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Coordinates: 52°00′54″N, 4°21′24″E Delft is a city and municipality in the province of South Holland (Zuid-Holland), the Netherlands. It is located in between Rotterdam and The Hague, adjoining the latter to the north-west. Delft is primarily known for its typically Dutch town centre (with canals); also for the painter Vermeer, Delft Blue pottery (Delftware), the Delft University of Technology, and its association with the Royal Family.// HistoryThe city dates from the 13th century. It received its charter in 1246.The association of the House of Orange with Delft began when William

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Pam :

I was wondering what the blue flower was on many Delft plates, pitchers etc. Is is a real flower or is it art?

soundproof :
"I can not find mention on any site of a specific name of a flower. It is described as being decorative,stylized floral Decorations. I think that the true answer would be that they most likely drew their inspirations from many flowers native to their homeland (Tulips,cornflowers etc.) and from the images they saw on other artworks that they were infatuated with. Primarily with those of the Chinese and Italian. The famous blue-and-white pattern inspired by Chinese porcelain, Delftware, is commonly identified with The Netherlands, however, neither the pottery patterns, nor the original potters were native to Holland.In the 16 century, Italian potters emigrated to Belgium to escape religious persecution and later moved north to Rotterdam and Haarlem. By the mid-17th century, the town of Delft was firmly established as a pottery center. I have given you the research that I have been able to find and look through. The School of Delft - The production of world renowned Delftware porcelain reached its apex in the later years of Vermeer's life time. Native flowers of Holland on next sites. I hope this helped."
cakes4africa :

New government program ? Live in Delft and lose your valuable job, maybe even your life ? Looks like the government can´t keep its promises ? >

Blue bull :
"Cakes this is like the soapy days of our lives. The government makes these empty promises too often and you know, I feel sorry for these people. One can understand why they want to relocate the people but ensure that there is some infrastructure where you move them with transport and basic services at least."
Busi :
"Cakes, I don’t think that the reading of the article and judgement is right. It baffles me that people talk of broken promises when they are the ones blocking implementation of those promises. Of interest in reading the article is that nowhere does it say those who were moved to Delft as a temporary measure were not returned when they should have been. I’m a town planner and I know that it is extreme difficult to almost impossible to build in Joe Slove. There’s has been a delay of over three years. Wouldn’t houses been built during that period? How do people justifiably claim broken promises when they are the ones who delay building of their houses? When other people moved two years ago, others refused. What has happened is that more people have erected shacks on that piece of land. Who is to blame? The government or the ones refusing to make space for the project to begin? I have a sense that people take a cheap option of blaming government instead of people who want eat their cake and have it at the same time. The temporary stay granted by the court is such. Don’t get surprised when it is lifted, and the application by the Minister and Others is granted. NB. I don’t work for government but I understand their frustration in this matter. I led a group that made an indepth study a year. We were not commissioned by the government but by an NGO."
Alf Garnett 12 :
"The problem should never have arisen in the first place and only did so because of lack of ANC foresight and broken promises.Only when the ANC arrived on the scene did South Africa experience hundreds of squatter camps around its major Cities and they encouraged this by providing lighting and some basic services.Now they are trying to reverse what they started and so all the Townships are in an uproar. They have Police in there trying to keep the peace and firing bullets at residents but this time they dont have apartheid to blame."
wildyke :

I'm moving with my friend to the Netherlands to study a Master, she will be studying at TU Delft and I'll be attending Erasmus in Rotterdam. The thing is that we want to share an appartment but we haven't found any that is close to both schools, so I think that either me or she will have to move either to Rotterdam or DEflt and the one person will have to be travelling daily to the school. So I'd like to know if you could help me out with this issue thanks!

tompink :
"Well, it's only a 12 or 14 minute train ride, costs 2,90 one way or 4,80 round trip (same day), but you can get a monthly or annual pass that may save you some money. Look on the Netherlands trains website (that's NL) They have a button for English, but there's more info in Dutch about the month/annual passes. It looks lke it'll cost about 52 euros for a one-zone month pass(unlimited trips) You might want to throw in a couple more zones so you can tour the area, go to Amsterdam, etc. Just ask at the train station. Look up Maandtrajektabonnement (monthly pass). Delft and Rotterdam are both nice, so pick one and try to live near the station."


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Date: 2008-02-05 01:13:11

Prettified by dainty Delft-style roses, two glass globe-style shades hang suspended by graceful white scrollwork

Date: 2008-02-05 01:13:11

There are cases known in which the Eindhoven University has denied admission of PhD students, merely because of their nationality. Fortunately, not all universities participate in this madness; The Delft University of Technology and the University of Groningen do not exclude Iranians on a structural basis.

Date: 2008-02-05 01:13:11

HERNDON, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Guardian Technologies International, Inc. (OTCBB:GDTI - News), innovators of groundbreaking medical imaging and threat detection technology with critical and immediate applications for the healthcare and homeland security markets, today announced a Teaming and Joint Development Agreement with Delft Diagnostic Imaging,

Date: 2008-02-05 01:13:11

Researchers at the Delft University of Technology�s Kavli Institute of Nanoscience and the Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter (FOM) have succeeded in controlling the spin of a single electron merely by using electric fields. This clears the way for a much simpler realization of the building blocks of a (future) super-fast quantum compute


Date: 2009-02-15 21:07:13

my son is doing a project in geography and his teacher is determined for us to find the month, date, and year that Delft became a city....i cannot find it anywhere...can you help

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Here at Nelis' Dutch Village, we carry many different qualities and styles of delft tiles . These tiles also come in either Delft Blue or Multicolored Delft
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