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Coordinates: 48°27′23″N 2°02′56″W / 48.45639, -2.04889Dinan (Breton: Dinan, Gallo: Dinan) is a walled Breton town and a commune in the Côtes-d'Armor département, France. It is one of France's most attractive walled towns.// Geography and natural featuresIts geographical setting is exceptional. Instead of nestling on the valley floor like Morlaix, most urban development has been on the hillside, overlooking the river Rance. This river has moderate turbidity and its brownish water is somewhat low in velocity due to the slight gradient of the watercourse; pH levels have been me

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mochi mochi :

I've seen quite a few BMWs with the Dinan ornament on the back of it. Usually on M3s or M5s...what does this mean? One of my friends told me that to reach Dinan status, you have to drop at least 10 grand into your already expensive car. Trus?

abfabmom1 :
"Steve Dinan is a car designer. It's kinda like having a Shelby. Yes, it's more expensive, but essentially only because it's that much nicer. I understand that in the Dinan version, even the length and weight of each screw is considered in the design."
Tirdad B :
"Dinan is a package ( modification ) specialized in high performance parts and accesories, A full package may cost even more than 15 grand. With some packages you might get Engine perfomance enhancing modifications , body kits , and suspention and breaking system modifications. For better handling and driving."
bimmer5427 :
"Like the others said Dinan is a BMW performance aftermarket company. In order to "earn" the Dinan badge you have to build up points by buying their products. So if you see someone with a Dinan badge on their car, they did drop major coin into it, but they also got bent over in the process. It's not that Dinan stuff is crap, but it is ridiculously overpriced when compared to stuff that is just as good, if not better. That's why, on most BMW boards, Dinan is generally considered to be bought by suckers. (I'm not knockin anyone, but it is the truth). But Dinan has a cushy deal with BMW North America which allows them to market their products at BMW dealerships, so they remain one of the more popular tuners for people who don't know about all of the other high quality BMW tuners which sell their stuff for half the price of Dinan."
Ken C :
"Dinan is for Steve Dinan, the California based BMW tuning shop owned and operated by Mr Dinan. Dinan tuning options are conservative and expensive. You get a lot more for your money if you use another tuner. But Dinan has a reputation, so people pay extra for the brand name. They are also friendly to California owners as they get most of their tuning kits CARB approved for CA motorists."
attorneyscott :
"Dinan is a tuner. A highly reputable tuner. Probably the best BMW tuner. In fact, their products do not void BMW's warranty. "
bellabellasiciliana :

I have E39(528i,Auto/Steptronic) and I want to put Dinan S-package...good idea/bad idea?suggestions?a little more info about Dinan it's just 528, but i want somehow slightly improve the performance..what's the options

zorrodelavega (quelo) :
"I'm italian, and I have an old E30 (318i), and I love it... me, too i'd like to upgrade it bar I'm waitin' till I make more money, DInan chips are good, look for info on past Bimmers models and forums on that's where I always check sicily is a beautiful island, I come from sardinia, but now I live in ROme"
Kyle G :
"Dinan is definitely a good company however, they are one of the most expensive companies. Their software has also been known to run a bit lean which isn't great for engine life. The set up below would save you a bit of money. Remember to do all your regular maintenance before performance upgrades! Search around on the TMS web site and also on UUC and other BMW friendly tuner sites. I would recommend for the engine: Turner Motor Sports software, Conforti Cold Air intake, and a nice exaust system For the Suspension: H&R/Bilstein"
Sam S :
"Are you single? (Seriously...) It’s refreshing to see a Lady with a penchant for cars... A Dinan S-Package would be the best choice. But it is prohibitively expensive. To me a Dinan makes the most sense because the parts are under warranty and certified by BMW AG. Dinan was founded by Steve Dinan a preeminent BMW figure in North America. Dinan has a tried and tested race history as well as producing, in limited quantities, truly magnificent cars well retaining BMW’s original intent. Dinan packages start small. Typically a Software Re-Flast, a High-Flow Air Intake and a Free Flow Exhaust. All of that yields about 15-20 brake horsepower (BHP,) that will be a noticeable difference in performance. It will probably knock about 1/3 of a full second off your 0-60 time. It will also minimally affect your gas mileage. The S package will also improve your suspension, adding rigidity and stability to your car. So when you are in a hard corner, your BMW stays more level and, thus, has better grip and puts power-to-pavement more efficiently. Upper Dinan Packages affect Suspension and provide more power. A Supercharger may up your horsepower to almost a 150 bhp gain. That would be a seriously noticeable difference. That would probably take a full second off a 0-60 time. You would be lightning fast. In your E39 528i, that would probably put you at 320 bhp total. That’s very fast. A Supercharger would be seriously expensive, from Dinan, expect to put in about $7,500. That’s a lot. I would start with an S package from Dinan, that’s $2395.00. The Dinan S-Package would minimally improve performance. But you would still notice it. Dinan is THE name in BMW tuning in the USA. There are others that have very good products, but unlike Dinan, they cannot be serviced at your local BMW dealership. If you elect to not use Dinan, below are some good tuners and/or Parts Suppliers: Active Autowerke Turner Motorsport Bavarian Autosport UUC Motorwerks I would say go with Dinan, just because you can get their parts services at a BMW dealership, that’s really nice. Dinan is tested and a good brand. You made the right choice. So...How about dinner sometime?"
Andy G :

I asked a Dinan rep what the "real" scoop was on the well-known, much-discussed subject of sub-frames ripping out of e46 and e36 cars. He looked at me like I just asked him to slit his own throat. Doesn't know WHAT I'm talking about.... never even heard of it. I got the impression he was subject to the official BMW policy of denying this known defect until someone shoves concrete proof down their throat. I thought Dinan was independant.

bizlar2002 :
"I have owned 2 e36's for 3+ years, and have been an e36 fan for about 5 years... i participate heavily in online BMW forums such as dtmpower.net ..... I have never heard of the sub frame ripping out. Dinan is not owned by BMW."
bj :
"Dinan is an independent company. I also own an e36 and there is a problem with the sub frames ripping out, but only on true track cars. This is actually an easy fix by installing either a X-brace, or sub frame gussets. I've never actually heard of one ripping out on a street bimmer, especially ones with open differentials. I've only met one person ripping out a sub fame, which he accomplished while hitting a curb doing a donut in a corvette."
george.m :
"I have not seen or heard of sub frames ripping out. i own two of the BMW.one E 28 and E 36.still going strong and no such signs of ripping. this frames could get ripped if you are driving at sea water flooded areas.And not washing the under carriage for a long long time. My under carriage for both cars looks new."
M3Owner :
"Dinan is affiliated with BMW; they aren't owned, but entered into a partnership; Dinan parts are sold in BMW dealerships, and Dinan cars are warrantied. I would assume it's the warranty part that would make a Dinan employee reluctant to talk about the sub-frame issue. The sub frame issue is fairly common (as is the RTAB issue) on street cars, at least with e46s. There are aftermarket kits for sub frame reinforcement - search on somewhere like m3forum."


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Date: 2008-02-05 01:23:41

Dinan upgrades for M5 and M6

Date: 2008-02-05 01:23:41

So you don’t like the new body style of the new E60 BMW M5 (2006 – present), but love the awesome performance that comes with it. Well, Dinan has a solution for you and it is call the E39 BMW M5 Dinan S3 (1999-2003 E39 body style).

Date: 2008-02-05 01:23:41

Writes Mr. Dinan: “Republican Sens. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and John McCain of Arizona both went to check with Mr. Kennedy before casting their votes to match his. Soon after, (Arizona Republican Sen. Jon) Kyl also switched his vote to match Mr. Kennedy’s.” The amendment was defeated. All three of these proudly claim to be conservatives.

Date: 2008-02-05 01:23:41

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Dinan ( Breton : Dinan , Gallo : Dinan ) is a walled Breton town and a commune in the Côtes-d'Armor département , France . [1] It is one of France's most attractive walled towns

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BMW tuner in America, featuring a full line of performance parts sold and installed by dealers throughout the country.
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DINAN - BMW Specialist Tuner Parts Setup Performance horsepower torque
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DINAN - BMW Specialist Tuner Parts Setup Performance horsepower torque

DINAN - BMW Specialist Tuner Parts Setup Performance horsepower torque
DINAN announces 'The Early Thaw Spring Special!' 20% Factory Rebate from Dinan! Select one of the following offers for qualifying purchases:
DINAN - BMW Specialist Tuner Parts Setup Performance horsepower torque