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shoulderdusters :

I will be in Italy - Venice mid December for 3-4days and am thinking of making a 1 - 2 day sidetrip to the Dolomites, for some snowshoeing (objective: experience some snow!). So far i can only find 1-day trips to Dolomites (to towns/valleys) online but cant find any 1 - 2 days snoeshow hike trip/tour (ie. trekking in the mountains). Anyone can advise how possible is it to do something like this?!! (just a 1-day tour would be ideal). Are there any tours catering to this or do i have to go on my own?

martox45 :
"Here is a few links for yr checking. All of them should be able to organize for you a one day trip of snowshoeing on the Dolomites. I wish it helps."
lucy j :

I'm currently making a brochure on Trekking in Alta Via 2. I need your help to fill in some bits and pieces. 1. List specific equipments needed for the topographical route based on the terrain. 2. The Historical and natural aspects of the area. 3. The travel arrangements and of how to get to that location 4. List potention dangers or threats or health issues when trekking in Alta Via 2. I've been getting different answers for the duration of the trip like one site says it is 6 to 8 days and approx 75km and other site says it is 10 to 15 and approx 150km. Why is that???? nah you've got it all WRONG. Don't just earn free points and give me answers you don't even know

Just Try It :
"I think questions 1-4 are answered on the web sites you have been looking at. If not, try these. The different answers appear to be the difference between a one way trip vs. a round trip."
Jessica :

I would like to take a day trip there to go hiking. Is it possible? Thanks for any help.

couchmonkey69 :
"Check Depending on when you're travelling, they list schedules and prices. Good luck!"
jette n :
"you ask a travel agancy"
Ju :
"Hi Jessica, I'm also thinking of doing a hiking trip in the dolomites. My hubby and i will be in venice and would be making a 1-day trip to Cortina D'Ampezzo. Had been doing plenty of research on this so let me share what i've come up with :) Assuming you are going to Cortina: You can take a train from Venice St. Lucia (at Mestre) to Calalzo. From here, there will be a shuttle bus to the ski resort. Train: 2hr 43mins (if direct, there are some non-direct routes). Shuttle bus: approximate 1 hour Train - Shuttle bus (Calalzo - Cortina) - Alternatively, you can take a bus. Which is direct from Venice to the ski resort. But be mindful that during certain periods, it doesnt run daily. Check out the timetable. If you are not looking at Cortina, you can use Trenitalia website to check out the train timetables. Hope this helps."


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Date: 2008-02-05 01:27:22

A collection of most interesting photographs from the Dolomites in 2007

Date: 2008-02-05 01:27:22

The Ducati Desmosedici GP8 launch was set in the breathtaking scenery of Madonna di Campiglio in the Trento Dolomites. Includes an awesome shot of the two riders carving out the ice which encloses the new Ducati!

Date: 2008-02-05 01:27:22

Huge landslide at the Dolomites in Italy, fortunately still no injured people or victims, but a huge cloud of dust everywhere in the valley and fear of new landslides.

Date: 2008-02-05 01:27:22

While surfing the net today, I came across an upcoming movie from the Wayans brothers. The title was Super Bad James Dynomite and is based on a comic the brothers put out recently. The title character is James Dynomite, an ex-cop turned neighborhood hero who works out of New York city. He is described as Shaft, Dolomite, an

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