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Djerba is a popular tourist destination, particularly for French, German, Italian and Czech tourists. It is one of the few remaining places in Tunisia where a Berber language is still spoken. Another factor drawing some tourists to Djerba is the 1977 location of the Mos Eisley exterior scenes in the first Star Wars movie, filmed in the town of Ajim.

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Lady :

Hi, can we drive from Tunis to Djerba or is it better to fly? We are going to Djerba for 4 days (4 people). How are the roads, how long will it take for us to do the trip, is it easy to rent a car there - is it expensive? Sorry, loads of questions. We are very excited..... Is the scuba diving good in Djerba? Thanks Thanks for the info. Is the trip nice - wrt what you can see on your way? Or do you think it is wiser to fly and enjoy the time in Djerba?

tunisianbelle :
"****EDIT There are a bunch of nice places to see on the way, but if you want to take time to enjoy them you'd spend at LEAST a day traveling. You could do a day traveling there, and a day traveling back and pick what you want to see on each trip. Along the way there is: *Matmata -a UNESCO world heritage site preserved for it's underground houses and is one of the filming locations of Star Wars. On site there is a hotel made from part of the set and it's a really neat experience if you choose to spend the night there. *El Jem -houses the largest in tact Romen Coliseum outside of Italy *Gabes (well, really the outskirts) - has a beautiful oasis I liked driving because I like to see the different towns along the way (they all have their uniqueness) and my husband loves to eat mischwi (barbecued lamb). Here is a blog I wrote about our trip to Djerba (also includes photos):-?cq=1&p=1787 You are welcome to read any of my blogs and look at any pictures as well.**** . It is possible to drive from Tunis to Djerba, but it will take you the better half of the day to do it. From where I live in Monastir (2 hours south of Tunis) it took us about 6 hours to drive to Djerba. The roads are fine and you will not have any problems. There is an autoroute (highway) from Tunis to Sfax, but after that you have to take the National Highways, which are just 2 lane roads and do not go as fast. It is very easy to rent a car. Prices depend on the type of car, and for how long you rent for. On average the cost of renting a car is about 70TDN. There are places that do scuba diving in Djerba, however I have never been. I would imagine that it's very lovely because the scuba diving here in Monastir is wonderful. Djerba is such an exciting place to go! I really liked it there! If you have any more questions, or if I can be of any more assistance, please feel free to contact me."
brickyellowbox :

How far is the island from sousse or tunis? Would it be more ideal to spend a holiday in Djerba than the other resorts on the mainland?

robinovak :

I'm going to Djerba in May (Diar Yassine hotel) and like to find out prices of organized site-seeing, island tours, Berberic folklore evening, price of renting a safe in hotel and prices of food and drink in hotel.

poison ivy :
"I have been to Djerba many times back in 1998. From what i can recall, the food and drinks in hotels arent that expensive. probably around USD10 average. I didnt get to go for tours or stuff like that as it was a working trip and i only had a day each time. But things are really affordable. Gosh i miss the grill fish there. It comes with some chili paste but they are damn yummy."
sonya b :
"Being from Djerba, I know a lot about it. I am also going to djerba in May. It is very nice--my favorite place to go. One of the best things to do is go to Ras-erramel--a smaller island off the coast of djerba--they take you by boat and you spend the day there and it is amazing. Also, Houmt Souk--the capital--is very nice for souvenir shopping. Another amazing place is the touristic zone (zone touristique) where most of the tourists go site seeing and it is the home of the best beaches and Djerba explore which is another really nice place to see. I hope this has helped you and I hope you have fun!"
Mohamed Tahar b :
"Hi Robinova, good evening every body, First off, welcome to Tunisia, to Djerba which is my native island. I think that you mean " yasmine hotel " in Dar Djerba complex ,or " Djerba Jasmina " .here is a web site where you can have practical informations about Tunisia with many links As far as the sightseeing you can have many optional tours organized by the local travel agencies,sorry I don't have their prices in mind, but I can forward them to you,just let me know by e-mail..for the safety box in the hotel the renting will not exceed 3 dinars/day ( about 3 us $ or 2.5 £ ). The food and beverage are not expensive in the local restaurants. Have a nice holidays."
tunisianbelle :
"The island of Djerba is beautiful. It is is the largest island off North Africa, located in the Gulf of Gabes and is a popular tourist destination. The charm of Djerba lies in it's simplicity. The tourist zone offers good night life, but other than that people come for rest and relaxation. Djerba is one of the few remaining places in Tunisia where the Berber language is still spoken. On the island of Djerba, there are many villages, but almost no towns. The only real town is the beautiful Houmt Souq. Houmt Souq is quite different from any other Tunisian town south of Sidi Bou Said (located in the suburbs of the capitol - Tunis), which could be considered as its lost brother. Here there is the Djerban Marina. There is a boat ride from 9-3 that takes you out and does animation. They feed you grilled fish, some appetizers, do face paintings for the kids, and the staff are all dressed as pirates. In the summer they even let you stop to swim in the Sea. There is also a famous restaurant called Restaurant Essoufra. This restaurant offers EXCELLENT authentic Tunisian food, a great atmosphere, and extremely reasonable prices. A great experience to have! Many travelers arriving at Djerba pass through the village of Ajim, the 1977 location of the Mos Eisley exterior scenes in the first Star Wars movie. More picturesque however is the little visited city of Guellala with it's museum of ancient Tunisian traditions. The things here are very simple. The people running the shop will in a friendly manner show you the different parts of the workshop, and if you leave without buying anything, they just say good bye with the same friendliness, before lying down on the bench next to the tiny door leading up into the kitchy main street. If you give yourself some time, you will soon have the local specialty demonstrated, the magic camels: A mug with a spout as a camel's head, and then a hole in the bottom and the top. You pour water into one hole, turn the camel, and the water doesn't leak out. Many visitors are intrigued by the presence of Jews, whose main synagogue is in Hara Sghira. It is the second most holy place for Jews, while the majority of Tunisian Jews live in Hara Kebira. One of the most photographed places in Djerba is the mosque in El May. Unfortunately, many of the people visiting Djerba, only stay in the Zone touristique, and never get to see any of the great small places of this island. Down by the sea side, the fort Borju l-Kabir, has admission and is well worth the walk down from town center. Borj el-Kebir, sometimes called Borj Ghazi Mustapha, has had many owners over the years. It was the Romans building the first recorded stronghold here, but it was the king of Sicily, Roger de Lluria, who in 1289 built the very first fortress. Not far off the coast of Djerba is Scorpion Island. Legend has it that a long time ago the ruler of Djerba built himself a fortress on a small island just off the coast because his sons kept getting killed by scorpions. He built the fortress for him and his last son to live in. One day went ashore to Djerba to buy grapes for his son, and upon giving the grapes to his son, the last son died because hidden inside the grapes was a a small scorpion. There is also an interesting place called Parc Djerba Explore. There are three main themes running throughout the park, but the only one that interested my son was the crocodiles. In an area of over 20000 meters square there are over 400 crocodiles. The staff were very friendly and knowledgeable and answered all of our questions along with giving us some useful bits of information. Please feel free to look at my pictures of Djerba as it is a beautiful island:-?cq=1&p=1787 Excursions are usually run through a tour company located in your hotel. The island is so small though, and only a ten minute ferry ride to the main land that you might enjoy renting a car and exploring yourself. Neither of these options have a set price as it depends on which company you go with and where you go, or who you rent from. Food and drink inside your hotel is likely to be more expensive than if you go outside. Expect a pizza from a hotel to cost anywhere from 5-10TDN per pizza (one pizza serves one person), where as in an restaurant outside the hotel it'll only cost you 3-5TDN. Safes in hotels should only cost you 3-5TDN a day, but some of the higher class hotels offer them for free. Diar Yassine Hotel *** Zone Touristique, BP 106 4116 Midoun, MEDINE Phone: + Fax: + The situation of this hotel puts you in a good location. I passed by it many times when we were visiting Djerba. I remember it because it has the same name as my husband! Anyways, it didn't seem like a bad looking hotel, although we never went inside. It's placement puts you close enough to the Sea to go swimming and have some fun in the sun, it leaves you far enough away from the "city" that you won't be bothered, yet it also leaves you close enough that if you want to venture in to the city and explore the souk or market or shops you can. This site is in French, but offers some nice pictures of the hotel, in case you haven't seen them before. If I can be of any more help or assistance, please feel free to contact me, and I hope you have a wonderful time here!"


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