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elsie p :

turkey didim

Ms. Jade :
mezzle1963 :
"Your best bet is to google it!"
juanna :
"Didn't they teach English at your school !!!"
Withoutaclue :
"Im sorry..... what?? i got the sites and i got the turkey but i don't get the rest lol xxxx"
Trotsky vs Kerensky :
"http://www.didimtur.com.tr/etsweb/didim/ For further assistance please try Travel-Turkey section. P.S to those who are ignorant: Turkey is a touristic country situated between Europe and Asia."
altinkum :

Is there any nice bar in Altikum Didim with out selling property or villa ?

Tanju :
"Hi, I was heard The Kissbar something about. Regards"
♥♥♥♥♥ :
"Habibi El-Farabi Dance Bar(belly dance):))"
HOTTürk :
"Garden Bar and Medusa Disco were the bests of Altınkum 3 years ago. I dont know if they are still available. Good luck..."
johnadams48@btinternet.com :
"Try the " Cheers Bar". There is 2 cheers bar. But the smaller of the 2 is the best."
zarawana :

Green paradise luxury apartment by the beach would you be interested to have one? if the answer is yes then come with me i will take you for visit to see then decide :)

"can I go right now,I wish,lol"


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Date: 2008-02-05 01:21:31

While the Turks do not see this as a problem today, maybe they should start questioning how much of their land they want to sell off for a little bit. What has this type of foreign investment done to the economy? Many Turks can no longer afford to buy a house, summer house (yazlik) or a car because so many foreigners buy up the land and homes,..

Date: 2008-02-05 01:21:31

turkey, Turkish, didim, travel, holidays, vacation.Visitors can explore the underwater world of scuba diving and come face-to-face with manta rays, turtles, and big-eyed squirrelfish

Date: 2008-02-05 01:21:31

In addition, the website features an interesting and fascinating photo gallery as well. The website is updated regularly through member contributions aiming to be a large repository of videos on the Altinkum Didim Web history. A simple registration is required for users to post their own funny content to the site to have it judged by other visitors

Date: 2008-02-05 01:21:31

One of the victims of the Turkish Property Scam involving the Golden Beach Villas told Didim Today " I met Kevin O'Kane here in Northern Ireland & he told me he was the builder, land owner & developer of the Golden Beach Villas. He told me the villas cost £75k sterling & there was a £7k sterling rental agreement.

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