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Christine F :

Leaving Saigon 21st Dec, have 9 nights to get to Danang. Have booked 2 nights in Phan Thiet, 1st stop. Then I am stumped. Don't know if it is worth visiting Dalat or just going straight to Nha Trang. Then on to Danang, or maybe on to Hue and then back to Danang. Is it possible to get a flight from Danang to Siem Reap We have to be in Siem Reap on the 30th Dec. Any help with distances between places, traveling time etc greatfully accepted. Also would we hire a driver and car in Saigon to take us all the way to Hue or hire a different driver at each stop.

flightmedicine :
"After Phan Thiet, check out Nah Trang. I would then catch the train to Hue. Don't miss the old Imperial Capital. After seeing Citidel (forbidden city inside it) the royal tombs, pagoda and cruse the royal barge on the river you can go back to Danang. On the way back to Danang you could stop off at the old French Hill Station up in the Mountains called BacMa. I am sure by that time you will run out of time to do more. Danang has the Marble Mountain and China Beach close and the Hoi An is very close to there too. Have a nice time. Cheers"
shoe s :
"you can use same driver if he wants the job east to get another driver you have to fly from hanoi or from saigon to go to seim reap your itinery is ok you can change it as you go"
Novice :
"* Whether to visit Dalat: depend on what do you know and like about Dalat. It is a small/peaceful city in the mountain part of Vietnam. Because of the different weather, Dalat attracts many local Vietnamese (this city was made popular by the French during their occupation for the same reason.) But the city itself is quite small, and there aren't many activities to do there. There is a beautiful lake and surrounding scenery, XQ embroidery factory, a temple, a few places with historical ties, and not much else. If you are into biking, however, you could take a bus/flight from Phan Thiet to Dalat and try to bike part of the way from Dalat to Nha Trang :-). During my last trip there, I have seen many westerners doing this. * Nha Trang: a nice city along the beautiful beach, similar to Phan Thiet. I have been in both and enjoyed both places. However, many tourists found both cities to be familiar. Nha Trang has an interesting Pagoda (?) and a number of beautiful islands to visit. * Da Nang and Hue: you can stay in Da Nang and take a same-day tour to Hue and back to Da Nang during your stay there. Hue is a nice place for a one-day tour, but I'm not sure if it is worth staying much longer there. Da Nang is a more developed city, with beautiful beach, and also a little bit of activities (though nowhere compared to Saigon.) * Da Nang - Siem Reap: yes there are flights with Silk Air taking you from Da Nang to Siem Reap, one such flight a day, I believe (Silk Air MI632 @ 5:40PM everyday, pls check to be sure.) I have never taken such flight; however, looking at the map, I estimate such flight to take around 1 to 2 hours. * Saigon-Hue is a long long distance, especially with the road condition, to go by car (though it is quite possible to do it.) Unless you have to go by car, I'd avoid it due to the possibility of accidents, etc. Instead if you would like to go at least part of the way by car, my recommendation is to rent a car/driver from Saigon to Nha Trang, and then either take train (cheaper) or airplane to Da Nang. Danang-Nhatrang airfare is actually not that expensive ($40 one-way?). Danang-Hue tour is definitely by car. If you have a group of three or more, a within-a-day tour is inexpensive ($100-$150 for the whole group, lunch included :-).) For this round-trip, ask the driver to go one way over the Haivan pass and the other way through the new tunnel. Arrange the Danang-Hue tour through your hotel's concierge. Enjoy the trip! Sound like fun :-)."
fredo f :

What place do u prefer for beach, shopping, disco, bars, Danang Hue or Hoi an? Thanks

superbird :
"Due to the relatively recent oil spills from undetermined sources, Hoi An and Danang beaches were greatly affected and in spite of local efforts at cleanup....I doubt they are back in their pristine condition. Hue doesn't have a beach, per se. Check out the Lang Co resort....they're in the area between Phu Loc and Danang, have a website, and can probably advise you of local conditions. You can't beat Hue for historical sites....Hoi An for tailors....and Danang is more commercial ie discos, but hightlife is everywhere in these three areas and while they are only about an hour and a half apart off Hwy 1, I wouldn't travel Hwy 1 at night....it's scary enough during the day."
*~* Floria*~* :
"Danang. I'm vietnamese. If u come to Danang u should go to Furama resort!"
flightmedicine :
"Danang has China Beach which is very nice. I still prefer the beach outside of Hue. It doesn't have many tourists and the food there is fantasic, fresh and cheap. It is only about a 20 minute ride and the cost is only a few american dollars. Hue is a great place to relax and see all the ancient sites. The people are friendly and the food fantastic. Setting by the Perfume river or floating on it is great experience."
dani ng :
"Da Nang is the best place for that"
Aschwin :
"Hue, there is a great beach near the Hai Phong Hill (not sure about the name), but why not consider Nha Trang?"
info@bumblebeevietnam.com :
"You can stay in Hue for the Site visits ( Citadel, Tombs... ). Take a bike for 30 minutes to access the beach. You will enjoy your time passing the picturesque and calms villages. Stay in Hoian ( a lot of interesting thing to visit )! Again take a bike for the beach (5km). Don't go to China Beach. PS: it is too cold from the end of October to March"
pugsbaby :
"I prefer Hue. Much more like the "real" Vietnam, old world, great culture (has some of the best historical sites in the country) and for some very odd reason is not yet overly toursited (I think the government don't realise just what a goldmine Hue is, but once I've done my tourism degree I can give them a hand, oh yeah). Danang, hmm just a big concrete city, which doesn't have any real heart. Things are functional, but that's about it. Take up that lady's invite and meet with her and her family and then it'll prove much more exciting. Hoi An, probably has the best of the shopping (clothes and souvenirs especially), lots of restaurants and a few decent bars, plus the beach is only about 2.5kms away. Also there are some nice historical sites in town and outside as well (gotta visit the Cham towers, and do it early to avoid the noisy crowds). Don't stay in Hoi An for too long though, coz once you learn more about some of the infighting and bitchiness you'll be glad to leave. Lots of competition from the tailors for your business, so be aware."
game_lover1234 :
"Da Nang or Hue for beaches->You can't beat the scenery at Lang Co beach or whatever beaches there.Anyway Hoi An is an old town for tourist,but I didn't think u interest in it. So just stick to Hue or Da Nang for beaches"
buta :

Silk Air only flies on Wednesdays, but we are searching for other flights that fly on Mondays and Tuesdays so that we have enough time to check out the Ankgor complex. Does anyone know of flights out of Danang that may connect through either Bangkok or Phnom Phen?

vietnaminfocus :
"PB Air flies Danang to Bangkok Otherwise you may have fly to HCMC and connect onto a flight to Siem Reap. Danang - HCMC is 52USD p/p. Good Luck!"


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Date: 2008-02-05 01:05:37

More than three decades after the Vietnam War, the United States and Vietnam have just completed temporary steps to contain dioxin contamination at a former U.S. air base in Danang.

Date: 2008-02-05 01:05:37

Joint American-Vietnamese group announces containment of toxic dioxin runoff at Danang; Washington refuses to accept responsibility for Agent Orange-related damage; and VAVA has filed suit against eight corporations for their part in the human rights violations.

Date: 2008-02-05 01:05:37

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Date: 2008-02-05 01:05:37

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