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Coordinates: 46°48′N, 9°50′EDavos (Romansh: Tavau) is a municipality in the district of Prättigau/Davos in the canton of Graubünden, Switzerland.It is located on the Landwasser River.Davos is famous as the host to the annual meetings of the World Economic Forum (WEF), an annual meeting of global political and business elites, which is often referred to as simply Davos. It is also known as a winter sports area, including serving as the site of the annual Spengler Cup ice hockey tournament, which is hosted by the HC Davos local hockey team.// HistoryDavos was a popular destination for t

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Dominic G :

I asked a question about snowboarding in Andorra but Davos, I have to say looks much better but more expensive. Can anyone give me there views on Davos please cheers.

"are you talking about the leader of the daleks ? you saying hes in switzerland ?"
Circle :
"Davos and Klosters are linked ski areas. It really depends if you are going for the skiing or something else. I know nothing about you, but I have been to Davos and Andorra. I would not be going there for the skiing, if I ever went there again."
Meester_Paul :
"Davos is a pretty good resort, linked reasonably well with Klosters. It's got a far range of skiing/boarding available so would suit pretty much any ability. There can be some really good powder too! A couple of things I'd say though - 1) The linking between runs is not fantastic - you may find yourself taking your foot out of the binding and pushing far more than you'd like. 2) It's very expensive for eating/drinking out/"
Rahzephon :

Why some "politicians" admire it as Deus? (For Davos,civilians must consider it first........) What's effect it has?

senb :
"The World Economic Forum (WEF) is a Geneva-based foundation whose annual meeting of top business leaders, national political leaders (presidents, prime ministers and others), and selected intellectuals and journalists is usually held in Davos, Switzerland. There are also regional meetings throughout the year. It was founded in 1971 by Klaus M. Schwab, a business professor in Switzerland.According to its supporters, the World Economic Forum is an ideal place for dialogue and debate about the major social and economic problems of the planet because: representatives of both the most powerful economic organisations and the most powerful political organisations are present; intellectuals also participate; and there is a generally informal atmosphere encouraging wide-ranging debate. Journalists have access to most session at the Annual Meeting in Davos and the majority of sessions are webcast live so that the debates can be open to a wider public. In all about 600 journalists from print, radio and TV take part in the meeting. Whilst business and political leaders make up the majority of participants, NGO leaders from groups such as Amnesty International, Transparency International, Oxfam and various UN organisations attend, as well as trades union leaders and religious leaders.According to its critics, the World Economic Forum is really just a business forum, where the richest businesses can easily negotiate deals with one another and lobby the world's most powerful politicians, and that the aim is profit-making rather than solving economic problems such as poverty. It has also been criticized as an elitist forum for circumventing democratic politics, and for encouraging non-transparent, secretive decision-making. In 2006 the WEF opened represenative offices in Beijing China and in New York (World Economic Forum USA). Incorporated as a Swiss not-for-profit foundation it is impartial and not-for-profit. The Forum is not tied to any political, partisan or national interests. Its highest governance body is the Foundation Board consisting of 20 members including former British Prime Minsiter Tony Blair. At the 2001 Annual Meeting, the Swiss Authorities spent $5.4 million on security. In the 2001 Annual Report, Klaus M. Schwab compared the threat of violent anti-globalization protestors to the threat of terrorists. Some critics judge that these type of reactions amount to a refusal to accept and respond to the criticism, however the Forum has always made it clear that is happy to engage with peaceful critics, indeed there have been a number of dialogues with groups from the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre and the Open Forum was started to help foster this dialogue. The World Economic Forum claims that it wishes to open up dialogue with critics. Starting during the 2003 Annual Meeting in January in Davos, an Open Forum Davos 2003 was held in parallel with the main Annual Meeting. The Open Forum was attended by 300 members of the public free of charge, and the World Economic Forum hosted the Open Forum again in 2004, 2005 and 2006. In 2001 the World Economic Forum started a series of 'initiatives' with the purpose of engaging business in tackling problems that concern business and its critics. The World Economic Forum's portfolio of active initiatives in 2006 include corporate citizenship, global health, global governance, greenhouse gas and water. Politicians always like Jumburie and media publicity as also mixing with corporate leaders and wealthy businessmen. The presence of intellectuals adds to the status of being in Davos, admired as Deus - a darling beutiful place in Switzerland to visit every year with family. Notwithstanding the fun and frolic in an exotic place, the Davos meets and the WEF have indeed have a great effect on the decision-makers of large companies and country heads who participate. It helps greater understanding of global economic, business and political dynamics across the world."
angelzzz :
"Hi! The World Economic Forum (WEF) is an exclusive, un-elected, invite-only organization; it is a 'think tank' and a driving force behind the global economy. Incorporated since 1971 as a foundation, the WEF claims to be "independent, impartial and not-for-profit, tied to no political, partisan or national interests." It has a consultative status with the United Nations. Members include: 1000 CEOs from the world's largest multi-national corporations. Academics, trade-ministers, heads of state, and elite media representatives may also attend by exclusive invitation. To become a member of the 'club', a corporation must have assets of over $1 billion (U.S.) and must pay the current annual membership fees (26500 Swiss Francs = about $25,000 Can.). To become a 'sponsor' - which means getting to have a say in writing the agenda of the meeting - corporations and individuals must pay $250,000 US Member organisations include McDonalds, Monsanto, Shell, Texaco, Nike, Philip Morris, Unilever, SmithKline Beecham, Exxon Mobil Corporation (Esso), AIB, the Daily Mail, the Telegraph and SONY. Strategic partners of the WEF include Coca Cola, BP, Nestlé, and IBM. One example of the WEF's powerful influence upon the political, economic, and social landscape is the crucial role it played in initiating the World Trade Organization (WTO). At its 1982 annual meeting in Davos, the WEF brought together cabinet members of major countries with heads of international organizations, such as the World Bank, IMF, and GATT. This special informal gathering of trade ministers from 17 countries organized the launch of the Uruguay Round, which laid the foundations of the WTO. The WEF was founded in 1971 by Klaus Schwab, a Swiss business professor, to teach management techniques. It was initially only European-based, but expanded during the 1980s and took on the name World Economic Forum in 1987. A recent confidential annual report proclaims its annual meeting to be ‘the world’s most important global business summit’. It lists amongst as its achievements: the opening up of China for business interests and the launch of the Uruguay Round of Trade talks, which led to the formation of the World Trade Organisation. The membership is made up of one over thousand large US, European and Japanese corporations. Each corporation pays $12,5000 in annual membership fees and $6,250 to attend the Annual Meeting. The companies must have annual revenues of over $ 1 billion to be let join. Think of an industry and its dominant players are members of the WEF; oil (Exxon, Chevron, Shell); cars (Ford, General Motors, Mitsubishi) computers (Microsoft, IBM, Yahoo) media (Time Warner, Viacom), pharmaceutical (Pfizer, Dupont) banking (Citibank, Chase Manhattan, Deutsche Bank) mining (BHP, Rio Tinto) agriculture (Novartis, Cargill, Monsanto) food products (Coca Cola, Nestle) clothing (Nike) tobacco (British American, Phillip Morris). Many of these companies have an atrocious records of environmental vandalism, denial of union rights, illegal business practices, and human rights abuses. The right wing political scientist, Samuel Huntington, has said that ‘Davos people control virtually all international institutions, many of the world governments and the bulk of the world’s economic and military capacities’. The World Economic Form holds an annual meeting in Davos (or more recently in New York) where there are speeches from selected heavyweights; smaller workshops on specific issues given by corporate leaders and ‘experts’; meetings of ‘sectoral groupings, the most important of which is the Informal Gathering of World Economic Leaders and back room face to face meetings. There is a heavy emphasis on informality, building a club atmosphere and personal relations between global ‘leaders’. The WEF also holds regional summits to push for specific policies in different continents. The WEF meeting in Dublin on October 20th-21st is a regional summit for Europe. In addition to these summits, the WEF produces annual reports to promote the agenda of corporate globalisation. The most important is the Global Competitiveness Review. This is a scorecard, which compares different countries and is used to pressurise politicians to push the de-regulation agenda more strongly. The United States usually comes out on top of these scorecards! hope this helps! Cheers n chin up:)"
Santanu C :

27 head of state, 113cabinet minister from 80 member countries with more than 900 civic body from several business magnet (Bill Gates of Microsoft), journalists to singer to NGO activist meet at Davos for a comprehensive dialogue which theme is "The Collaborative Innovation.". They discuss several issues from Climate Change to Creative Capitalism. Afterall have this think tank any impact on DR Congo?

bgee2001ca :
"It will only have an impact if they pass resolutions to assist the area, and then follow through on implementing those policies they have adopted. Words mean nothing unless they are accompanied by actions."


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Date: 2008-02-05 01:09:28

During the World Economic Forum held in Davos last week, the CEO of China Mobile Communications Corporation, Wang Jianzhou, unexpectedly exposed the company's role in helping the Chinese Communist regime to spy on its clients.

Date: 2008-02-05 01:09:28

After BBC's Top Gear took a look at their favourite roads, and came up with the Davos-Stelvio route. We take a look at one of our favourites, the Col de Vence in a CSL, Clio Trophy and BMW Z4

Date: 2008-02-05 01:09:28

Senior adviser of Iranian President gave a lecture at Davos World Economic Forum's meeting titled "Dialogue among Divine Faiths: Effort Aimed at Reaching A Common Stand"

Date: 2008-02-05 01:09:28

In Davos last week up came the fact the Chinese government can spy on the country’s 500 million mobile phone users.Wang Jianzhou, the CEO of China Mobile Communications Corporation, China’s biggest mobile phone company which has more than 300 million subscribers, said the company had unlimited access to the personal data...

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