & the purple colour deeper than here as regards nature the air was purer as well & your English on here is fine.."
13caesars :
"Take a long walk north from Letterkenny up the shores of Lough Swilly and on beautiful summer's day and drink a pint of Bass at Martha's bar at Port Salon. If you walk that far, you'll be deserving of a few more! Or Fly into Donegal airport, hire a care and take your time exploring the far north west. Really off the beaten track and as pretty as southern Norway. Or Simply find a bar and just relax!"
Deana :
"Try these sites they might help answer a few questions for you "
leef :
"I live in Donegal, and right now it is being overwhelmed by holiday houses being allowed in the most scenic spots, spoiling it for everybody else. There has to be a flaw in your memory, Donegal hill sheep always used to have black heads and legs, but even that is vanishing since they crossbreed with Newzealand Texel. There are still lovely walks around Erigal and Dunlewy, also on Fannad and Inishowen, but the essential Donegal is on the wane. If you still want a taste of it, you'll have to get a move on. In a few years from now it will look like any other suburb of Dublin. Aran More is still there, and not much building going on there. Glencolumkill is too far away for me to know much about, sorry. But there is still traditional music on in Hudi Beag's in Bunbeg every Tuesday night, and Leo Brennan is still occasionally playing for the foreigners in his pub in Meenaleck although he must be 90 by now!"
Angel :
"Donegal is still as beautiful as ever!!! I go there every year as my 94 year old grandmother lives there. Its the most beautiful county in Ireland. Go back as soon as you can, you'll see nothing ever changes there, just the way i like it!!!!"
Super :
"j'ai pas le cerveau en état pour te répondre dans cette charmante langue ce matin , mais ça fait envie"
Melok :
"I was there earlier this year and it has not changed at all. Trust me on this. I'm from Cork myself and I really enjoyed it. Have a good holiday."
Dr. Zeuner :

If you've ever been to Donegal, live in Donegal or are going to Donegal then pay this site a visit:>

Jenny :
"yep lovely place"
redunicorn :
"Yes I was there on tour last summer. Loved it."
Abbymex :
"Yes I was there this april, and it is beautiful, we went to Malin Head, and it was freezing, but well worth it!!!"
Diane :
"Yes, its very nice, but its always raining there"
caoimhemorris2002 :
"Yep its lovely"
princess joanne :
"Ive lived in Ireland all my life so off corse I've been to donegal.I went to carn dunah.Thats not the right but thats how you pronounce it.We had to leave because we couldn't understand a fecking WORD that was being said to us!so we went to africa.Carn Dunah in Donegall to Cabwui in Zambia.It was like moving from a photgraph to its negative!"


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Date: 2008-02-05 01:27:40

Scottish Christians. This is an article about Columba. St Columba is famous for introducing Christianity to the Picts of the North Western part of Scotland and also famous for his works in Iona. He was born in 521 in County Donegal in Ireland. He was known as either Columba, Colm Cille or Columcille during his mission.

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It seems that the land of green hillsides, poets, and Guinness now has a new cultural phenomenon - ninjas fighting in the streets!

Date: 2008-02-05 01:27:40

This rock is in Grainne's Gap between Derry and Donegal. Eroded over thousands of years into....a duck.

Date: 2008-02-05 01:27:40

David Wolfe, creative director of The Doneger Group, a fashion-forecasting firm in New York City, is like a typical 20-something. He spends his time listening to the latest indie bands, hanging out with hipsters in the park, watching countless hours of MTV and browsing trendy boutiques, trying to spot the next fashion trend.

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