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Coordinates: 47°19′26″N, 05°02′34″EDijon boasts a surprisingly large number of churches and cathedrals, including St. Bénigne, Notre-Dame, St. Étienne, and St. Michel. The crypt of Dijon Cathedral, dedicated to Saint Benignus, dates from 1,000 years ago, and the city has retained many architectural styles from many of the main periods from the past millennium, including Gothic, Renaissance and Capetian. Many of the still-inhabited houses in the city's central district date from before the 18th century.Dijon was spared the destruction of various wars such as the 1870 Franco-Prussia

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megan :

i have a recipe for shrimp scampi that calls for dijon mustard but all i have is honey dijon. it doesnt call for much, maybe 1 tbsp, would it mess up my recipe to use honey dijon instead?

BangkokBob :
"I do not think that small amount will matter to your recipe."
shellimarki :
"It shouldn't make that much of a difference, & you may just have invented a new recipie! Try it, it can't hurt as the main flavor, the mustard is there! If you have to add sugar too, I would lessen that amount just a bit."
Maw-Maw :
"Then add plain mustard.The honey Dijon will add sweetness.The Dijon is a stronger taste..."
Dan S :

I've never understood why Dijon mustard & yellow mustard are so different. I remember the first time I tried Dijon mustard; I thought I was eating paint thinner!! (Needless to say, I haven't developed a taste for Dijon mustard yet.) Thanks for the info so far. I was wondering what spice or ingredient in Dijon mustard causes the flavor difference. There's almost a horseradish flavor to it, to me.

Patrick :
"I prefer the Dijon type. It has more flavor than the yellow variety."
L. :
"It is all in the spices. Dijon was developed in the Dijon Regine of France and contains many spices and flavorings mixed into mustard. Yellow, sandwich mustard is just plain mustard no spices. If you like plain and simple you probably prefer yellow. In cooking and recipes Dijon can be a great little kick."
gmmwc :
"Whole grain mustard seed and spices. Sometimes white wine and yes horseradish is sometimes used in Dijon mustard. I much prefer the Dijon type myself. I do not even want to look at the yellow stuff."
ken b :
"Dijon has wine in it."
David H :
"Being a former chef and using both on a regular basis, and living in Canada who produces the seed for your US mustard. We also have both and more here. One is the mustard seeds, the amount of vinegar, Dijon has not got turmeric in it (that's what colours U.S ballpark mustard), the spices and the way it is made. Yellow mustard is ground and the spices, turmeric and vinegar is added, and then allow to sit, reground, filtered and jar/bottled, were Dijon has a longer process for sitting, grinding and the allowed time to rest before finishing, wine is an acid used, but most are made with a spirit based vinegar. Dijon can be smooth or type have seed residue in for a more rustic stone ground or as it is called in the trade "grainy" texture. Yellow mustard is made from the Yellow mustard seed only, Dijon is made with both yellow and brown mustard seeds."
finallegacy :

I had dijon mustard as a salad dressing, and it was pretty tasty. However, I'm wondering if it is unhealthy or not. What about fat free dijon mustard? I heard that even though some dressings are said to be fat free, sometimes the dressing still has a lot of sugar or perhaps other things in it.

Alias Smith & Jones :
"If you need to be concerned about sugar or fat, please read the label. For you, maybe it's not so great."
Judy B :
"Dijon mustard itself is mustard seed and vinegar, should not contain any fat. If it was dijon salad dressing, then it could well have contained some fat. But some fat is needed in your diet -- just need a balance and not excessive total fat consumption in a day. Salad dressing is healthy if used in small amounts, especially if it is tasty and helps you eat more vegetables. Bottled dressings may contain fat, sugar and preservatives but if you just use a tablespoon or less, you won't get much. Of course, if you make your own, you can control the ingredients. Use lemon or orange juice instead of vinegar so that you can reduce oil content. Or use some low fat yoghurt to make it creamy. See below for a recipe."


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Date: 2008-02-05 01:22:19

a great recipe to share with our friends

Dean Jakson
Date: 2008-02-05 01:22:19

Great Recipes to Share with Our Friends!

Date: 2008-02-05 01:22:19

Grilled salmon with a honey and Dijon sauce is very simple to make and it will make you look like a professional chef with your friends. All you need are a couple of ingredients, a little honey and a Dijon style mustard, along with a fresh a hunk of salmon with the skin on the bottom.

Date: 2008-02-05 01:22:19

In Saturday's win over Dijon, the 19 year old Steeve did nothing at all, getting a "DNP Coach's Decision" in the box scores. While he may not be scoring any points, grabbing any rebounds or dishing out dimes the 6'7 forward does lead the LNB in names that sound like a Tracy Morgan punchline.

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