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The prospect of a Disney park in France was a subject of debate and controversy. Critics, who included prominent French intellectuals, denounced what they considered to be the cultural imperialism, or ‘neoprovincialism’ of Euro Disney and felt it would encourage in France an unhealthy American type of consumerism. For others, Euro Disney became a symbol of America within France. On June 28, 1992 a group of French farmers blockaded Euro Disney in protest of farm policies the United States supported at the time. A journalist in the French newspaper Le Figaro wrote, “I wish with all my hea

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fruite43 :

Im off to Disneyland Paris soon and was wondering what the Disney Village is? Also can people recomend the best places to eat and share their experiences of Disneyland Paris please?

coopsradar :
"not really a fan of micky mouse, and if he spoke to me and he had a frech accent well violence would ensue"
lynn l :
"disney village is a shopping and entertainment area there are a few restaurants a cinema and a large hot air ballon that you can go up in.disney land paris is fun ,the rides are good and the park is very pretty but it is always busy and the french are very rude.the other thing is it is also very expensive so take plenty of money.sorry cannt recommend any restaurants as we were only there for a couple of days so we lived of fast food."
Beauty Spot :
"Disney Village is alive with a pulsating vibe and a magical atmosphere throughout the day and long into the night, with non-stop entertainment and unforgettable themed dining experiences at every turn. Your adventure begins under the plethora of neon lights and colourful, glowing balloons, as you step onto Main Avenue and into a world where anything can - and probably will - happen. Buffalo Bill shows you how the west was won in one evening, King Ludwig invites you for a fantastical Bavarian meal at his castle and the irrepressible enjoyment of shopping grabs you at nine magical stores. And then, just when you thought you'd seen it all, the incredible PanoraMagique Balloon takes you soaring to dizzying heights, to see the magic like you've never seen it before. Need to taste the magic? Disney Village has something for everyone. Enjoy a fun-filled feast with the Disney characters at Café Mickey, or join the "Happy Days" atmosphere at Annette's Diner for a delicious all-American burger meal. Rainforest Cafe takes you deep into an enchanted rainforest for a delicious meal amongst elephants, giraffes and more, whilst those looking for a more sophisticated dining experience can't go wrong with the elegant Chicago style of The Steakhouse. Once you've enjoyed a delicious dining experience, head off to the Disney Store, Hollywood Pictures or World of Toys for some unrivalled, leisurely Disney shopping fun. If you've still got some energy left for more exciting activities, head to NEX Fun Bowling & Arcade or the amusements at the Lake Disney marina. Or, should you need an adventure without the effort, sit back and relax with the latest blockbuster at Gaumont Cinemas or experience cinema so real you can feel it, at Gaumont IMAX."
crido :
"i went disneyland last year and there are underground caves and we saw jack sparrow under there and we thought he was a pisshead cos he was like, Go away u stupid little things. lol. Go in the Smoky Joes Texan cook up, i think thats what its called cos there is amazing food there!"
sophie :
"i've been 5 times the disney village is just a small area loads of shops, restaurants and night life.right next to the lake and disney parks. gets qiute busy at night. have eaten at the rain forest cafe- no different to the british ones and at mickey cafe certain times of the day all the characters go there so great for kids. the best time we had was at the billy bob show(think thats the name). good food great entertainment even if your not in to horses. to be honest a lot of the restaurants are smilar burgers, chicken, hotdogs and chips. not much else but still a great place to go with or without kids. ps is quite expensive"
SkyKittie :

Me and my family are going to Disneyland Paris on the 16th Oct to 19th Oct and we have never been before can anyone suggest the best things to do there that wont break the bank?

Rodiak :
"This might help: "
Andy S :
"Don't eat in the themed restaurants...plenty of other reasonable places to eat....you'll love it....enjoy...."
mailattu_2009 :
"i have been there and to the one in orlando also, though ill tell you one thing which is the cheepest and the best, start out early in the morning from paris, go to disney land, and if you spent like 7 hours over there, ill be more than enough, then come back to paris (the main city) i didnt find the paris disney land that great.. the orlando one was just topoooo goood.."
Janbull :
"I went a couple of years ago and everyone who I knew that had been previously moaned about the prices. I didn't spend much at all and found it to be quite reasonable there all in all."
"Leave quickly and get into Paris. The place is a dump!"
assassin :
"its a great break and not too expensive so just be careful, best thing is the illuminated parade at night"
Anu :
"30 km east of Paris, Paris, France It is a magical world out there. Neverland is in your own backyard. All you Peter Pans, head on to Disneyland Paris. It's a world like no other. And if you grew up on Walt Disney movies like most of the world, see your favorite characters up-close and personal. Sure it may not be the same as meeting Tom Cruise or Johnny Depp, but it still will be great fun!"
sarah h :
"spend all your time on the rides. theese are free once in there. its easy for people to say not to eat at the themed restaraunts and to eat cheaper well i have been 3 times and done this every time and have been sick. personally it depends on what sort of quality you want. the shops are quite expensive because everything has the disneyland logo on. if buying gifts for relitives then buy sweets or chocolates they arnt too pricy. have a great trip."
sylvanhue :
"The parades are excellent and cost nothing. Also all the characters from Disney walk around and there are various free activities for children. Look up the Disneyland website and plan your trip before you go as there is so much to do ."
jonti1725 :
"Ok... First thing... you WILL have a wonderful time... ignore those that always knock Disney [especially Disneyland Paris - yes it had teething troubles... but NEVER with entertainment and magic - only with the financial structuring in those early days] What to do when you're there... you will probably manage it all in the few days that you are there.. Always get into the parks as they are opening.. if possible breakfast in the park as you will jump the queues to the rides... Magic Kingdom... If you have very youg children Fantasyland fills up quickly... certain rides are no-ni's after the first hour as they are slow-loaders and take an eternity to wait for [Dumbo and Peter Pan] so if you don't ride them in the first hour.. don't waste your timb waiting.. However, with Peter Pan there is a fastpass option... you simply insert your admission ticket into a machine and it gives you a "fastpass" to ride later between certain time slots.. when you do this you will by-pass the queue... The fastpass also operates on Big Thunder Mountain [another long queue], Space Mountain [do not miss], Star Tours and Indiana Jones... I hear that Buzz Lightyear might be open now... if it is as good as the one in Orlando it will be brilliant and will also probably operate via a fastpass. By the way it states that you can only have 1 fastpass at a time... this is not true.. you can get more than 1 if you try for passes on different rides. If you can always try to catch the shows that are available at certain theatres throughout the day.. these and the parades are the things that make Disney stand out from the other theme parks. In the Magic Kingdom other good rides are Phantom Manor [great after dark], Pirates of the Carribbean [no queues late in the day] Honey I Shrunk the Audience and It's a Small World - none of which offer Fastpasses. To eat I would suggest a chep option as the Cowboy Cookout in Frontierland or either Col. Haathis Piza or Hakuna Matata in Adventureland.. In the Disney Village Annettes Diner is always an entertaining meal. In the Disney Studios the Carpets of Agrabah and Rock'n'Roller Coaster [do not miss] are fatspass rides... also do not miss the backstage tour, animation tour and the stunt show spectacular - all excellent. Foor food in the studios - Casscadeurs or the central cafe in Studio 1 are the best. If it happens to be raining there is a covered walkway that runs from one side of the aprk to the other that most people don't realise exists. [It used to be shown on maps when the aprk 1st opened but isn't any longer] It is also the quickest way to cross the park... - Simply take the left hand covered arcad from the Town Suare at the bottom of Main St, go to the top and turn left as you emerge abd follow the covered passage alon into Frontierland - keep going straight passing accross the entrance to the Fort and walk on so that you pass the toilets on your left - this leads you to Adventureland and into the entrance "souk" hook around the front of the shops - keeping them on your left - and re-enter the undercover section alll the way down [past the phones] to the end of the path by Pirates of the Carribbean and Peter Pan. If you are staying in an on site hotel - use the busses to travel to and from the park.. I hope you have a wonderful break... my family has on numerous occasions."
purplegeko :
"The daily parade as well as the special Hallowe'en parade they do during october"
Little Miss E :

me and my boyfriend want to take our children to disneyland paris one is 14 the other is 4 does anyone know a rough price and any advice

Rillifane :
"Adult: 47€ Child (aged 3-11 years inclusive): 39€ For further information:"
brown eyed girl :D :
"plan what rides you wanna go on first, otherwise you'll be stuck in ques! i can't rember the name but the massive rollercoaster in the space area breaks down all the time so if u get stuck in a que there just move on!"
kofrozy2 :
"i do not know the price, but i can help you with some info about the park from a past visit: euro disney is really nice, most of the rides are in french and english, and it is like the regular disneyland/world, except with a more european flair. I went when i was about 13 and had a lot of fun, so your 14 year old should still have a lot of fun. some of the rides went faster (as in the speed of the ride itself), but other than that mostly the same rides. it is really a good treat to go in french, and it can help you learn french while your at it. just don't trick your kids saying your going to Versailles and end up going to eurodisney instead..."
Pete N :
"Don't bother..take the young 'uns to Florida to the one there, and make a nice holiday of it. The Paris one is awful..very expensive.. At least the weather will be better..plus I have friends in Spain, who said there's a rumour...(mmm)....that Paris will close due to lack of visitors, and that Disney has bought land to move site from Paris to near Estepona near Gibraltar. Well better weather there too..."
Hugo Fitch :
"Yes, don't bother! Take the children to Paris instead. I'm frankly amazed that the French of all people allowed this "cultural Chernobyl" onto their soil! Disney is rubbish!"
laplandfan :
"At the moment under 12's go free!!! I would ring the Disneyland Paris direct to book using their website. Approx price is difficult to estimate as it depends on which Disney hotel you stay in. Santa Fe is the cheap budget end Disney hotel and Disneyland Hotel is the best hotel with 5 star service! I have been three times and enjoyed each visit. I have stayed in 3 different Disney Hotels so can advise you on what MY opinion was of each: Santa Fe Hotel - Cheapest hotel and it did lack the Disney magic. Has a Mexican theme. No thrills rooms. I did not really enjoy this hotel. It was my least favbourite. Hotel New York - Excellent hotel based on New York so great fun. The rooms are great with tea making facilities. The Manhatton restaurant does a mean Manhatton Burger!!! Disneyland Hotel - The most expensive BUT was my favourite as it was fairytale like and full of extra touches such as leaving choc coins on your pillow and bed turn down service. Lovely decor in side and rooms lovely. 5 star service but remember restaurant dining is 5 star prices. I would still go back to the New York one as we all loved that too. My 2 sons prefereed it. Another tip is be sure to have dinner one night at the Blue Lagoon Restaurant which is based next to the pirates of the Caribean ride. Awesome food, reaosnably priced with great views of the ride inside a grotto! Disneyland Paris IS expesive so take plenty of Euro's! We always go by Eurostar from London as it takes you right into the Disney Resort. Have experienced halloween and christmas in Disney. If you go in peak times then you will pay more. I too have heard that Eurodisney is moving to Spain. It is far too out of the way in Paris (vast outskerts at that!)"
jescikka :
"The cheapest way to go is one of the coach companys. I have also driven there and was surprised how easy that was, There are many bargains about and free child places so its worth shopping around. Also if you have saved tescos points you can exchange them for 4 times there face value towards the cost of a holiday to disney."
Sam Edwards :
"there are many around Disneyland, check this link, i hope you will find something good"
Dazza :
"go to they often have special offers like kids go free, cheap accom etc etc. Last time I went (Nov 07) it cost us £35 per adult to get in."
tojo_98 :
"Do you want a hotel to stay in, where are you flying from? Flights using easyjet.com and flybe.com average at about £150 per person return to Paris CDG, and a hotel in the park (with breakfast and park tickets), are as little as £92 per night. Check out to find out more. I do recommend you book travel and accommodation seperate, you will save a fortune. Plan your rides in advance and find the McDonalds in the Disney village to save money."


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Date: 2008-02-05 01:26:12

Take a break to Disneyland in Paris.

Date: 2008-02-05 01:26:12

Euro Disney S.C.A., the operating company behind Disneyland Resort Paris, this week announced a 20% revenue increase in its First Quarter 2008 results. The resort reports increases in attendance, guest spending and hotel occupancy.

Dean Jakson
Date: 2008-02-05 01:26:12

Man this camera sucks!

Date: 2008-02-05 01:26:12

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