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// HistoryThe first reference to Deauville is in 1060. At this time the village was called A Enilla and was more of a fishing hamlet than a village. A Enilla comes from the Germanic Auwja Auwa meaning wet meadow. The village was originally up on the hill and a few houses were built next to the St Laurent chapel. Thanks to its situation near the coast, the village had a small harbour on the river Touques of little importance. Deauville or Dauville owes it all to the Duc de Morny. He described the village thus: Cité calme, aux rue désertes, elle forme avec Trouville, animée et bruyante, un c

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e_shepard :

I need to get out of Paris tomorrow and smell the sea air, but I have no car. So, can you tell me if the Deauville-Trouville station is in the center of Deauville? Or maybe recommend another good destination for a day away? Thanks

phil_bastille :
"Absolutly, the Deauville train station is in the center of Deauville. just walk a little bit and you'll be on the beach. Have a good day. You're lucky, the weather seems to be wonderful ( it is the case today in Paris)"
Pastor Dave :
"It's not far from the sea at all. Many people think that Deauville is nicer than than Trouville. The touristy part of Deauville (near the mairie) is probably beautiful with flowers this time of year."
Sarah :

I usually think it's silly to post local questions, but what the heck. If you've ever lived (or know someone who has) in the Deauville Park Apartment complex in Monroeville, PA (western PA) please share your experience with me. Did you like it? Did you have any problems? I am considering moving there within the next few months. Anything is helpful. Thanks! Just wanted to add that I've also checked sites like Any other sites like these would be great. Thanks!

LaneBack :
"well from what I heard plenty of units have bug infestations. Some have small mice problems. Its the rat whole under the complex!! Stay away from here...high on promises low and performance and quality"
tinkicker0 :

Trade answers only please. OK you lot, today at work I have got a Deauville on the ramp. It sparodically keeps cutting out. It does not cut out after a certain amount of miles, at a certain rev range /speed, in any particular traffic conditions or after any particular length of time. It runs fine for 2-3 weeks, then without warning it "chugs" to a standstill. It will start up again and run happily after a 10 minute rest. Other times it apparently stops twice in 2 days. I have checked the fuel pressure and output - 2.5psi and 1200ml / min, checked the compression hot and cold, checked the valve clearances, run it up for hours to check the coils are not failing when hot - resistance is within tolerance, put a scope on the fuel pump ECU feed - good, strong, regular peaks with no "tails" or outages to speak of. It runs as sweet as a nut when it is running and I plan to take it for a long test run tommorrow. Any ideas before I do this? I still feel it is a fuel problem. Oh and the tank vent is not blocked. I have had this problem on another Deauville once and that was a U/S fuel pump. I have a genuine Honda manual on order from Lings, as my Autodata does not go into much detail on this bike, but does anyone know offhand how much current draw the pump should have, what should the measured fuel delivery pressure be and pump output per min. I remember testing a Deauville some years ago with a fuel line pressure of around 2 psi which seems a shade low to me, but which makes me think the pump is fine, but without the official specs to hand I don't want to gamble with the prospect of replacing or not replacing the pump and for the fault to reoccur. Especially tommorrow a long way from the workshop. Oh and it is the carb model. Oh and weather conditions do not affect it, so carb icing is off the menu. Thank you Callum. Did 220 miles and 5 full hours on it, without it missing a beat. Good job it's owned by a large fleet or the owner wouldn't be impressed with the labour charge.

callum w :
"well maybe its the fuel pipes you could have forgot to turn the fuel switch on (if you have one) or maybe its got a leak in the fuel pipes/tank"
Firecracker :
"I'll hazard a guess: anything loose in the tank? Possibly blocking the pickup? Chugging to a standstill reminds me of running out of gas, and having to go on Reserve."
Distilled Waters Run Deep :
"does it have a side-stand fuel cut-out switch?"


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Date: 2008-02-05 01:12:24

Other breasts drive women wild by Lara Deauville. Wednesday, 17 October 2007THE boobs of happy mums can put other women in the mood for sex and spark wild fantasies, according to a new study.

Date: 2008-02-05 01:12:24

Black Top Deauville Film Festival Portraits

Date: 2008-02-05 01:12:24

The flick won the Grand Prize at the yearly festival with Gina Kim's drama "Never Forever" being awarded the Jury Prize.

Date: 2008-02-05 01:12:24

Michelle Monaghan was at the American Film Festival in Deauville to promote her new comedy, "The Heartbreak Kid"

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