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In 1801 the poulation was 147,481 According to the UK Census 2001 there were 956,301 people spread out over the county's 254,615 hectares. This was estimated to have risen to 990,400 in 2006.The county's population grew by 3.0% from 1991 to 2001 which is around 21,100 people. This figure is higher than the national average of 2.65% however it is lower than the East Midlands average of 4.0%. The county as a whole has an average population density of 2.9 people per hectare making it less densely populated than England as a whole. The density varies considerably throughout the county with the lo

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lili :

Hi ! Does anyone know nice places to stay between Derby and Alton??? Thank you very much Aurélie

bertram baines :
"Not between derby and alton - but Bakewell is beautiful, or buxton"
**JaNe** :
"ooo, i'm from Derbyshire...Chesterfield infact. It isn't all 'derbyshire-y' round here, but it isn't that bad. Castleton is nice, Bakewell and Chatsworth are nice too if you want a villagey feel!"
amio dora :
"Hi I live in Derbyshire Ashbourne is very nice or visit for a full list of accommodation and where to stay think you can also send for a guide which is good shows places to stay things to do has a map and prices for accommodation Ashbourne is a small market town close to carrsington reservoir also look at hope this helps Amio"
Rob E :
"Depends on your budget, from hostels, to B&B's and various grades of hotel. There's a Youth Hostel Association hostel at Ilam Hall in Derbyshire, which is about 9 miles from Alton. An old converted manor house, in beautful gardens. I know this is possibly a bit more basic than some want, but the area is stunning. Costs £16.00 per adult. Closer than the 20 odd miles from Derby to Alton. Nearby in Ashbourne, is a farm Bed and Breakfast, from about £26 pppn. Otherwise, Chesterfield is a good spot, cinema, shops, famous twisted spire church etc, as someone as mentioned. Was there today, with a great market selling bricabrac, fresh produce etc. If not, head south from Derby to Lichfield, 20 minutes. Fantastic 3 spired cathedral and small quiet, pretty old city. Some similarities to Chesterfield, but much much more interesting. There's wonderful Swinfen Hall hotel, from about £125, in 200 acres: Or stay right by the cathedral at from £26pppn. From Lichfield to Alton is around 30 minutes driving. Otherwise, browse accomodation around the Staffordshire and Derbyshire Peak District Good luck! Rob"
*Jane* :

There wasn't a Derbyshire Regiment (I don't think :-S) So what regimanet did people from Derbyshire join? **regiment

oldhippypaul :
"Don,t know which war you mean check out and "
Snowy :
"Local regiments were the Staffordshire Regiment and the Sherwood Foresters."
missyemma02 :

I want to rekindle the romance with my man by having a romantic weekend away. I'd like it to be posh nosh, 4 to 5 star rating and a place where we can be just in our own world. If anyone has any suggestions on where we can go. The budget is not an issue. But it must be in the Derbyshire area or anywhere county close by?

manchester*gal :
"anychance you can make it to the lake district..thats so romantic and theres a fab hotel there were the rooms are all themed."
Jamie :
"Yes the Lake District is surprisingly.."
noitall U.K. :
"Derbyshire it is not, but the fish hotel Buttermere, lake district beside Ennerdale"
Veronica Alicia :
"Contact Derbyshire Tourist Board and ask them to send you some literature and brochures. For posh nosh, check out "The Good Food Guide" for the area. If you are passing through Staffordshire, south of Burton on Trent, there is good food to be had at "The Foresters" in Yoxall village. We stayed just outside of Buxton last November and it was quite chilly with frost all over the Dales; fabulous for photography. Did a tour around Chatsworth which would have been better in the Spring or Summer when the gardens would have been more welcoming."


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Date: 2008-02-05 01:16:57

Oh, stop whining. So what if the likely GOP nominee believes in restraints on free speech, higher taxation, bigger government, open borders, and 100-year U.S. armies of occupation everywhere from Albania to Zimbabwe? Romney believes in those things too — at least, he does when he's in a room full of people that want him to.

Date: 2008-02-05 01:16:57

Amazing little place to take a real step off the conveyor belf of life!

Date: 2008-02-05 01:16:57

Another great read by Derbyshire at about PC and the effect it has had on liberty

Date: 2008-02-05 01:16:57

A Derbyshire man has become the first in England to be fined for not obeying a Highways Agency Traffic Officer.

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