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Civic administrationThe Dhaka municipality was founded on August 1, 1864 and upgraded to "corporation" status in 1978. The Dhaka City Corporation is a self-governing corporation which runs the affairs of the city. The incorporated area is divided into several wards, which have elected commissioners. The mayor of the city is elected by popular vote every five years, and the post is presently held by Sadeque Hossain Khoka. The Dhaka Education Board is responsible for administering all public schools and most private schools with the exception of English-medium schools and madrassahs. All madra

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Jenny Girl :

Help! How to locate someone in Dhaka, when I have very little information. I have a friend, here in the USA, and he hails from Dhaka, I know his name, Date of Birth, and nickname. That is all. I want to locate his family/parents in Dhaka. How can I do it? Thank you! Friend is not in a mental health position to give any information about his family back home. I am his well-wisher and trying to connect him and his family.

miss_rimi1989 :
"use BTS service or ask ur friend."
Yousuf Y :
"check his passport. it should have all info. Or call Immigration, they should have info about anyone who comes from abroad. Homeland security"
Prince :
"try tha embassy"
SunShine :

My fiancee, who lives in Dhaka, mentioned to me about the President of Bangladesh declaring "emergency" a day of so ago. What happened and what was this state of "Emergency" about...? For that I was very worried for him because he was traveling south to Chittagong to a town of Jessore to visit some of his fisheries...I pray he and his business associates get back safely..

thomas p :
"The caretaker ogvernment have been under pressure from one of the Political parties, who say the coming elections are rigged in favour of the Nationalist party. The EU has pulled its support, declaring the Election 'questionable' and a state of emergency was indeed declared. Today, the President stood down from government, prompting talks of military action. trust me, its a crackign site"
Hafiz :
"The president declared emergency in the wake of the Awami League-led alliance’s boycott of the parliamentary elections and series of siege and strike programmes meant for resisting the polls. According to article 141B, the issuance of proclamation of emergency automatically suspends the operation of the fundamental rights to freedom of movement, freedom of assembly, freedom of association, freedom of thought and conscience, and of speech, freedom of profession and occupation and rights to property Update as on 13th January: People returned to the streets after the overnight curfew ended Soldiers are enforcing a state of emergency in Bangladesh, a day after it was imposed by the president. President Iajuddin Ahmed also quit as interim leader and postponed a planned 22 January vote, saying it was "not possible" to hold it on schedule. Former central bank governor Fakhruddin Ahmed has been sworn in as the head of a new interim government. The moves follow months of violent protests amid claims by a political alliance that the vote is being rigged. Across the country the violence has left more than 40 people dead. Following the lifting of an overnight curfew early on Friday morning, the streets of Dhaka are again full of traffic, correspondents say. Concerns: The state of emergency has raised concerns in a country which has experienced periods of military rule and coup attempts since independence from Pakistan in 1971. Under the emergency, some basic rights under the constitution, including freedom of movement, assembly and speech, are suspended. Under the Bangladesh constitution the caretaker government must organize elections within 90 days - Thursday's developments take the country into uncertain and uncharted territory. Dr Ahmed, the new leader, will appoint a new cabinet. Many Bangladeshis said the president's decision could help end the political impasse in the country. Change needed: Mr. Ahmed did not specify a new general election date, but made clear there should be key changes before the vote is held."
Shezan :

I am on 50kbps Dial-Up internet. I want to cache Dhaka in Google Earth by Voyager. How can I do that? What values should I put? Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. Please help..

Hafiz :
"You may post your Question in the following Bulletin Link and get the Answer from the people who are already using this GEV: The following post may be useful to you. Best of Luck! "tamerlouis" 10-16-2006, 05:34 AM Hi Guys, This is Tamer E. Louis, a software team leader... I made a program to integrate with Google earth (GE) and builds the cache file for a specific area needed by the user. My program called Google Earth Voyager (GEV) because it automatically surf the area you want without any need to surf it by your hands... Actually I always wanted to scan a big area over GE with a detailed zoom (from only 600 meters altitude) but the problem was that I have to move over the whole area with the mouse so GE will refresh every snapshot and save it in its cache for later offline view. So, I made this program that will take the details of the area you want to scan and the zooming value and it will fill the cache automatically. In contrast with cache builder, GEV will scan the snapshots in order and it will not take random snapshots, so it will guarantee that you will go for every detailed square in the whole area. Also it stops when it finishes the full scanning and gives the user an information message. It will not go forever. You can download it from my web page at The file name is GEV2.0.zip I also want to describe quickly how to use it. 1. Open Google Earth (GE) 2. GO to Tools menu -> Options -> Touring tab and set the "Fly to Speed" option to the max Fast. 3. GO to Add menu -> Network Link, then browse for the file called GEVData.KML which is beside the program. 4. In the appearing dialog and in the Refresh tab, check the option "Fly to view on refresh" and then choose "periodically" and set the time to 10 seconds (you can change the refresh rate as you want). 5. Press OK. 6. Open Google Earth Voyager (GEV), while your Google earth is still opened. 7. Set the data you want to scan in the program and press Start Voyage. You will see that GE is refreshing the snapshots automatically. Example: If you want to scan the Eiffel Tower area with Zoom of 250 meters altitude, here are the values you will set: Latitude: 48 degrees 51 min. 36 sec. North Longitude: 2 degrees 17 min 16 sec East Area width of 1 km to the East and a height of 0.4 km to the South For the snapshots: Snapshots width of 0.3 km horizontally and height of 0.2 km vertically (got from the height and width of the image which is displayed on GE window from the selected Altitude). Altitude: 250 meters Refresh Every 10 seconds (to be the same as the rate you made at step 4). N.B. You have to keep Google Earth running while GEV is running Any comments are welcome... Good luck"


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Date: 2008-02-05 01:18:55

I have no clue who he or she is...but I send my worldly thanks to the person who did the absolute right thing! Pay it forward!!!! Hugs and so many many thanks from right here. Source: http://www.csmonitor.com/2008/0204/p12s01-woap.html dhaka, Bangladesh - An unidentified person has donated $130 million to help re

Date: 2008-02-05 01:18:55

DHAKA (Reuters) - Bird flu has spread to three more districts of Bangladesh, the livestock department said on Sunday, taking the number of affected districts to more than half of the country's 64 districts.

Date: 2008-02-05 01:18:55

The cities with the highest level of population congestion are: Manila, the Philippines; Cairo, Egypt; Lagos, Nigeria; Macau, off the Chinese coast; Seoul, South Korea; Dhaka, Bangladesh; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Jakarta, Indonesia; Kaohsiung, Taiwan; and Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic. I guess you don't even have to check the link.

Date: 2008-02-05 01:18:55

DHAKA, Bangladesh - An unidentified person has donated $130 million to help rebuild hundreds of schools and storm shelters destroyed by a cyclone along Bangladesh's southwest coast, the government said Wednesday.

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