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Catherine N :

I need to know......The Bigelow tea Company advertises Darjeeling tea. BUT i read that Darjeeling is counterfit alot. And if its real it has to have the darjeeling logo on it.......SO DOES ANYONE KNOW IF THE BIGELOW TEA DARJEELING IS REAL OR NOT?????

epic_laydown :
"bigelow only makes darjeeling in tea bags. The tea you are referring to is the loose leaf darjeeling which can be counterfeit in certain parts of the world. I wouldn't worry about fake darjeeling tea in tea bags."
Bonny G :
"Darjeeling is the capital of Assam, a state in northeast India. Darjeeling tea grows mainly in Darjeeling and that's how got the name. Since they say it is from Himalayas, it should be the real Darjeeling tea."
Heron :
"Better-quality Darjeeling tea would be in loose leaf form: What's with all the question marks? Using all of them makes you look like you're 12. Ditto with the type in all-capital letters."
sai :

Hiring cars in sikkim, gangtok, hotels, stay, precautions, darjeeling is crowded ? darjeeling suffocating ymthung lachung tsmogo lake zero point nathula pass dabla hotel chewang gyatso

mahua :
"First of all, this is a nice time to visit Sikkim. And I envy you. I have been there and Sikkim is a beautiful place to visit in autumn. I have given a few suggestions and added some sites you can see before planning your trip. You can also go through previous answers (links given). Have a very happy journey! 1. From Bagdogra, take a prepaid sumo to Gangtok. You can also get bus- pls ask at the airport for help. Prepaid taxis cost around Rs. 4500/-. If you find this prohibitive, share the taxi with other travellers. or, just take a taxi to siliguri town and take a luxury bus. 2. At Gangtok, you will find plenty of budget /economic hotels at the main taxi stand/ bazar area. Dont book in advance. October to December is not peak season- so dont worry about booking in advance. 3. Visit Tsango Lake and Nathu La - you have to get permit for this, so contact your hotel reservation or book a taxi walla the previous day- he will get you the permit. Carry heavy woollens for Tsango and NathuLa. A maruti van taxi generally takes Rs. 2000/-. 4. Do visit North Sikkim- Book a jeep at the taxi stand, he will get permits for you for North Sikkim trip. Leave very early int he morning for Lachung . If you need help, contact Karma Sherpa, 09434408859. He and in his brother operate taxis on this route, and I say this from experience that they are extremely helpful and capable. Stay at Blue Sky Group & Resorts hotel. There are two other decent places at Lachung.Visit Yumthang (valley of flowers) and Yumesamdong hot spring and Zero Point.( Donkya La Pass). The whole North sikkim trip for 3 days may cost you Rs. 10,000/- inclusive of the transport, stay , permits and food. 5. The same taxi will take you to Lachen. Hotels are available, dont need to book in advance, the taxi fellows have their network. Visit Gurudongmar Lake. This place is mind blowing and perhaps better than Switzerland. You can also go to Tso Lhamo, another high altitude lake here. On way back there is Thangu, Chopta Valley, Lachen monastery. 6. Return to Gangtok - on the way visit Chumathang, Kabo longstok monastaries, Singhik View Point. Alternatively, if you want to cut your cost, you can share this taxi with other travellers (having similar destinations/ itenenary in mind). 7.You can go to Pelling and visit the Pemayangste Monastry which is very beautiful. Tashiding Monastry is very beautiful too. From Pelling, Kanchen junga is visible on a clear day. Or go to Ravongla. 8. From west sikkim, you can return to Bagdogra .On your way back stop at the Rangit water world. Or proceed to Darjiling by jeep. While returning from your darjiling stay, you can enjoy the toy train ride . 9. Most people give North Sikkim a miss. My advice is that DONT miss Yumthang and GuruDongmar. 10. At darjiling, you can check out the mall, tigerhill, observatory hill, shruberry park, and a zoo which used to have pandas (i am not sure if they still have them)and kalimpong. Yes, darjeeling IS crowded. You should visit Mirik if you have time. 11. Taxi rates are fixed. Carry thermals and good walking shoes. Chech the websites below for more information. You can ignore West Sikkim (Pelling) if time is short . For hotels , stay, food, etc. look up these sites- ............... Also go through previous answers which covers North Sikkim, Sikkim and Darjeeling-.?qid=20070311033813AAXzsYE&show=7#profile-info-AA11747762"
rsudarsanlic :
"you seem to know everything. Buy any tourist guidebook. Indian tourist spots are not that costly. With 10k u can manage."
sri7_ram :

I have two tour plans 1. Delhi - Agra - Amristar - Manali - Delhi 2. Kolkotta - Darjeeling - gangtok - Kolkotta I am very much intersted in snow clad monutains. Is Darjeeling a snow clad mountain?? pls help in choosing a good tour plan.

friendlymom :
"Darjeeling itself isn't quite snow clad, though you can see the mountains from Darjeeling. It will be better if you went up north via Delhi because that way you'll be able to see the snow and also visit the various monuments in Delhi, Agra n Amritsar. The trouble with the Darjeeling tour is that there is more natural beauty in Darjeelin n Gangtok than monuments."
Mr. X :
"how about delhi--agra--manali--daramsala--delhi?"
rock :
"you go to in manali because there is many snow clad hill to darjeeling"
Handy :
"manali.. anyday better"
Swapan, the Dream :
"Both are good. Both are diferent kind of nature. Actualy it can not be compared ! However if you are interested for snow - Manali would be better."
peeya_asopa :
"Both plans sound fantastic. Your Delhi plan will be fun if you are interested in monuments, scenery and snow. You Kolkotta plan will be fun if you are interested in seeing scenery and snow. By the way If you go to Gangtok don't miss to see Nathula pass, Its very beautiful."
Break_the_rules:D :
"i would prefer u the 2nd one 2. Kolkata - Darjeeling - gangtok - Kolkata....."
Noisy 2008 :
"Manali any day. Been to both. There is much more to see and enjoy in trip 1."
mal.nabanita :


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Date: 2008-02-05 01:07:18

NRI MOVIES 2008 - Outsourced , The Darjeeling Ltd , Brick Lane DVD rips.Outsourced (PG)Director: John Jeffcoat (feature debut)Starring: Josh Hamilton, Ayesha Dharker, Asif Basra, Matt SmithRating: 1/2In short: A situation vacant, but a job done

Date: 2008-02-05 01:07:18

A history and description of the 9 most popular types of tea, including Chai, Orange Pekoe, Assam, Earl Grey, Darjeeling, English Breakfast, Gunpowder, Matcha and Sencha. Learn where they originated, what they are comprised of, how they got their name.

Date: 2008-02-05 01:07:18

Darjeeling Tee stammt aus dem klassischen Teeanbaugebiet im Nordosten Indiens

Date: 2008-02-05 01:07:18

Here's a roundup of the best movies of 2007. From Little Miss Sunshine to the Darjeeling Limited and a few you've never heard of, check out which movies made the cut.

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